Do Colleges Look at Discord?

Do Colleges Look at Discord?

Do colleges look at my discord account ?Discord is a server that connects the entire world. It is commonly used by gamers but can actually be used by anyone. It is a social account that is gaining popularity each day.

Do colleges monitor my Discord account?

  • Discord is a server that can be used for anything.
  • Because of its popularity, there is any number of servers that you can join.
  • No matter what your interest, you will be sure to find a chat room or group available to you.
  • Because of the Covid pandemic, many teachers and institutions have started to use various social media accounts to reach out to students.
  • Some of these accounts include Instagram and Twitter.
  • Because of the number of social media accounts that teachers and institutions are accessing for educational purposes, the question about what they have access to has become more frequent.
  • Because being accepted into a good college is a very important step in building your future, many students do not want teachers or institutions to have access to certain accounts.
  • Social media accounts are the one place where every person feels free to be themselves, and in many cases, they use a username that acts as a pseudonym.
  • If schools/colleges were to have access to or look into personal accounts in discord, many students will not be able to be accepted into college.
  • Because of the personal feelings that are relayed over social media, the opinions of the school board may be biased towards applications.
  • As with every social media platform, Discord is a server that works on usernames and their details.
  • This makes it a lot more difficult to track down certain users, which ensures privacy to the users on the server.
  • Due to the privacy settings, there are also many options available to Discord users to keep their data and accounts private, and only accessible to those they choose.
  • If needed, users can make a new account for educational purposes. 
  • Users can have more than one account, as long as different usernames and email accounts are created for each new account.
  • New accounts can also be made using a phone number, so several emails will not be needed.

Discord access:

Due to their privacy settings, Discord is not as easily accessible as other social media apps. Because of the fact that Discord uses usernames only unless the user of an account provides user details to someone, then the privacy settings generally prevent anyone from accessing your account.

The only true easily accessible areas in Discord are the chat rooms, as not all of them need permission to access. Simply search for the kind of group you would like to be a part of, and you should see several options available to you. 

As most chat rooms do not have specific settings, you would be able to request access to the group. A general reaction towards requests is an admin replying to you and adding you to the group if they find you acceptable.

There are certain groups, like educational groups or workgroups that require that you be invited before being allowed to join. Access cannot simply be requested.

Colleges and accessing your account:

Luckily, colleges cannot access or look your discord account unless you give them specific access to your account.

For educational chat rooms, you can make a new account, and use it for that purpose only. You cannot create an account using the same email or phone number, so you will have to provide new details.

As with other social media, Discord will let you know if an email, phone number, or username is already taken.

The only way the administrator of colleges can access or look your Discord account is if they know all your details and constantly monitor your feed. That is the only way they will know what you are posting, and when you are posting it.


Here are some of the more common questions users of Discord ask.

  • Do teachers usually use Discord to teach?

Because of all the options available to educators, there is not actually a reason that educators need to use Discord. In fact, most of them do not use it.

The most common servers educators use are Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams.

  • Do all colleges check social media accounts?

Not all colleges look at your social media accounts, but unfortunately, there are many colleges that do. Most specifically the Ivy League schools.

Many schools have high standards that need to be met before a possible student can be accepted.

Many students have been rejected even before their application has been properly viewed. The reason for this is because of inappropriate posts. 

Because you are not only accepted into the school, but because of the fact that you will represent the school in its entirety, they cannot afford to accept students that will bring disrepute to the name of the school.

So while not many schools strictly follow your social media accounts, those schools with high standards and an elite reputation to keep, do follow accounts as strictly as possible.

  • How does the college find my account if I don’t share my details?

In many cases, the only way a college can find your account details is if they are sent your details by a third party. 

In the cases of them viewing your social page, it will be to see which types of posts you place, or which social links you send and follow. 

These give them a good idea of how you will uphold the name of the school, and if they feel that you will not uphold the name of the school the way they expect you to, then your application will immediately be rescinded.

While social media allows for freedom of speech, views, and expression of self, there are both positive and negative aspects to this.

While it is very difficult for a college to access your Discord account, if either you or a third party gives them access to your account, they will be able to see everything you do or have posted.

Because of the effect that your posts will have on the reputation of the school, many Ivy League schools do monitor the accounts closely. They need to focus on what you as an individual will do for the reputation of the school, and what kind of character you embody. 

This will make them follow your accounts to see if you will be an acceptable addition to the school.