Do Colleges Have Reunions?

Do Colleges Have Reunions?

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Reunions are the best parts of the lives of the students in colleges. The old memories that the students make are one of the most beautiful memories ever. To cherish them is a blessing. The only problem which comes is, organising such a beautiful event. Collecting so many students for a single event without knowing their whereabouts can be a difficult task.

Most colleges organise reunions for their alumni to keep them connected with the college. After 10-20 years of getting graduated from any college, the college might ask its alumni to come to the reunion party organised by the college itself. People feel relieved when they meet their old friends and teachers at the reunion party. 


A Reunion is an event which is organised to assemble all old friends, colleagues, classmates or batchmates at a single party. The old friends, colleagues, classmates or batchmates meet each other and cherish all those old memories which they made when they worked or studied together. College reunions are organised mostly by the college and invitation cards are sent to each alumnus of that college. At the reunion party, the individual is expected to play cool in case he encounters the old rival. Mostly the reunion parties are all about dancing, eating, singing, playing games and talking with each other to know how is everything going. College reunions are considered one of the best things which help reunite old college friends once again and feel the same kind of attachment once more.

Need for the college reunion

Reunions are often organised 10-15 years after the students have graduated. It is organised at the time when an individual is busy under family stress or career stress. Any alumni may experience stress, anxiety, depression, lack of fun or peace, etc and college reunions during this phase may work like wonders. They can boost emotional intelligence at a super productive level and make one fall for one more opportunity in life. Psychologically, it has stood proven that during mental stress emotional support acts like wonder and so for this reason any college reunion event may open the gates of the mind and let the stress out of it. Other than that college reunions are necessary as college is the only time when we make good and loyal, yet chosen friends for life and after college no one has time to make and maintain friends and friendships. Those friends which one makes during college time are very very important for growth and mental peace.

Why do colleges organise the reunion party?

Colleges want to keep their alumni connected and in touch with the college. The college understands that it has given lots of memories to its students. It understands its responsibility to reunite old friends in the same place from where it all began. Many colleges find it an opportunity to collect donations from the alums for the college. They organise such events to take reviews also from the alumni. Other than that college reunions provide a special impact on the college reputations. The colleges that organise any reunion event for their alumni are considered very high class and reputed colleges.

What happens at the reunion part?

Every alumnus is invited by the college on their part for the event organised by the college. Alumni come and participate in various activities. More than that, the alumni find happiness in meeting the old friends or long-forgotten friends at such events. Discussion of life happenings is very common at reunions. Some talks may make the tears roll down the eyes in an emotional sense or some talks may make everyone laugh. The memories that everyone had created constitute the major part of the talks at the reunion party. All sad or happy moments are relived. Other than old memories the alumni are much more interested in discussing the current scenarios of their lives. They discuss more the life, family, career and so on. They share their new thoughts and outlooks on life. They share various new aspects of their lives. Other than this, certain activities like dancing, singing, jamming, etc are also done which build strong relations again. Eatables constitute one of the most important parts of any reunion event.

How any college organises reunions?

It takes a lot to organise or plan a reunion event. The college has to fetch all the details of the students who used to study at their place. They have to fetch the records and contacts of the alumni to talk to them about the reunion party. They also have to make sure that everyone comes to the event. Many times the individual changes his contact number after leaving the college and then it becomes great difficult to contact him again. However, the college tries its best to reach out to everyone. The college has to organise and plan everything very well.

  • Invitation cards are printed with the names of the alumni on them.
  • The venue is decided. It can be even college. College venues are much better than any other place as everyone would know the place exactly where they studied.
  • Eatables based on the season are kept a priority.
  • The music system is also prioritised.
  • Games and drinks form a major part of any reunion party.

Colleges have to deal with this a lot as organising a good reunion event is never an easy task. The college, however, feels the need for the alumni to meet up and check out how everyone is doing. They plan everything at their best for the students.

Do the reunion parties have dress codes?

Most of the time any college will ask the ladies to wear gowns and gents to wear formals. However, it depends upon what dress alumni feel comfortable with. It is not a mandatory part and everyone dresses on their own. Preference is only given to the party and not the dress. Dress codes are in case someone is unable to decide what to wear. To help them out in these colleges put a dress code on the invitation card. 


College reunions are must-attend events and should not be missed. Most colleges have reunions for their alumni as this adds to the reputation of the college. There are certain causes why the colleges organise reunions and why any alumni should attend such events. However, planning a reunion event is a difficult task when you have to search for the contacts of the alumni.

Frequently asked questions
  • Do we get titles and prizes in reunions as we got in farewell?

It depends upon the games that the college organises. There is no bondage.

  • Can I meet my old friends with gifts?

Yes! If you are excited to meet some special friends, you can greet them with gifts from your side.

  • Do they ask for a contribution for the reunion party from us?

The reunion party is organised on the expenses of the college only. When they invite you, they do not expect you to pay for anything for the reunion until and unless the reunion has been organised not by the college and by your group.