Did Beyoncé Go To College?

Did Beyoncé Go To College?

In this blog we will see did Beyoncé attend College.Today, society greatly amplifies going to college as a definite way of getting a good job, making good money, and overall being successful in life. However, while the importance and advantages of college are not to be undermined, attending college is not the only way to lead a successful and fulfilling life. Stars like Beyoncé have made a name for themselves in various parts of the world, influenced countless people, and are leading successful lives, showing that anyone can thrive and have an accomplished life without attending college.

Although she went to elementary and high schools, Beyoncé did not attend college. According to research, the last school she attended is the Alief Elisk High school in Houston, Texas, United States.

What College Did Beyoncé Attend?

People are generally surprised to hear that Beyoncé, the globally famous singer, never attended college. Because of the successful life the star is currently living, many assume that her attained degree is the reason for her many achievements and ultimately successful music career.   

Although Beyoncé, also called Queen B, never went to college, she attended two elementary schools and two high schools, all in Texas. The first school was Saint Mary Elementary school in Texas. From there, she transferred to Parker Elementary school. This era marked the discovery period of Beyoncé’s talents and when she started nursing these talents to maturity.

As a teenager with a passion for arts, Beyoncé’s first high school was the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas. During her stay there, Beyoncé focused on working and improving her music and performance skills. Later, she transferred to the Alief Elisk High School, the last institution she attended.

Whether the star graduated high school and eventually got her high school diploma is unsure. However, we know that at age fifteen, Beyoncé dropped out of Alief to pursue her Destiny’s Child career.

When Did Beyoncé Start Her Singing Career?

According to research, and unlike many fans think, Queen B’s singing career began way before the formation of Destiny’s Child. As a young kid, Queen B had been training her vocals by singing in the local church choir. Later on, she joined a singing group called Girls Tyme. This group consisted of four girl members; Beyoncé, Tamar Davis, Nina Taylor, and her sister, Nikki.

Not long after the group lost the Star Search talent competition, the manager of the group, Matthew Knowles, also Beyoncé’s dad, renamed the group Destiny’s Child. Cutting off Tamar Davis and the two sisters, he introduced new girl members into the Destiny’s Child group.

Originally, Destiny’s Child consisted of Beyoncé, LeToya Luckett, LaTavia Roberson, and Kelly Rowland. Later on, Mitchell Williams and Farrah Franklin joined the group, replacing some members who had left. The girl band became a known R n B girl group in the 90s / early 2000s for hit songs like; No, No, No; Say My Name; Survivor, etc.

As a member of Destiny’s Child, Queen B had begun writing songs and releasing albums for the group and herself. Gradually garnering attention with her powerful voice, she released her first solo, Dangerously in Love, in 2003. This song was a hit that won her the Grammy award for the Best Contemporary R&B album in 2004.

She also sang another solo, Crazy in Love, featuring Jay Z during this period, which attained her and Jay Z the Grammy awards for the Bests R&B Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. She also won an MTV award for this song. 

Queen B was also steadily gaining popularity in the acting industry, having starred in popular movies like A Hip Hoppers, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Pink Panther (the remake), The Fighting Temptations, and Dream Girls, to name but a few.

These were the beginnings of Beyoncé’s rise in the music industry and her globally recognized success and fame.


Beyoncé Knowles is a name popular in many parts of the world. As an extraordinary artist, the superstar has garnered fans globally, both male and female, old and young alike, with her music and great dance videos. Although she never attended college, the singing sensation has bagged over 28 Grammy awards. Today, Queen B has risen to become one of the world’s most influential women. Other than singing and acting, she is also a model, a wife, and perhaps most important to her, a mom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beyoncé pursuing her GED?

There are rumors that Queen B is now pursuing her GED, but this rumor is yet to be verified.

Where was Beyoncé born?

Houston, Texas.

Is Beyoncé Married?

Yes, the singing sensation got married to rapper Jay z in 2008.

Did Jay z go to college?

No. According to research, the rapper never graduated high school.