50 Facts About Millennials and Money

Millennials are twice as likely as the general public to say their generation is irresponsible.

Over one third of Millennials (36%) describe their peers as “not at all responsible” compared to only 17% in all other age groups. Similarly, only 7% of Millennials describe their generation as “very responsible” vs. 19% of those in other generational groups.

One in six Millennials admit they lose sleep over their financial situation.

jarmoluk / Pixabay

Millennials struggle with basic budgeting. 41% say one of their biggest financial challenges is “staying on budget/plan,” and yet 28% confess they need help developing the budget/plan in the first place.

Only one in five claim they have a comprehensive plan in place that will help them achieve their financial goals, even though more than half (53%) say having such a plan is absolutely necessary. Sadly, one in seven say they don’t even know how to set about creating the budget/financial plan they need.

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