Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly

Did someone give you some negative energy and you are not sure how to deal with it? Here is a quick guide for you to nail the best savage responses without you losing your crown.  Here we will see about Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly

        If you are frustrated hearing what someone else has to say about you then Let me put it out for you. The opinions of others do not matter. Your parents raised you to be a good human and making yourself proud and happy is what should be your utmost priority. And for the naysayers, ah, you only need to adjust your crown and here I am to help you nail your day. And if anyone makes you feel less deserving, you have five fingers, the middle one it is. (You get me, right?) 

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Ugly

How to react:

Stay calm. Handle your anger. 

Letting out your anger would only make the situation worse. You need to help yourself with calm and strong words, which implies having a play with words.

Stand up for yourself.

Expecting someone else to do your role is not worth it. Nobody would take the pain unless you take a stand for yourself. It also makes the other person take their guard because they now know that they are signing for a wrong deal. Who would anyway want to intentionally get into trouble?

Build your confidence

Your confidence will always guard you. It’s about who you are and how you allow people to treat you. You can easily be targeted if you don’t have the confidence. Confidence is also an accumulation of whether or not you take a stand for yourself. It is all a loop.

Use humor

You can easily escape any situation using humor. After all, it is all about how you take things, right? You can turn the rude comments into hilarious comments and you make it about your brighter side, again.        

      It is all on you. But before that make sure you have a calm and composed posture and don’t forget to flip your hair or leave the other person with a smirk.  

Here you go: 

  • “It’s awful that someone like you would approach me, but horrible things do happen to decent people.”
  • “If only you had a pretty heart!”
  • “Stop being a brat, mate!”
  • “God gave me a pair of ears. And I am ignoring your words using both of them.” 
  • “That makes two of us because I was thinking the same thing when I saw your scumbag face approaching me.”
  • “Fortunately, my mouth leaks as much as yours.”
  • “I’d rather have an unattractive face than a bitter heart like yours.”
  • “You may be correct, but I like who I am – but what do we call those who go around talking trash?” “A garbage can.”
  • “I once heard that people who say nasty things have mental disorders; please visit a therapist as soon as possible and get your brain assessed before things go out of hand.”
  • “Are you sure? I’m sure you think the sky is green today as well; you’re getting blind, my friend, go get some glasses.”
  • “More than seven billion people in this world and you found me to annoy. Please go find someone else; I am no longer on your radar.
  • “I honestly don’t have time to talk to people who walk around with a giant banner that says ‘I have a nasty mouth.'”
  • “I can’t afford to waste a single second allowing people like you to approach me. I’m up there making life meaningful, while you’re down there being a loser.”
  • “Thank you for your feedback; I’ll keep that in mind for when I need to remember what useless individuals say in their spare time!”
  • “I would respond appropriately, but my mother raised me to pity the less fortunate — I am very sad for you.”
  • “Wow, kids grow up so quickly, Billy the dumb-ass, all grown up, and still the dumb-ass.”
  • “I was hoping to hear something beautiful from someone like you, but if this is all you have, you’re doomed.”
  • “I could let what you just said ruin my day, but when my dog barks, I give him a bone, so go find a bone to eat, you’re going to need it.”
  • “Do you think I give a damn about what a jackass like you thinks about my appearance?” “I don’t believe so.”
  • “Yes, I’m ugly to you, but I’m more valuable to myself than all the bright stars in the sky, and with a mouth like yours, you’re worth less than a pile of dung, trust me!”
  •  “Wow, and you are the epitome of the adjective ‘lousy.'” 
  • “Your mama would have definitely opted for prevention if she knew it was you. But alas! A mistake was born.”
  • “You’d think that if someone called you unattractive, they’d be the polar opposite. But you’re even more repulsive.”
  • “I only have three words for you: shut your mouth, use the door, and learn some manners!”
  • “If you hadn’t shattered all the mirrors in your house with your reflection, you may have realised how terrifying you appear with your pair of eyes.”
  • “My father once told me that when people call you ugly, it’s simply their lips letting out all the anger stored up inside their spirit, sorry for you.”
  • “I believe now is the time for me to answer to you. Please try someone else if I don’t have time for idiots today.”
  • “I’d rather be branded ugly because of my natural appearance than attractive because of a cosmetic surgery disaster like you.”
  • “I completely understand; that’s my shirt, and anytime I wear it, I run across idiotic people.” So, it’s no surprise that you’re talking to me.”
  • “That’s why I constantly recommend getting your eyes tested; you never know when you’re going blind.”
  • “Oh, you just said something? Allow me a moment to examine my heart for what that just meant to me… “There is nothing!”
  • “Are you talking to me or your shoes?”
  • “You are broke.”
  • “Lol… your opinion.” 
  • “I understand how overshadowed you feel to have a prettier dog than you.”
  • “Myopic comments need not be bothered.”
  • “At least I can fix my photos using Photoshop. What will you even do with your inhumane personality?”
  • “Thanks for your opinion but you should be more worried about your BREATH, you started talking and bamm! Rotten eggs all the way.”
  • “Here you go…Brand new glasses for you”
  • “Then stop coming in front of my face and stop opening your stupid mouth ???”
  • “Here is a tape for your mouth.”
  • “Too sad you do not understand art!”
  • “Did I ask for your opinion?”
  • “Sorry, I can’t give you enough competition.”
  • “I stepped into something a while ago… Probably it was your dumb attitude.”
  • “Roses are Red
  • Violets are Blue
  • I’m sorry I can’t deny
  • But I have a better attitude than you.”
  • “That’s what Voldemort said when he looked at himself.”
  • “Said the envious household when she looked at the queen.”
  • “Girl/Guy, I’m a whole damn art.”
  • “You are uglier.”
  • “Wish I could have lent you some higher standards.”
  • “All I can suggest is that you should have your eyes tested.” 
  • “Said the witch from Snow White.”
  • “You think I’m here to impress you.”
  • “There are two types of people: One, who is visually impaired. Two, whose life is impaired.”
  • “May the good Lord give you the strength to surpass your negative energy.”
  • “You must be blind.”
  • “The audacity you have to talk out useless information.”
  • “Wish I had a magical mirror to show you your personality, if not your face.”
  • “Still better than your artificial face!”
  • “I wish you had a better face.”
  • “It is a misfortune to not recognize art!”
  • “You calling me ugly says a lot about you, not me.”
  • “Might have an ugly face, yet have higher standards than you.”
  • “Wishing you all the negative energy back at you.”
  • “Despite that, you still talk to me? I guess my personality stands out more than my appearance.”
  • “This might be a concern for you, but for me, I have rather more real issues to take care of.”
  • “There are two types of people. One is external and inner beauty. Then there’s you who don’t have any.”
  • “I hope you realize how many people speak behind your back.”
  • “I would prefer being ugly than having a fake personality like yours.”
  • “I think you should learn to spell M-A-N-N-E-R-S.”
  • “Is it April Fools? Or someone fooled you?”
  • “Oh! Snakes!”
  • “I will pray for your mental health.”
  • “The time and energy you spent on noticing useless details show why you aren’t successful yet.”
  • “That’s why I said that I have snakes in my gang.” (Say this if it is someone known to you)
  • “Mate, I feel sorry for you.”
  • “Another day, another introduction to a completely useless fellow.”
  • “Cheers to you for being so volatile.”
  • “It shows how you were trained in your younger days.”
  • “I won’t show the slightest amount of regret for you.”
  • “Ah! You need some sanitizer to spray it in your eyes.”
  • “Are your glasses foggy because of the mask you have worn all your life?”
  • “Maybe I would like to take you to the doctor.”
  • “Here, have some water. You seem to be a bit drunk.”
  • “You need to calm down! You are being too loud.”
  • “Jokes on you.”
  • “It’s strange how someone with such an awful demeanor can call another person ugly, are you lost?” “Get yourself a mirror, sis.”
  • “Who do you think cares about your thoughts?”
  • “Thanks, I tried. But I could not compete with you.”
  • “Thank you for your opinion but I don’t remember asking for it.”
  • “Doesn’t matter if the mirror does not tell me the same.”
  • “Oh, did you just see your reflection?”
  • “What you think of me is none of my business.”
  • “Maybe you are seeing the sky green as well, get your glasses on.”
  • “Haha, no solution. Maybe pay for my surgery instead?”
  • “That is not what your mamma said about me.”
  • “I disagree with you.”
  • “Don’t look at me. It is that same simple.”
  • “How about you place your opinions on something that deserves more attention? For example, your life?”
  • Sings, ‘Blinded by the lights” by The Weeknd
  • Sings, ‘Abcdefu’ by Gayle.
  • Sings, ‘Hot girl bummer’ by blackbear.
  • Sings, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.”
  •  “Said the person himself.” 

 What not to do-

Don’t forget to maintain the legacy of setting higher standards for yourself. If someone is giving you negative energy, make sure you brush it off. It’s just a matter of time. People forget the reason why they shamed you and holding onto them would only mean harm to you. 

And most importantly, you have other important issues to look at. The rest do not count. You are enough and deserve the best for you. It might seem a bit annoying but that is how it works. 

 Positive note

You are here for yourself and not for anybody else. You need to figure out your life and let the negative energy stay where it belongs: the trashcan of course. As someone who has been bullied for the same, I think we will connect here. You need to embrace your inner self. Be it any moment of the day, you will always have yourself and nobody else can take that. You are meant to slay, be it your life or any endeavor. The more you focus on the wrong, the more you will be traumatized. Hence, do not worry about anything. 

Dear reader, 

It is all a matter of time. You are here with a purpose, fulfill it, live it, cherish it. The rest shall wait. The more you focus on the good, it will come back to you. Outshine yourself. Be even better than what you were expecting yourself to be. Don’t forget to fix your crowns and also help others do the same because, above all, the world needs a home in itself. You have got it, you will make it. Make yourself proud.

Dear someone who is a bully, 

You are given two options. Either shut your mouth and let others shine and be happy with yourself or still shut your mouth and get busy with your life. Love and power to you. You will never comprehend that the way you treat others is a reflection of you, not of them. I do, however, hope that it will transform your heart. Despite the harsh and hurtful things, you’ve done, I pray the world just shows you goodness and love. I hope you recognize that the most valuable things in life are not mean jokes that make people laugh at the cost of others, but rather moments that you share with others in times of pure and honest joy.

You are not the first or the last Bully in the world, and I am confident you will not be the last. I do know, though, that you are the last person to have such an impact on me.


Shaming others would only show who you are. And it improves nothing. However, you should not be bothered by what others have to say. Train yourself to be a finer person. Look for the beauty, not the scars. Accept who you are. You can only improve as a person if you accept yourself and work on bringing out the best in yourself. Be confident in all you do. Act confident if you don’t know how to be confident or don’t feel you can be confident. For instance, consider asking yourself, “What would a confident person do now?” “How do you think they’d react?” Begin to see yourself as self-assured, even if you don’t believe it. People may be less likely to mock or insult you if they see you be self-assured.

“Fake it ’til you make it,” as the saying goes. You’ll discover that feeling confident grows simpler and easier as time goes on. 

For example, as you go past, you might hear someone scoff. Keep your head up high and show off your confidence. Speaking with an adult might help you if you need support or someone to confide in. Someone like this may be a teacher, father, coach, or spiritual leader. Shaming others would only show who you are. They may provide you a listening ear or guidance on how to deal with situations in which others try to hurt you. They could even help you intervene or confront the person who called you ugly. Adults recollect their childhood and may be able to provide advice based on their own experiences. They could astound you with how understanding and helpful they are. 

If the reader is a guy, a gentle reminder that it’s okay to feel low at times. You are still the king. If the reader is a girl, you are a queen. Carry your crown with pride. 

Rise and shine, kings and queens. It is on you. Wishing you all the love and luck in your future endeavors.