How to Reply To Employment Offer?

The joy and wholesomeness of getting a job offer are immense, especially these days when the job market is getting more difficult to face every day. Nowadays, many of the employment procedures are online or hybrid. Therefore, after getting a letter of employment or an e-mail from the employer, you don’t just want to enjoy the moment and leave the mail to rot in the trash. A letter of acceptance is the next step you would like to take if you want to preserve the success you just have achieved. Let’s jump into the ways you can reply to the offer of employment.

How to Reply To Employment Offer?

What things should you consider when you are accepting a job?

  • Authenticity– Authenticity is a very concerning thing because there might be some ‘Con Job Offers’ that scam. You should cross-check these things before you believe anything sent by anyone. 
  • Working hour– Working hours is an important factor because you know yourself and your caliber better than anyone else does. You should only accept a job if you are confident and comfortable with the hours. You also need to make sure, if you work overtime, whether it is paid or unpaid. 
  • Job responsibility– You must have a clear concept of job responsibility. It will be helpful for both you and your employer. Once you are assigned, there is hardly any way back. Before accepting, do thorough research and if needed ask your employer in a formal mail.
  • Your interest – You are the one who will take the job, so do not pay heed to the people that want to dishearten you, or over-expect you. You are the master of your sea, REMEMBER!
  • Vacation – You have taken enough workload; you want the most awaited thing ‘Vacation’. You will be tired of work and frustrated if there is not enough or the necessary amount of the vacation. Do not forget to give this some extra consideration 
  • Bonus Potential– Sometimes there are bonuses of different sorts. Festival bonus, promotional bonus, incentives, etc., This is a BONUS point if you want to take the job!
  • Security– Security is another important factor. You do not want to be a part of a bankrupt organization. You must ensure financial, personal, and official security in a job.  
  • Relevance– You may want to look up the relevance of the job some years later, and the demand for this in your country and globally. 
  • Benefits – There are certain benefits that the employer offers oftentimes, housing, transport, in-house canteens, loans, medical support, and so on. You would love to explore the benefits of joining the company.  
  • Experience of other employees (if possible)- Lastly, if you find enough information about the aforementioned points, to be more assured, you can ask a current employee and a former employee. This will give you more insithan than you imagined. A firsthand experience is always better. 

These are the things you should keep in mind before rushing into the acceptance. 

What are you thinking about the offer?

When you get that reply offer to employment, you will have so many things going in your head. Moreover, they mainly are from a broad spectrum. Here they are –

  • Formally accept the offer, without a second thought. In this case, you are agreed with the benefits, responsibilities, and the time that the job requires from you. 
  • Formally accept the offer, with some queries in the mind, where you want a more clear perspective of the employer. This is where the negotiation comes. 
  • Formally decline the offer- while you have better options, or you just don’t agree with the fundamentals like facilities, salary bonus, or work hour

Now What? How to decide which decision to take?

After considering both the portion, now is the time to take all of these things into the account (before the salary). SO you considered the parameters and you are stuck in the three phases of thoughts. Now you cannot get all of those in a job. Some of these will be absent, and some will be better than the expectation. Then you have the task to prioritize.  You want the key elements of a job. And if you are more than 60% satisfied with the offer, you can accept it. If you find some things to be negotiable, then take more time, and inform your employer politely about your conditions. If you can convince the employer, you will be enjoying the job more. Finally, when your demands do not meet the end, and you are not satisfied, you can skip this one job, Wait, and prepare for another.  

Finally, Your Response to The Offer…

  • You should respond to the job reply offer to employment no matter whether you decided to take it or not. You must address properly to whom you are sending, it may be the HR executive or the recruitment section. Check in the offer mail for the designation of the sender. Then you start your reply with a ‘Thank You’ for contacting you with an offer, which will express your appreciative mindset. The employer will get a positive vibe about you.
  • If you accept the job, and the employer already clarified things that you would consider, then right after, you approach very formally and make it clear that you are accepting the job without any hesitation. Give your contact details; ask for the join and ing date, any rules for the joining patiently. You want to make sure to ask for the final steps in this case.
  • If there are chances of negotiation, and you feel confident enough to present them before the employer, just formally arrange them and try to make a deal. In most cases, the negotiating skill will be a feather in your crown to be a great employee. So, do not miss the chance!
  • Finally, if you are unable to take the job, explain it to your employer formally, and thus you can make a good impression by reply to employment offer. Remember that, this will be your last way if the conditions are very stiff. Otherwise, there is always a chance to negotiate; at least you might save the job offer you almost drained. 

There are many samples of formal writing, but before trying them directly this article will help, you make the right decision at the right time. If you are blessed with a job offer, give it a read, hope you will find your missing strings easily!

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