Publix Headquarters- Let’s Find Out

Publix Super Market inc., popularly known as Publix is an American-based supermarket that was founded in the year 1930, September 6 by George W. Jenkins in Winter Haven, Florida. It is private cooperation that is owned by past and present employees with members of the Jenkins family. It has over 1,297 stores in the United States with its most stores in Florida which has about 832 which later increased to 853 stores in 2022 presenting a percentage of 65.8% of the total location in which it has stores. Let’s learn about ‘Publix Headquarters’.

Publix Headquarters

Publix Headquarters

Publix stores distributed across various states

  • Florida 832
  • Alabama ( 82),
  •  Georgia (194)
  • North Carolina,( 51 )
  • South Carolina( 64 ) 
  • Virginia ( 19 )
  • Tennessee ( 52 ).

As of 2021 Publix supermarket inc., has a total of 225,000 employees. The employees of Publix enjoy benefits like healthcare, tuition reimbursement, retirement savings plans, and also employee discounts. Publix is known to be the largest employee-owned company in the United States. It had total revenue of 38.1 billion dollars in the year 2019.

Publix name origin 

The first Publix store was located in Winter Haven, Florida which was a 3,000-square-foot building. It was named after a struggling New-York based movie Theater that had 19 other movie theaters in the state called Publix Theatre cooperation but was later closed. George Jenkins had a liking for the name and then picked it up for his store. In April 2016, Todd Jones took up the position of Publix CEO making him the first Non- family member to take up that position. And he’s still running that position to date. Its services include Event Planning, Real estate, banking services, and online shopping and delivery. It sells dairy, deli, beauty care products, housewares, and baked goods, and some have a pharmacy, banking, and flowers. 

Top ranking of Publix Supermarket

  • Number one most admired food and drugstores- Fortunes, it has held this position for three consecutive years 
  • Eighty-two best in Brand Finance US Top 100 
  • Forty-two most admired company- Fortunes
  • Number one company in largest employee- Forbes 500
  • Fourth largest supermarket chain supermarket in the world.

Subsidiaries of Publix

  • Aprons- This is a cooking school that creates easy-to-prepare food simply for customers and they are also given recipe cards. All recipes are in-house generated and only easy-to package and get ingredients are used. 
  • GreenWise Market (stores)- This was established in the year 2007, 27 September. This promotes organic food free from dyes, flavors, and hormones.
  • GreenWise (products)
  • Food World
  • Publix Liquors. 
  • DVD rental kiosk
  • Publix PIX – A gasoline store
  • Publixdirect
  • Publix curbside
  • Presto!- This is an automated teller machine owned by Publix supermarket. There are over 1,100 in total and it’s located in Publix stores. It has over 2,000 members and was founded in 1982.
  • Publix Sabor- This offers products from Latin- America.


  • Starbucks- As of 2016, Publix opened the first in-house Starbuck store in the Orlando area and five more stores after 2017.
  • Instacart-
  • BayCare Telehealth sites

Publix stocks are privately owned and also restricted. It can only be owned by employees and family members. None of these parties are allowed to sell the company shares they own to a third party but to resell to the Publix company. 80% of the company is owned by the company’s employees while 20% is owned by the Jenkins family.

Publix Headquarters

Publix’s corporate office is located in Lakeland, Florida. Their primary phone number is 1-863-688-1188. The first superstore owned by Publix was 11,000 square feet with air- conditioning, a parking lot, electric doors, and frozen food case which was known for stores to have in America especially due to the depression season. A lot of expansion occurred over the years, especially in Florida where Publix has a lot of stores and has a great footing in the state. Publix’s 1000th store was opened in 1964 in Florida also. George Jenkins the founder of Publix died in 1996, six years after making his son Howard Jenkins Chief Executive Officer., The Jenkins is known to be among the richest families in the United States taking the rank of 39 in 2020 with a net worth of 8 billion dollars. 

It consists of three main offices and several smaller divisions. It is a three-story building that is on a 325,000 square footing area of land. It was built in 2001 and completed in 2002 which initially had eight hundred employees but now about 1,100 employees and this building houses an office space of about 1200. 

Publix is one of those stores that is customer-friendly and patronized by a lot of people living in the United States, its cheap yet quality items compared to other shopping centers which have the same quality but with high prices are budget-friendly. Publix is indeed still striving so hard and making waves in the market industry after so many years of rendering services to customers. Publix was worth 13.2 billion dollars with an increased rate of 13.5% from its total worth in 2021 which was at 11.7 billion dollars. 


In conclusion, Publix is well known for its good customer service and recommendations. Publix has captured the hearts of most of its customers and it is still employing ways to provide good and quality customer services. There are low complaints about Publix as a shopping center, it’s non-racial so everyone is welcome to shop, giving it a try would not be that bad, who knows, one might end up loving it.

Frequently asked questions

1). Is Publix only based in the United States of America?

  Yes, it is, it’s based in the United States, and most of its stores are located in. Southern Florida. 

2). How many headquarters does Publix have?

It only has one currently as stated above and there are plans of expanding it. 

3). Does Publix do home delivery

 Yes it does, with Publixdirect and curbside, you can get your purchased items from Publix stores delivered right to your doorstep through it charges like other online delivery companies.

4). Is it true that members of Presto! do not pay charges for banking services?

Yes, it is, members of this banking service do not pay charges during their banking transactions.