University Of Southern California Or Georgetown University

Ever been in a situation where you have to compare two things to see which one will suit you? It is most likely to be a yes for all of us. Coming back to academics, choosing between two or more can be confusing due to the fact one do not want to make a wrong decision in that process and  want to choose the best institution for their dream course of study, the location desired to be in, that suits one financially and finally the a school you can meet up to their admissions requirements. Let’s learn about ‘University Of Southern California Or Georgetown University’.

University Of Southern California Or Georgetown University

University Of Southern California Or Georgetown University

Today this article is going to compare two different institutions which are the University of California and Georgetown University which are both located in North America, precisely the United States of America.

University of Southern California:

The University of Southern California is a private research institution that was founded in the year 1880 by Robert.M Widney and is located in Los Angeles, California with a land area of 229 acres. It is known to be the oldest private research institution in America. It’s ranked the fourth best university in the state of California after Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, and University of California, Los Angeles. Prominent alumni from this institution include Neil Armstrong ( first human to work n the moon), George Lucas creator of Star Wars, Mohammed Morsi ( the first democratically elected Egyptian President), Andrew Viterbi( Co-founder of Qualcomm inc. ), Mirinda Cosgrove( Hollywood actress), Rob Kardashian,  and many more others

Some rankings of The University of Southern California

  • Number one in the best physical therapy education in the United States.
  • Fourth best university in California.
  • Number one best in the 50 best video game design rankings.
  • Number one best in The Best film schools in California.
  • Fourteenth best universities in Top universities in the USA.
  • Number in the Top 25 American Film schools.

Top majors at the University of California

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Biology

It has about 8 school programs which rise to over 100 courses for study.

Tuitions, Scholarships, and financial aids

It cost about 75,000- 86,000 dollars for freshmen inclusive of accommodation, tuition fees, book and supplies, dining meals, personal miscellaneous, transportation, and school charges.

According to research, 38% of freshmen that get admission to the University of Southern California are under financial aid. It also has room for offers that are given based on merit( athletic or academically) which most times cover up the tuition fees and day-to-day expenses. Also, the program of Work-study is available at the University of California for students to earn during their free time and also study simultaneously. Some students are given free slots by appointment and some have to apply for the program.

Admission and acceptance rate

The University of Southern California has an acceptance rate of 16%. This university considers a good grade point average and a letter of recommendation as good for gaining admission.

Requirements of The University of Southern California include;

  • Application fee of about 85 dollars
  • SAT score of 1340-1540
  • ACT score of about 30-35
  • United States of America – Visa and study permit for international students 


The University of Southern California has a total of enrolled undergraduates to be at 19, 610 as of 2020  (fall). It has a gender ratio percent to be 48% male and 52% female. 98% of students live on campus while just 2% live off-campus.


The University of Southern California is considered a safe institution with a total number of 374 incidents and 7.74% of every 1000 students for all crimes according to the crime and safety report of 2019. 

Georgetown university

Georgetown university is also a private research institution founded in the year 1789 Jon January, 23rd was founded by Bishop John Carroll in Georgetown, Washington D.C  which is the capital of the United States of America with a land area of 104 acres, it’s among the top best universities in the United States. This institution has four different campuses in Washington, D.C which are ;

  • The undergraduate campus located in Georgetown 
  • The Medical Center, 
  • The School of Continuing Studies (in Chinatown) 
  •  Law Center

Prominent Alumni of this institution are Bradley Cooper( Hollywood actor), Ivanka Trump( former senior adviser to the United States president), Alonzo Harding Mourning (American professional basketball executive), and many more.

Top rankings of the Georgetown University

  • Number one in the Top Catholic Universities.
  • Number one in Best Masters in Healthcare Administration Degrees 2020.
  • Number one 25 Best Peace Studies Master’s Degrees.
  • Twenty-sixth in The Top 100 Universities In The USA.
  • Ninth best in Colleges Ranked by Acceptance Rate

Top majors at the Georgetown universit

  • International relations and affairs
  • Political science and government
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Psychology

It offers 48 undergraduate programs in four undergraduate schools.

Tuition scholarship and financial aids

It cost about 59,00- 62,000 dollars for accommodation exclusive for all undergraduates and no discounts for in-state students.. There are various scholarship offers and programs for all students of the institution as long as you can keep track of a given grade point. The freshman is also given that same opportunity with athlete scholarships and school-merit scholarships. There are student loans and work-study programs in this university.

Admission process and Admission rate

Georgetown University is an institution with an acceptance rate of 16.8% and an early-bird acceptance rate of 11.2% which is in the same range as The University of Southern California.

Admission requirement of this institution includes;

  • A non-refundable application fee of 85 dollars
  • Resumè
  • High school transcript or college transcript for transfer student
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Essay
  • Conduct statement 
  • SAT of 1380-1550
  • ACT 31-35
  • A grade point of grade- 3.89


This institution has about 7,400  students as of 2020( fall) with a percent rate of male to female to be 44% to 56%


Georgetown University has a total number of 445 incidences and 22.71 incidences per 1000 students as of the 2019 safety and crime report.


In conclusion, the University of Southern California and Georgetown University both have great features and achievements. Both appreciated their different fields of strength. With all this information stated above, a good decision could be made between these two institutions from the tuition fees, safety, Admission process and acceptance rate, safety, recognitions, population, Top majors, admission requirements, and lots more. Having the similar things in common, both universities are great institutions for study, one has to know for themself which among the two institutions would be a great fit for one’s academic dream pursuits. 

Frequently asked questions

1). Between the University of Southern California and Georgetown University, which is more expensive?

      These universities are quite expensive for national universities but Georgetown is cheaper compared to The University of Southern California. Both universities do not have discounts for in-state students.

2). Which of these two institutions is the best for my academic career pursuit? 

   It all depends on what stand one is comparing them to, but both are great universities to study in.