Occidental College Admission Requirements and GPA

There is no shortage of colleges today. There are many options to choose from and many places to go. If it’s the technical field, the doctorate field, the hospitality field, or even the field of liberal arts, nothing stops you from getting the best and most enhanced college life. Various colleges offer the best of services and facilities together with a crucial degree. Let us see about Occidental college admission requirements and GPA.

Occidental College Admission Requirements and GPA

Occidental College Admission Requirements and GPA

It is crucial to understand the admission process before you apply. There are a few major requirements for admission at Occidental college viz. The application, a GPA of around 3.64, SAT and ACT  scores and also at least 2 recommendation letters. You can additionally provide SAT and ACT essays and few other documents. 

Below is the elaboration of the same for Occidental college. 

About Occidental College 

Occidental college is among the top private colleges, especially in America. It is among the colleges that offer liberal arts and is founded by a clergy group. Founded by members of a Presbyterian church, it was earlier more religiously- inclined. However, it became non-sectarian in the past few years and that has added to its population and alumni. 

Being a liberal arts college, Occidental aims to allow students to explore. Learning is a default concept of college but exploring and having driving energy is something that not many colleges offer. 

Occidental is among the colleges that are appreciative of your passions and will let you grow in the same. They have over 45 majors including East Asian studies, food studies, gender, and other unique concepts that the generation of today wishes to brush upon. Apart from these, the college also has various other courses, clubs, and many facilities for an enriched college experience. 

Admission Requirements 

Occidental college is eager to welcome potential students. There is no barrier when it comes to a student being accepted at the college in terms of personality or background. Any race, creed, or anything is welcome. 

Moreover, whatever your dream, your aura, all of it is collectively approached and welcomed at Occidental. Being among the top colleges offering liberal arts and unique programs, they do have their competitive edge which is tested during admission. 

Following are the admission requirements at Occidental:


Any college needs your college application to get the admission process started. At Occidental College, the application of a student is thoroughly looked at. Therefore, you need to ensure you have all the right and relevant documents framed and structured well in your application. Avoid messy and bulky applications with unwanted documents. 


The average GPA required at Occidental college is 3.64 on a 4.0 grading scale. This is the average, meaning a higher would increase your chances of being accepted and vice versa. GPA is among the top requirements at Occidental college so you want to focus on having a score around the average


SAT scores are also a requirement at Occidental college. These are not optional unlike some colleges and they hold weightage at Occidental college. The required score is 1370 on a 1600 points scale. It would bring up your chances of being accepted by large if you have a higher SAT score. 


ACT is among the tests frequently taken by a large majority of students. Occidental college prioritizes ACT scores as much as they do GPA and SAT. The required score is 30 and you have the advantage of sending ACT scores which are said to be better than those SAT scores. 

Letters of recommendation 

Occidental college suggests you submit 2 letters of recommendation as a requirement of the admission process. They want to see what others have to say about you. Try to get these from potential persons like a professor, the principal, or any other key person who has a crucial role to play in the real world. You can also ask your internship employer if you have done internships in the past. It guarantees credibility. 


Freshmen are required to write essays compulsorily. However, for other students it is optional. You must submit a clear essay stating your views, requirements, expectations, and duties inclined with you being admitted to the college. Hearing directly from you will make it more clear to the administrators why you are deserving to be at the college. 

SAT and ACT Essays: Optional 

SAT and ACT essays are optional. You may or may not submit these with your scores. If you feel they are great and worth reading and will benefit your application, then feel free to add them. You may also add the same if you have fallen short of any other admission requirement 

SAT Subject Scores and Other Tests: Optional 

The SAT subject scores are also optional. If you have received a lower SAT or ACT score than the average requirement of the college, you can consider putting these provided they are great. While they are not required they may be considered on your application. 


As mentioned earlier, the required GPA at Occidental college is 3.64. This makes the college selective in its admission process and quite competitive as well. The college has an acceptance rate of less than 40%. So if you’re trying for a college with a lower GPA than average, you’ll have to add other impressive scores to your application.


Occidental college is a flourishing one that has much potential to turn you into a great student who has the passion to move forward. However, their admission process and requirements are selective and competitive. Work hard and give it your best shot! 

  • Does Occidental college accept a common application?

Yes. you can submit a common application at Occidental college. The college website will tell you how.

  • Is there an application fee to be paid for Occidental college? 

Yes. There is a 70$ application fee to be paid at Occidental college for admission.

  • Does Occidental college’s admission process include an interview?

No. Occidental college mainly looks at your scores and essays so an interview is not included in the admission process.