Does student discount work on JD sale items?

Various discounts and perks are given based on different criteria. This is done as a marketing strategy and also for other reasons. One of the valuable and appreciated discounts and offers are those given to students. Many brands, stores, and places offer student discounts or offers on their products, especially for students who belong to a recognized institution.  Let us see how does student discount work on JD sale items.

Does student discount work on JD sale items?

Does student discount work on JD sale items?

Many students long for student discounts, codes, and offers to arrive. It is their one way of getting the items they love for cheap prices and saving money. JD has taken this discount one step further to work for students by applying the student discount on select sale items as well. 

Therefore, if you’re a student, check out this article to look through the student discount policy by JD sports. 

About JD Sports 

JD Sports is a fashion company that mainly deals with sporty wear. Located in England, the British company also goes by the name of JD and provides numerous products from renowned brands like Nike, and Jordan among others. They cater to the needs of men, women, youth, and children. Offering a wide range of products from denim, shoes, and even accessories, it is one of the trendiest places to shop.

Think of Vans, Adidas, sweatshirts, slip-on, or anything else, JD has all the comfy and sporty wear you need to match your day and mood. They offer products worldwide and also have a heap load of options and variety to choose from. While quality and trends are always at the top, JD offers the best energy and products to youth. 

Student Discount and JD 

A student discount is given for the sole purpose that you’re a student. Many companies understand that as a student, you have many needs and much less of a budget. With so many expenses to cover, many brands and stores do the best they can to help with the same. 

A result of this is the various student discounts offered by them. These discounts mainly consist of lowered prices over trending or essential products that regular students would require. 

JD too offers various discounts and offers of which a student discount is also a part. These offers keep coming on and off over different dates. The general offer consists of 20% off on various items from JD Sports. Students are to avail of this offer within the time range via some code or coupon that is made available. 


To apply for a student discount on JD or any other store or brand, certain eligibility criteria must be met. 

  • Students must be studying presently in a university or college 
  • They must present a valid ID or proof for verification of their student status
  • The school or college must be applied under the JD students discount offer 
  • They must apply for the discount within the mentioned dates. You may find the same on the JD official website 
  • Students need to present the coupon, code, or some form of discount to avail of the same. 

Policy Regarding JD Sale Items and Student Discounts 

Sale items already stand at a discounted rate. At JD, the sale is usually 20% off on various products. Coming to whether the student discount is applicable on sale items, in a way, yes. 

The student discount can be used on certain sale items. However, there are a few exceptions. While most stores do not allow applying any codes or discounts on products on sale, JD permits this to a certain limit. 

Following are sale items on which the JD student discount is applicable:

  • Women’s Clothing and footwear on selected brands like Adidas, Ellesse, PUMA, Fila, Nike among others
  • Junior Clothing and footwear on selected brands – Adidas, Adidas Originals, Calvin Klein, Champion, Converse, Lacoste, Levis, McKenzie, Puma, among others
  •  Children’s Clothing and footwear – Jordan, Lacoste, Puma, Calvin Klein, Converse, Puma, Vans and more.

The policy also allows products under Infant Clothing, Men’s Footwear, Accessories and replicas to be purchased on sale using the student discount. These, too, are offered for selected brands only. Find the same under the student discount and sale section on JD’s website.


Following are the conditions applied to the student discount at JD. This is the same for products on sale as well:

  • The student discount is only valid if you’re a holder of a UNiDAYs, Totum Membership, Student Beans Membership, and Student Voucher Codes.
  • Certain products are excluded from the student discount. You may find the same under the exclusions list on JD’s official website.
  • The items purchased via the student discount are non-exchangeable and non-transferable.
  • There is no minimum or maximum limit.
  • Students cannot avail of online offers together with the student discount at a time. 

There are certain rules to follow concerning the student discount at JD. This is due to their frequent holding of student discounts at their store. JD can cancel orders at any time depending on their policy. 

The discount rates may also differ. For instance, the usual discount rate is 20%. However, sometimes only a 10% discount is offered while sometimes it is even more than 20% .


JD has ample discounts and offers that students can avail of. Apart from these, the other regular offers, sales and more may also apply to students generally. However, keep in mind that online offers cannot be simultaneously applied to another. Keep checking the JD website to know when their next student discount finds its release!

  • Can items under the student discount at JD be returned? 

A few items, yes. There is a list of exceptions but a few items bought under the JD student discount may be returned for a refund. Check their website to know more in detail. You can also contact them via email or call or visit their store and sort your doubts. 

  • Is there any student discount from JD right now?

Yes. There is a student discount available that offers 20% off on most items from JD. This offer is applicable till 31st May 2022 but may differ in different locations.