What Looks Good On A University Application?

We all know that feeling of nervousness and excitement when applying to our dream universities. They need a base to understand you to determine if you should be given admission and our Application Letter to the university serves the purpose perfectly. Different elements can make your application stand out, which we’ll discuss here, What Looks Good On A University Application?


Following are the elements that, if you use perfectly to your advantage, will make your chances skyrocket when it comes to admission:

  • Academics
  • Extracurricular activities
  • College essay
  • Recommendations
  • Creative Work

Let’s dive into all of these elements one by one.


A college’s main objective is education, and hence academics has to have the highest priority when it comes to admission decisions.

Here are two ways that reflect your academic capabilities on your application:

  1. Test scores:

Many universities consider your scores on standardized tests such as SAT and ACT to determine your capabilities. Therefore, higher test scores for these tests make it easier for them to judge if you should be admitted.

Even If these scores aren’t mandatory for the university, you applied to, attempting them and having a good score will help your application stand out.

These scores can also help you avail of merit-based financial aid and many other scholarships, which could be beneficial for you. Solid scores in these tests have one more perk to get you some college credits.

2. Grade Point Average (GPA):

The most influential step you can take to strengthen your candidacy for admission is to have a good GPA. It communicates your ability to work hard and gives them an overview of what kind of a student you could turn out to be in college.

Enrolling in different classes which can boost your GPA score would be the best as the admission will know your willingness to put effort into your work.

 Extracurricular Activities

Every college has a desire to have students who have a well-rounded personality and wide interests, as people who are bookworms or nerds don’t mean that they have a great personality too. So, extracurricular activities play a large role in reflecting your overall personality.

Following are some ways through which you can amaze them with your extracurriculars:

  1. Clubs:

Joining clubs is the best way to explore and improve your capabilities in a field other than academics; it shows a different part of you. In addition, having in-depth knowledge about different skills than academics you possess is the best to have a good impression on the admission committee.

2. Internship:

Suppose you’ve got any skill valuable to any business or anyone. In that case, you may have a good chance of working for it through an internship and gaining experience, which can prove an outstanding element in your application.

3. Sports:

Being good at any sport will add a new color to your personality. It will also imply to the admission committee that you have sportsperson spirit and leadership skills in some cases, which can prove to be a game-changer.

Many universities also provide different scholarships for eligible sportspersons and athletes, which Is also a great way for you to benefit from.

4. Social service:

Putting in some hours a week of work towards your community will set you apart and strongly project your character and values in front of the decision-making committee. Of course, some colleges ask for this compulsorily, and some don’t. But, even if they don’t, working towards the betterment of society won’t go in vain. 


College essays can be your shining opportunity to express yourself in writing, which is valued a lot. This can let you make the impression you want to have in front of the admission committee. But, most importantly, an authentic essay can be your best chance to talk about your personal growth, values, and perspectives on different things.

Originality and rawness are always appreciated and should be kept in mind while writing the essay.


Having recommendations from your teachers, employers, or anyone who knows you in-depth and can talk about your personality, skills, behaviors, and other aspects is helpful from the perspective of the admission committee and give them a chance to know you and what the people think about you after being with you for a considerable time.

Creative Work

You can have a section of creative work where all your arts, videos, writing pieces, and evidence of whatever creativity you have.

Though some of this can be included in the extracurricular section if something doesn’t fit into it, you can always have this section to let the admission committee know about it.


After following all the steps, fulfilling all the requirements, and using all the elements explained above to your advantage, you can now relax. You’ll surely have the acceptance letter from at least one of your top three dream colleges.

Till then, best of luck to you all.


  1. Do I need SAT/ACT scores to get into my dream college?

The answer to this depends on the college you have applied to. Some colleges require an SAT/ACT score, whereas some don’t. Even the colleges which require these may have different standards or ranks depending on their criteria.

2. What should I write in my college essay or personal statement?

  • The topic you choose to write in the essay must relate to your story or passion. Following are some points which you can refer to while you write the essay:
  • Who are you?
  • What challenges you’ve overcome?
  • What do you plan to do in the future?
  • Lessons you’ve learned in your life?
  • What are your strengths, and how have you grown as a person?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?

3.  What to do if I am rejected from my dream college?

Rejection is a part of everyone’s life; you should never rely on only one college for your admission. You should make a list of all the colleges you find relevant and best for the course you want to choose and apply for all of them, which will save your time and give you a better chance of getting into one of all the applied ones.

4. How can I find out whether an institution is accredited?

  • You can search the U.S Department of Education’s office of postsecondary education website to check for a university’s accreditation records.