Colgate University Or Bates College

Educational institutions in this world are in great numbers, really a very large number in a city. There are colleges, small or big, in very large numbers, and in this situation, making a decision becomes very hard. Just like if we take a scenario where we have to buy a table and we go to the largest warehouse in town where they have a large number of tables for every design decision, our attention is then distributed to many factors. We don’t think about the design and all our attention shifts to benefits and its facilities. The same case has become with educational institutions. They are very large options for a single degree and choosing has become very hard, and at this time we can’t call some bad because our bad may be good for others. All we can do is choose what suits us the most. Let’s check whether we should choose Colgate university or Bates college.

Colgate University

This is a private Liberal Arts university that was founded in 1819. The name was different when it was founded in 1819. The present name of the university was given to the institution in 1890.


The university has a long history and most are related to the names of the institutions as the names were changed many times. Apart from the name, the college was founded in 1819 by the name Hamilton College, and then it was in the year 1890 when the college got its current name.

This institution is situated in Hamilton, New York. The first class of this institution was held in a village in Hamilton. In 1826, the trustees bought farmland, and then the college was started on that farm. During World War II, this university was one of the institutions that provided training for navy commissions.

The institution when built was a men’s college, which means the education provided in this institution was for men. Admissions were also given to men in the initial days. Later, in 1856, the first batch of girls was admitted.


The college offers 56 major programs for its students on campus. The main section of these 56 is the art section.


This institution has one of the most beautiful campuses in the world and it is also famous for the campus life that it provides to its students. This college is built on 575 acres and also has forest land that is around 1100 acres. The university is surrounded by forest. The university has 200 clubs that perform many art forms and has organized many famous programs. The college has a dine-in and delivery facility inside the campus.

The university has an art gallery that exhibits art and paintings by college students. It has around 11,000 art objects that include paintings, art forms, many old things, etc. The college also has a museum of science, which is famous in many parts of other countries as well. The facilities for students include seminar halls, a library, labs, and sitting areas around the campus.


The college has been home to many rankings and awards; some of them are:

  • Rank 3 in the 50 colleges where students work very hard.
  • Ranked 6 in the women’s poll
  • Rank 3 in the best schools for film, videography, and photography.
  • ranked 3 in the ECAC women’s hockey standings
  • Rank 6 among New York’s best universities.
  • Rank 3 in the 10 non-Ivy League schools with intellectual rigor and higher acceptance rates.


Bates College is one of the private colleges that is situated in Lewiston, Maine. The college is built on 813 acres, of which around 600 acres are home to the forest. This means that the college is surrounded by forests on two sides. This college was founded in the year 1855 by Oran Burbank and Benjamin Bates.


The college was founded in 1855 and with its first batch became a co-educational institution. The college was started in a small room. Later in the 1900s, the college began to expand with trust and student help.

This is one of the oldest colleges in Maine and is famous for its beautiful campus life. The college is home to 1800–1900 graduates who are offered admission every year in different programs.


The college is known to offer 36 departmental major degrees and 25 secondary degrees to its students. This college enrolls approximately 1800 students on its campus, and the academic year is divided into semesters with numerous exams; it is one of the renowned institutions that provide quality education to its students.

The college has actively been a part of the research unit, and according to the US government, this institution has done and achieved many things in the field of research.


The college has one of the most beautiful campuses in the world and has been known as one of the oldest in Maine. The college is surrounded by forest from all sides, and the tracks and student paths are often covered with beautiful leaves from the trees in autumn, and in winter it is mostly covered in ice.

The college has a dine-in area library and also has a museum, which is one of the most beautiful places on the campus.


The college is known to have won many rankings and awards in many things. Some of them are:

  • Listed as the ninth-best college food in America in 2022,
  • Listed as the fifth-best college dining hall in America.
  • Listed third among the top 25 mountain colleges.
  • ranked 34 out of the hardest colleges to get into in the US in 2022.
  • ranked 6 in the most beautiful campus quads.
  • Rank 2 in the 2021 best colleges for Division III men’s lacrosse


Today, choosing the perfect educational institution has become a very hard process for students. Some have the best educational facilities; some have a great future in research, and some have the best infrastructure and campus life.

Colgate University and Bates College are two of the universities in the US that have the most beautiful campuses.

Colgate University, which is situated in Hamilton and was founded in the year 1819, is one of the famous institutions for having a good education for art students, and Bates College is one of the private-owned institutions with world-class facilities for its students. Both the institutions have their pros and cons, and it depends on a student which one he wants to go into.