How to reply to “ Keep me posted”?

We often find ourselves stuck in dilemmas where we don’t know how to reply to certain societal formalities. We’re frequently conditioned to textual chat blocks as well. One such statement is “ Keep me posted.” So to avoid being embarrassed about being subjected to such a situation, the following article is most likely to give you some to-go tips to reply to the question“ Keep me posted,” and keep the conversation going!

The answer to this statement is analysed in two scenarios: the first being formal, where the person being addressed is a formal authority, say one’s boss or supervisor and the second is where the third party being addressed is to be approached informally.

How to reply to “ Keep me posted”?

Formal approach 

 Let’s say your higher authority (for example, your boss) asks you for updates on a matter of importance. They say “Keep me updated” and leave you flustered, because you do not know how to respond to that statement. 

Put say your worries, as you can use these witty replies to sound sophisticated and smart:

  • “ We will keep you apprised of any and all developments.”
  • “ I will make sure that you are acquainted at the earliest.”
  • “ I will try my best to get you up to speed.”
  • “ Will keep you posted on the progress.”
  • “ You will be assured of the status of development and completion at your tips.”

Informal approach

Let’s say your friend asks you about an event that is being hosted and managed by you. Now you obviously won’t talk to your friend as though they’re people running the posts of managers or executives. You’ll not only weird them out and sound absurd but also draw a huge question mark on their faces!

Save the day with these comebacks:

  • “Okay, I sure will keep you fresh and updated on the situation.”
  • “I will try my best to inform you at my earliest.”
  • “I will bring it to your attention. Don’t worry about a hack.”
  • “I promise to check and revert to you.” 
  • “I will bring it to your attention.”
  • “I will make sure that you are knowledgeable about the same”
  • “I will let you know as soon as we get to hear something. The wait shall be worth your time.”
  • “You can expect to hear from me soon”
  • “Just bear with me for a little longer.”
  • “I promise to keep in touch.”

Using any of the reply statements as recommended will make you sound a lot more professional and sophisticated, and you will be ready to politely respond to the assertion, without leaving the other person on a cliff-hanger! 

Is saying “Okay” as a reply to “ Keep me posted” rude and impolite?

AnswerNo, saying “okay” as a reply to the assertion “keep me posted” is not rude at all. It definitely is a lot better way to end a conversation on a clean note in such cases. It makes you sound neutral and crisp. 

Is it okay to end a conversation after “Keep me posted” has been asserted by the third party?

Answer: It is absolutely fine to do so. However,  giving the third party an appropriate and polite reply for the same earns you more credit, as you show them that you know how to professionally handle a situation without demeaning anyone, and subtly proving your point.


When one asks you to keep them posted on something, they wish to be informed of every potential development and change in a given matter of interest and concern. They want you to continue giving them the latest information regarding the subject of correspondence, and also want to be informed and well updated on what happened in the meantime.

While there is absolutely no wrong approach to comply with the assertion, it is necessary to develop a proactive approach to answer back. Doing so will not only save your reputation at stake, but also allow you to present yourself as a mature and professional individual. You may also prevent yourself from sounding rude and insensitive in a situation where you find yourself stuck with answering the statement wittily and spontaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• What is the difference between saying “ I’ll inform you” and “ I’ll let you know”  when someone asks you to keep them posted?

Answer: The difference between the two responses is very minimal. The tone changes depending upon the speech and context of the phrase.

  • I’ll inform you: it is a more formal and professional phrase used as a response to “ keep me posted”

This sounds closer to saying “ I will lead you on with the information personally .

  • I’ll let you know:  it is a semi formal, rather, slightly informal way of responding. It is used to address the assertion from common personage, which is something that makes it less strict.

This sounds closer to saying “ I’ll either inform you personally or have someone to inform you about the same”

• What does “ I’ll keep you posted” mean?

Answer: The statement “ I’ll keep you posted” implies giving someone information regularly about something they are interested in, and knowing how the situation is changing to their benefit or loss. 

• Is it rude to say “ I’ll let you know” ?

Answer : The answer to this question is- absolutely not. It may not sound rude, however, saying so has a high potential of developing the image of one being uncertain in the long run.

An added advantage of using “ I’ll let you know” is that it is a better informal alternative against “I will inform you”, which on the contrary makes you sound more unfriendly, and it creates the impression of you shutting out the third party.

It is rude only if you tell them that you’ll bet them know, but don’t tell them anything.

• When do people say “ keep me posted ?

Answer: One says “keep me posted” when one wishes to know the internal progress of a subject of their interest and concern, so as to have the current information, and they don’t miss out on anything crucial. They also wish to know what happens in the meantime.