What Is The NFL Sunday Ticket Student Discount?


Being a student has ample perks. More than you know, brands, stores, and even the internet have many offers for students. Just the idea of you having an identity at a college university is enough to get you offers, sales, discounts, and more. One of these is the NFL Sunday ticket student discount.

What Is The NFL Sunday Ticket Student Discount?

While many discounts and offers are available to students, there is a process to follow. There are also regulations and eligibility norms that one must get through, yes, you are a student and that is eligible enough. But, there is always more. Find out all you need about the NFL Sunday ticket student discount as you read!  

About NFL:

Football fans, all ears, and eyes here! The NFL is an American football league. Known as the National Football League, it has 32 teams that have a solid battle on the field during kick-offs. It is said to be one of the highest and most professional forms of football. 

Every NFL fan would know that these games are telecasted live on TV. But, there are certain requirements. This applies to many other sports as well. That’s why you have the NFL Sunday ticket. 

This ticket is said to be a sort of plan or subscription provided on certain qualifications so you can catch the competitive NFL games live. As the name suggests, this ticket allows you access to the live games every Sunday on almost any device! 

NFL Sunday ticket student discount:

Coming to the main factor, the NFL Sunday ticket student discount is a provision made for students who are thirsty for football. The NFL understands that students nationally and globally cannot pay heavy subscription prices with so many other expenses to take care of. Therefore, they have introduced the NFL Sunday ticket student discount for students. 

 NFL Sunday Ticket offers a special student discount to students based on certain criteria and processes. While the genuine price for everyone’s over 70$ per month, students can avail of the same for a lower combined cost for four months with the student discount. This provides for students all the features that every Sunday ticket member enjoys. As a plus point, this can be accessed via a smartphone, laptop, tab, TV, or any other device on Sunday afternoons.  

There is also something called an NFL Game pass which allows you to watch the match when you like and replay it when you want. This is priced at 100$ per season for individuals. But, students have a discounted rate on this as well. Sounds like quite a deal, doesn’t it?

How to avail an NFL Sunday ticket student discount?

There is a procedure and certain eligibility conditions that need to be followed before you get the student discount and avail of the NFL Sunday ticket subscription. Follow the steps below: 

  • Login to the website and look for the Sunday ticket subscription option 
  • Once you click on that, the next step is to find the student discount option 
  • You will be asked for certain details like student ID, College name, and so on. Provide these correctly so that your student status can be verified.

As an alternative method, you can also use your school email address and try to get a subscription. Note that not all schools apply to this offer. You will know whether or not your school is eligible on the site itself. Or you can use your school name with your email address and see whether that works. 

Eligibility and Conditions:

There are certain factors to keep in mind before you avail of the NFL Sunday ticket student discount. These are as follows:

  • Student verification- You need to be a recognized student with a valid student ID and email address to acquire the student discount. Your school also needs to apply for the offer. 
  • Renewal: you will have to renew your subscription based on the plan you get. The site will not automatically renew your subscription.
  • DirectTV: you need to have a DirectTV facility or at least a dorm or room where there is no satellite access. You can check the same by entering your address on the site. 
  • WiFi: like most live streaming requirements, WiFi is necessary to enjoy a smooth and scheduled watching of the NFL games. 


While the regular monthly subscription costs over 70$, for students it is around $30 per month. If you wish to take a full package, the price is 293$ but for students, it is available at 119$ or so. Moreover, students can also avail a game pass that allows them to watch matches and their plays whenever they like. This is priced at 50$ per pass for students only. For others, it is 100$ per season.


The NFL Sunday matches are something many people look forward to. The NFL Sunday ticket was introduced to provide the privilege of being able to catch every minute of the game as it happens without any regrets! Furthermore, the NFL site also introduces various offers now and then. There’s some offer and plan that suits everyone. Of these, students aren’t left out either. They have a solid NFL Sunday ticket student discount for their subscription that is easy to access. 


  • Can one watch the NFL matches without a DirecTV subscription? 

Yes. if you live in a room that does not have access to satellite, it is possible to avail of the live streaming of the NFL games via the NFL Sunday Ticket subscription 

  • Does the NFL site have any other discounts for students? 

Yes. The NFL site has various other discounts that are timely and specifically for students. These mostly include codes that can be applied to avail of.  

  • Is the NFL Sunday ticket student discount worth it? 

Yes. The discount rate compared to the actual rate given for other viewers is a great offer. If football peaks your interest and NFL is crucial for you, the student discount is a boon! 

  • Can one share their NFL Sunday ticket account?

Yes. one may share their NFL Sunday ticket account but you will be able to stream the match only one device at a time.