Is Flagler College A Religious School?


Many factors decide whether or not a college is religious. Religious schools mainly look forward and hold great value for morals. But that’s not all, they also build their students to become better persons and ensure that their form of education encompasses the faith and virtues they believe in. Each school has its beliefs, aims, and mottos. However, religious schools progress towards the ideas of faith and religion together with their educational facilities. Let us see is Flagler college a religious school in this article.

Is Flagler College A Religious School?

Is Flagler college a religious school?

Simply put, a religious school prioritizes faith and virtue as much as they do education, Flagler College is known to be associated with St. Augustine. but, there’s more to it than you know. Find all the characteristics of Flagler school as you read on! 

About Flagler college 

Flagler college is located in Florida. It has over 33 majors and many other programs and courses to offer. These include theater and arts, education, business, behavioral arts, mathematics, natural sciences, and more. The college is a private institution that has an interest in liberal arts. The college’s mission also aims to welcome various cultures and shape learners and leaders for the future. 

They have fairly good enrollment and acceptance rates which make them a great college to consider. Moreover, they support various beliefs out of which the main is community development. This is evident in their diversity on campus. With a lot to offer, Flagler is among the top and recognized institutions in Florida that also has values to impart together with their services. 

Flagler college as a religious school 

While many reasons tell whether a school is religious or not, Flagler college has its own. It may not seem to be a religious college from the looks and basics. While they do possess a few features that religious schools have, it’s hard to define them as completely religious schools. 

 Religious schools have a few of the following features: 

  • A religious founder/ leader 
  • Spiritual practices and activities like retreats, choirs, renewals, etc
  • Daily religious traditions like Eucharist, confessions, etc 
  • Imparting discipline and faith as a core factor 
  • Community groups for social welfare and development like reaching out to the less fortunate and some kind of charity work as well. 

If you carefully compare these to Flagler school, you won’t find as many solid practices to define the school as religious. Despite having a few activities, the spiritual aspect like prayer, relationship with God, and other similar factors are stressed at a religious school. Flagler has its mission and values which are different from these. 

Features of Flagler college that are similar to religious schools:

Often students and clothes are confused as to whether or not Flagler is a religious school due to certain reasons. They provide a religious course due to which they will have the necessary facilities to enhance the same. That doesn’t make them a religious school. You can read these points below and understand the difference between offering a religious aspect and being a religious school.

Religious courses

Flagler College has a department dedicated to philosophy and religion. They offer a few courses in the religious section. This doesn’t make them a religious school. However, if you want to pursue religious studies, it’s a great option. There are majors and minors in the same. They also offer various kinds of tests, programs, opportunities, and more to further enhance these courses. While religious schools offer religious studies, their core aspect of spiritual practices is what defines them as a religious school. This is unlikely with Flagler.

Community development 

Community development is one of the features of a religious school. However, just that doesn’t qualify a school to be religious. While Flagler has its roots in community service, it is more on the concrete side rather than the moral and abstract side. In this sense, they focus more on constructive community impacts rather than social welfare which is usually the aim of religious schools. 

The St. Augustine perspective 

Being a college located in St. Augustine, they have some association with the saint and the place. However, it has nothing to do with the religious aspect of it. And you’ll know this if you trace the history of the space back to its founder, Henry Flagler who first created a hotel out of the space. No religious roots here. They believe in giving back via community service but it is not from the religious aspect of concepts like faith and more.

Major in religion 

Flagler school offers a major in religion. This means there’s a lot of philosophy to impart. That doesn’t mean the college is religious. There are religious professors, advisors, and more but all concerning studying and the major. While most religious schools also offer a major for religious studies, that is not what defines them as a religious institution.

 If you’re looking for religious studies you can opt for Flagler’s exceptional courses. But, if you wish to practice the religious way of life daily in a spiritual manner, you may want to consider other schools. 


One can’t say that Flagler is not a religious school. However, if you look at the examples of other religious schools, you’ll find that their practices are not so similar. Flagler school does have the concepts of giving and understanding and other human values imbibed in their motto and way of life. However, it is not as strong and religion-oriented as other religious schools are.

  • Was Henry Flagler a reverend? 

No. Henry Flager was not a reverend. Often, people are confused with this idea which makes them question whether Flagler is a religious school or not. Henry Flagler was the son of a reverend, Isaac Flagler. However, this has no connection to Flagler being a religious school.

  • Does Flagler college have any spiritual practices highlighted?

Apart from the activities required and provided to enhance the religious majors and minors, there are no such mentions. Most religious practices at Flagler are carried out as a facility for students under the religious courses rather than as a way of life.