Does Liberty University Have Lacrosse?


Sports is one of the most crucial aspects of an institution. It brings in revenue, adds ranks and respect to the college, and serves as a platform for students to enhance their skills and have fun. Various forms of sports are practiced and played at various universities. From the most popular ones like football and basketball to others like tennis and badminton, the list goes on! Let us see does Liberty University have Lacrosse in this article.

Does Liberty University have Lacrosse?

Does Liberty University have Lacrosse?

Liberty University is one of the institutions that has a skilled lacrosse team. Know more about the university and its Lacrosse stories through this article. 

About Liberty University 

Liberty University is one of the private institutions in Virginia. An evangelical (Christian) university offering over 700 programs including online programs, the university is quite a popular one in its area. Having quite a virtuous background, this University aims to bring knowledge to students with only the best and most enhanced settings. 

Being a Christian university, they also offer spiritual programs and other religious practices. The university is a regionally and nationally recognized one that has seen admirable growth over the past few years. Their acceptance rate is over 50% and their enrollment rate crosses over 95,000 indicating that this University is loved and looked up to by students. 

Lacrosse at Liberty University

For those who don’t know, Lacrosse is a sport played very commonly worldwide. A game involving a lacrosse stick and ball was introduced in the 17th century. It is said to be the oldest game in North- America and therefore, it is only natural for many institutions within the country to practice and put forward the same. 

Liberty University, too, has an enriched history of sports. They have over 40 different sports clubs including lacrosse. With over 500 student-athletes, they have won several titles. These include nation championships, local awards, NCAA divisions, and more. One can reassuringly tell that sports are one of the priorities of Liberty University. 

Among the various sports that Liberty University offers, Lacrosse is one of the popular ones. There is a solid Lacrosse men’s team at the university and the sport is played at various ranks and levels with complete attention and vigor. 

There is a complete field for Lacrosse along with quite a few other facilities on the East campus. These include a locker room, turf fields, media press boxes, and more. The Lacrosse team also has quite an energetic display of staff and students who have played wholeheartedly at various tournaments and bought the university name in the sport. 

Lacrosse team at Liberty University 

The team is known as Flames and they strongly aim towards supporting and building Lacrosse players on and off-campus for a better future. Liberty University has a men’s lacrosse team consisting of at least 40 players from different years including freshmen and seniors. 

They also have a female Lacrosse team of around 35 female players. Having had a past of 50 years, the Lacrosse team has had many other alumni be a part of the team. Yes, the team has been prevalent for quite some time. 

They are no ordinary sports club. They have played and even won majorly in many divisions and tournaments which are both inter-collegiate and international. 

The men’s Lacrosse team’s coach is Kyle McQuillan. He is the founder of the eight-team Atlantic Lacrosse Conference which is renowned and admired. The women’s team’s coach is Kelly Nangle who has coached international all-conference members as well. 

Both teams are known as flames. When joined with the university, they are known as Liberty Flames. The sport and club’s efforts are quite respected and appreciated. The sport is so popular that the university offers memberships to the club. 

They also hold events and games that many students look forward to. The club also has its roots in faith being part of a Christian college and this is evident in their motto, ‘Training champions for Christ’

Achievements in Lacrosse at Liberty University

That’s enough about details and emotion. Coming to the achievements, what the team has accomplished proves that they’re not an all-talk and no-show sports club. Below are a few milestones achieved by the Flames club over the past years:


The teams have received quite some popularity in the ASUN league, a popular American sports league. They have won individual and group/ team awards over the past few years. These include:

  • Freshmen of the year 
  • First team
  • Second team 
  • Third team 
  • Honorable mentions 
  • Academic and other awards 

Though they have had ups and downs in their journey, they are not backing down. The lacrosse sport at Liberty University is a thrilling experience of learning and fun for all students. 


  • The men’s team was ranked no.1 in the MCLA Division recently indicating their hard work and progress
  • The college club team has been ranked 444th in the US which is not that bad given the list of competitive teams in the country 
  • The flames club has also received 36 other ranks which makes them as popular as they are. 

Apart from these, they have made many wins in national and other matches. They have also led quite a few enthusiastic games at the MCLA division, leading them higher in the rank section.


To conclude, the lacrosse team at Liberty University is quite a spontaneous one. The sport is played fully with energy and passion on and off-campus. Not to mention, the university gives much priority, aid, and support to the clubs and their team members as well!

  • Can freshmen be a part of the Lacrosse team? 

Yes. Freshmen are welcomed on the team just like students from any other year. There are quite a few freshmen who have made it to the team. 

  • Does Liberty University have Lacrosse matches on campus?

Yes. The university organizes matches on and off-campus. While most inter-collegiate and local matches are played on the campus, the same has tickets and provisions like any other match.