Can I Use My Academy Credit Card Anywhere?

Can I Use My Academy Credit Card Anywhere?

Credit cards have revolutionized the whole shopping experience. These cards afford the opportunity of purchasing items in moments when you are low on cash. Properly used, credit cards offer users certain benefits like earning redeemable reward points. To keep up with the trend, many stores today offer their customers credit cards to purchase items on credit within the store. However, there are stores like the Academy sports+ outdoors aka Academy store, which offer their customers credit cards usable in places other than in the Academy store. Read on to find out more that can you use the Academy credit card anywhere or not.

You can use your Academy Credit card in stores outside the Academy store network. The card can be used to buy gas at gas stations and to purchase items at other stores where the card is accepted. Each time you swipe the card to pay for purchases, you earn redeemable bonus points.  

Can I Use My Academy Credit Card Anywhere?

The Academy credit card is typically given by the Academy sports+ outdoors store to its sports-enthusiast clients who frequently shop at the store. As we stated earlier, apart from within the Academy store, the Academy credit card is usable at gas stations and other places where the credit card is valid.

Like most general credit cards, the Academy credit card affords you the opportunity of earning bonus points whenever the card is applied to pay for items purchased in the Academy store or other stores. 

Using the card to pay for gas at the gas station will earn you two points for every dollar you spend. Using the card to pay for goods purchased in stores other than the Academy store will earn you one point per dollar. When the card is applied to purchase items at the Academy store, you earn five points on each dollar spent.

Benefits of the Academy Credit Card

Asides from the advantage of buying now and paying later which comes with all credit cards, there are many benefits of having an Academy credit card. 

They include:

  • Use in-store and outside the store. As we have mentioned, the Academy credit card is usable within the Academy store and outside the store. This is one of the unique features of the Academy credit card because most stores’ credit cards can only be applied to pay for items purchased within the store. 
  • Earn bonus points. Every time you swipe the Academy card, you earn points per dollar. The Academy store awards a customer 1000 bonus points if the customer purchases an item within the first sixty days of being issued the Academy credit card. Note that one bonus point is equal to 1 cent.
  • Get reward cards. You get an Academy rewards card on every 2500 bonus points you earn. This reward card is a gift card that can be applied when purchasing items within the Academy store.
  • Enjoy discounted prices. Upon applying for the Academy credit card, if your application gets approved instantly, you have the one-time opportunity to enjoy a $15 discount on purchased goods. If delayed, you are given a statement credit of $15 on any item you buy in the Academy store. Note that to enjoy the $15 discount or statement credit, you must have spent at least $15 on a purchase.

Asides from these benefits, customers who use the U.S. Bank credit card when shopping for items at the Academy store can get a 5% return on every $500 spent.

How to Qualify For the Academy Credit Card

To qualify for the Academy credit card, you must be creditworthy. Only customers with a minimum credit score of 640 can be issued an Academy credit card.


To an ardent shopper at the Academy store, an Academy card is important. Asides from the advantages the Academy credit card provides its owners while shopping, many users of the card have reviewed the Academy credit card as being unique because of its ability to be used outside the Academy store. However, as the Academy card is not acceptable in every store, you will not get the flexibility that accompanies a general credit card. Hence, if you are not a sports enthusiast or a frequent customer of the Academy store, you might want to reconsider applying for the Academy credit card.

Frequently Asked questions
  1. How many types of Academy credit cards are there?

There are two types of Academy credit cards; the Academy sports+ outdoors visa signature card and the Academy sports+ outdoors visa card.

  1. Does my credit rating affect the type of Academic credit card I will be issued?

Yes, the type of Academy credit card you receive depends on how good your credit standing is.

  1. What bank handles the Academy credit card account?

Comenity Capital Bank