Is Apush Worth It?

Students are now asking if the Apush is worth it because most of the stories about this course are that it’s difficult. Many claim it’s difficult, hard and it’s time and energy-consuming. In the end, the truth is every course can and will be difficult for the wrong student. i.e., the student that isn’t supposed to take that course. Therefore in answering Is Apush Worth It?, this article will point out the right students meant to take Apush. 

Is Apush Worth It?

Yes, Apush is worth it to students who want to study history or history-related courses at the university. It helps those students have a good foundation ahead of college. Additionally, it’s worth it because it helps students have a higher edge during the admission process into university. 

5 Unshakable Reasons Apush Is Worth It

Apush full meaning is advanced placement in history. Advanced placements are exams taken before college that fall into the category of SAT and ACT. 

Students who believe that SAT and ACT aren’t enough to express how they’re the best match for their dream school. Ends up choosing the advanced placement exams (AP test).

Many students take the AP tests because they prefer them to SAT and ACTs, that’s if the school they’re aspiring to allows it. Under AP tests, students have several course options, one of which is the AP.US. history. Which is the business of this article. 

Over the years, however, many have come up with the theory that this particular course is hard. This has scared many people away from this wonderful course. Breeding the reason to explain below the reasons the course is worth it. They are as follows;

#1. Higher Edge During Admission Processes

One of the vital things most colleges do to determine who gets admitted is to weigh the courses of their aspirants. This means that students with a higher number of supposedly difficult courses get higher consideration. 

Therefore, Apush is best recommended for students aspiring for the likes of prestigious schools such as Harvard. Harvard university means business and they only consider students with exceptional test scores and overall GPAs. 

Dying to attend Harvard? Make Ap.US.history your favorite course then! The student must make it their best course. Because not taking the course at all is preferable to coming out with a bad result from it.

#2. An Excellent Foundation For History Major In College 

For students venturing into history or history-related majors in university, getting familiar with history subjects at high school. As well as taking the Apush during AP tests is the best way to have a good start. 

Especially in the sophomore year, students with Apush knowledge get to start college with good grades. It’ll be a work-over because the students would know about most of the things lecturers will be teaching at the university. 

Therefore students who want to ace their exams and tests and graduate with good points need to embrace the Apush. Especially if they didn’t take history during high school. 

#3. The Best Way To Prepare For Other AP Exams

Similar to other tests such as SAT and ACT, that have a particular format. That’s the same way every AP test has a particular format for tests and exam questions. Not forgetting the overall workload of the course as well. 

Whatever one is doing, it’s best to start burning one’s energy with the most difficulty. Since many believe Apush is hard. 

Taking it first before taking other preferred AP subjects is the best way to prepare for the others. Starting with the seemingly difficult will only help make the other AP subjects faster and easier to handle. 

#4. Satisfying For Inquisitive Students 

Many students are inquisitive by nature, they want to be informed about everything at all times. These people enjoy knowing everything, starting from history or how things came into existence. 

At this junction, everyone knows the media and the TV at large are the number one place where misformation resides. Many times, Journalists and newscasters only project to the public what they’ve been authorized to make known to the public. Not necessarily the truth most times. 

Turns out that taking Apush is the way inquisitive people and students alike can get real information about anything they need. Especially information as regards American history to date.

Not only is this course important for inquisitive students alone. It’s important for every American because most of the information on the news is wack. There’s no denying the fact that every American needs to know the truth about their environment from the beginning till date.

#5. Avid Lover Of History 

Before taking any course or subject. The first question a good advisor or lecturer will ask is if the student has a real interest in the course or subject. 

There’s nothing that can’t get tough, going on with life sometimes gets tough. The same goes for students’ courses and tests. What will keep any student going even on tough days is the student’s passion for the course or subject.

Also, having a passion for a particular subject always makes the subject much easier to handle. This is where having passion for Apush comes into play. 

Even if it’s true that the course is generally difficult. Students with a natural affection for history will find it easier to navigate and come out with good scores. Is history one of your favorite objects? Then choose Apush today!

How To Ace Apush?

In addition to providing the reasons, Apush is worth the student’s sweat, late nights, and hard work. This article provides below the five basic steps to take in coming up with excellent results during Apush exams. 

Note that Apush exams take 3 hours, and five minutes and the exam comes in 2 different sections. Section 1  contains objective/multiple-choice questions. These questions are 80 in total and students have only 55 minutes to answer the questions.

Then section 2 contains two different essay questions. The first essay is documents based while the second essay questions are free-response essay questions. It runs for 1 hour, and 60 minutes. 

The free-response essay questions are two and they run for 70 minutes. Free-response questions mean that the students should use their ideas to answer those questions. Here’s how to ace this exam;

1. Remove the wrong answers first

This is for answering objective/multiple choice questions. No doubt the questions always look tricky. The hack here is to first shun out the answers that the students know don’t fit in as an answer.

2. Attempt Every Question

This is for the essay part. It’s best to go to the exam hall with the mindset that one will answer all questions. Especially if the essay specifies so. 

Even if it’s just a little idea the student has about the question. They should pen down the idea, it gives the impression to the markers that the student is serious about the exam. 

3. Take Note Of Certain Definitions While Studying For the Exam

Although it sounds redundant and obvious. Misinterpreting the definitions of a few certain keywords can easily lead to a poor writing section score. Especially terms akin to the course. 

That’s why it’s essential to look up the definitions of words. Plus, other terms one may have encountered on previous exams and practice tests before the exam. 

Areas of Concentration For AP Exam

Here are the 28 major historical areas students need to master before exams. These majors are the areas that the AP college board gives to lecturers. Which the lecturers use to carve out their syllabus. They are as follows;

  1. The United States in the Post-Cold War World.
  2. Society and Culture at the End of the 20th Century.
  3. Politics and Economics towards the End of the 20th Century.
  4. The Turbulent 1960s.
  5. The 1950s.
  6. The Early Cold War and the United States.
  7. The Home Front During the War.
  8. The Second World War.
  9. The Great Depression and the New Deal.
  10. The New Era: 1920s.
  11. The emergence of America as a World Power.
  12. Populism and Progressivism.
  13. Urban Society in the Late Nineteenth Century.
  14. Industrial America in the Later months of the Nineteenth Century.
  15. Developing the West in the Late Nineteenth Century.
  16. Origins of the New South 
  17. Reconstruction.
  18. Civil War.
  19. The Crisis of the Union.
  20. Territorial Expansion and Manifest Destiny.
  21. Religion, Reform, and Renaissance in Antebellum America.
  22. Transformation of Politics in Antebellum America.
  23. Transformation of the Economy and Antebellum America.
  24. The Early Republic, 1789-1815.
  25. The American Revolutionary Era, 1754-1789.
  26. Colonial North America, 1690-1754.
  27. Transatlantic Encounters and Colonial Beginnings, 1492-1690.
  28. Pre-Columbian Societies.


With the few points explained above. This article has proven that Apush is worth it. Therefore students who know they need it should sit up and give this course their all. In the end, they’ll realize it’s not as hard as it seems. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which is harder; Apush or AP world?

Apush is harder. This boils down to the fact that the course places more emphasis on every detail regarding the history of the United States.

2. Should one take US history honor or Apush?

Apush course covers lots more than US history. It gives much more in-depth information regarding the history of the United States. Therefore students should take up Apush. 

3. How many AP classes are recommended for standing a chance at Harvard?

To be on top of several other Harvard applicants, students need to take 8 to 12 AP courses.