What Happens if You Drop out of College?

What Happens if You Drop out of College?


We live in a society where there are so many college dropouts, some drop out of college having one reason or the other. No doubt, there will be challenges such as finance, lack of the basic things of life like health, food insecurity, and housing insecurity among others. One thing is certain, quitters never win, you only have to see every challenge as a step to your success. in this article, we will look what happens if you drop out of college.

What happens if you drop out of college?

Every decision, whether good or bad has its consequences.

  1. You will lose more opportunities, dropping out of college for whatever reason, is a risk that you wouldn’t want to take. You tend to miss out on virtually every opportunity given to college graduates, especially in the workplace. This is because, there are some jobs that, no matter the pay, require the skill of a college graduate.
  2. You may lose your self-esteem; when you become a college dropout, you tend to lose confidence in yourself. This will make you feel less of yourself and deprived you of success outside the academic environment. You will lack the courage to do something meaningful or become active in your career.
  3. Becoming a college dropout can lead to depression. Whatever be the reason for you to become a college dropout, if not properly checked or guided, can lead the individual into depression. It is important to state that, depression can also lead you to become a drug addict and possibly develop suicidal thoughts.
  4. If you drop out of college, without having any good business to fall back to, you become slow if not stagnant in self-development and the part, you wish to choose. That is, you will lack the knowledge and skills that will speed your steps to success and in taking the right decisions.
  5. You may become academically handicapped if you drop out of college. It is said that education is the key to success, how then do you want to acquire this key if you become a college dropout. You will also miss out on the social, mental, intellectual, and cognitive development college education will give you.

So,this is what happens if you drop out of college.

Who is a college dropout?

A college dropout is someone who leaves school, university, or college before the completion of their studies. In other words, these individuals have given up in the pursuit of their academic career in a college or university and have no intention of going to learn in another academic institution.

Causes of a college dropout

There are various causes why some people are college drop out. The causes are not far-fetched, below are some of them.

  • Some people drop out of college because of financial difficulties. There is a saying that ‘all fingers are not equal, while some have all the financial support and freedom, some only struggle to eat one meal in a day. If therefore they cannot afford to eat, how then can they pay the required tuition? Learning becomes a burden especially if they do not want to borrow or take a loan.
  • Health issue: some persons suffer from various serious health issues which can make them drop out of college. It is only someone healthy that can effectively learn and put to practice what has been taught, just like they say, ‘health is wealth’.
  • Persistent academic failures lead to so many college dropouts. They see themselves as not belonging to the academic environment. So, you know, college or university is not for everyone. No matter the effort they put in, they still won’t be able to pass any courses. 
  • Life events, like the loss of a dear one, the birth of a child, relocation, or even marriage can lead to college dropout if you do not have the means to balance these events. Some become traumatized by the death of their loved ones and find it difficult to continue with college.


As earlier said, there are always consequences or outcomes of every decision we make in life. Some college dropout does not seek help before deciding on dropping out of college, some were influenced by their friends. However, we must seek help and advice from the right people, especially from a counselor about life’s decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am sick and can’t continue college?

Reach out to a counselor and your college administrators concerning your health. They will proffer ways to assist you in completing your college degree.

Will dropping out of school make me unsuccessful?

A college degree gives you access to life opportunities. If you have a better business plan for your life, work hard and you will be successful.