University of Houston or Rice University

To know University of Houston or Rice University which is best….Read on this article….!

University of Houston or Rice University

Getting admitted into a university of choice is not an easy process. The most confusing aspect of attending is selecting the college that best benefits you before you get admitted to the two schools you aimed to study.  After all, you can only attend a university and not all universities,  this led you to question yourself, which university is good enough for me?  Let us start with a pep talk, both colleges are excellent choices you will not go wrong with either, but ultimately, which is best for you, will depend on what you are looking for. This article will give you easy access to define your choice between both colleges.

University of Houston or rice university 

The University of Houston also known as (UH) is a public research university located in Houston, Texas. The school was founded on March 27, 1927, as Houston Junior College (HJC)  its purpose then was to educate the future teachers of junior college, but on April 40, 1934, the HISD’s Board of education decided to change the institution’s name to University of Houston. The school is considered the most important institution in the University of Houston system and also the third-largest university in Texas, it is also considered an R1 doctorate university (very high research activity goes on in the university). The institution offers 358-degree programs with 47,000 students distributed around all its 16 academic colleges and schools on the campus.

The school was ranked in a lot of categories and by a lot of organizations, and among them is the U.S News and World Report at position 176 in the national university category, position 87 among top public universities in the U.S and the Princeton Review ranked It as one of America’s best colleges.

Williams Marsh Rice University also known as Rice University is a private research university located in Houston, Texas. The school was founded in 1912 after the murder of its namesake William Marsh Rice, the main vision of the institution Is to focus on the research activity of undergraduates, this is carried out on a small student body in a ratio of 6:1 student/faculty ratio. The majority of enrollment in the institution is four years undergraduate program,  this leads us to the organization of the school. It is organized into eight (8) colleges and offers fifty (50) majors and 24 minors in undergraduate programs, among the colleges are the School of Engineering, the school of natural science, the school of social science, and the school of music and many more.

Comparing the University of Houston with Rice University

How can I determine their differences, since, both universities are located in the same area, and they are both known for their excellent model of teaching and research activities? These are questions a lot of students ask themselves, it shouldn’t be a problem though because there is a method of determining which university is best for you without wasting your precious time. The differences are determined by a few points which are, location, admission procedure and requirements, the school costs, financial aid, and the school’s annual outcomes.


Location Is one of the few things that is used in comparing both schools with each other. How can the location of a school affect the number of applicants, and the mode of living in the school is a question that should be considered by all students. Another reason for considering the location is for making memories, a place in which you will live for 4 years should be a memory ground (i.e something that you can revisit in the nearest future).

  1.   University of Houston

The campus is located at 4800 Calhoun road, southeast of downtown Houston, Texas with a campus span of 667acres (2.70 km²). The school has approximately 47,090 students for a public 4-year type of education.

  2.  Rice University

The institution is located at 6100 main street in Houston and it is on a 300-acre of land near the Houston museum district and adjacent to the texas medical center. The school has a short campus span compared to the former thereby indicating a shortage in student activities. It is also said that the university consists of 7,643 students for a private 4-year type of education.

School annual cost

School annual cost is a good factor used in deciding which university is the best fit for an individual student. It is better to be aware of the school tuition fee before getting drowned in academic grants whereby, you can have access to another university with the same quality of education.

  1.  University of Houston

The school has a tuition fee of $8,449 for the In-state students and $20,655 for the out-of-state students. The room and board fee that is required annually in the university is $9,750, and it is recorded that 93% of students requesting financial grant aid received it, and the amount is $8,693.

  2.  Rice University

An annual tuition fee of $50,310 is paid by both the in and out-of-state students, which makes it 495% more expensive to attend compared to the former. The living cost for the school is $14,500, while the percentage of students that applied for the school grant of $47,887 is 62%

Admission requirements and GPA 

This is considered the main information needed in other to secure admission. You can’t have lesser results and be expecting an admission, which is why you need to know where to sit up and how prepared you are for college.

  1.  University of Houston 

The acceptance rate for the University of Houston is 62.8%, which is regarded as a very high acceptance rate compared with the other university, the required GPA is 3.75, and the applicant competition is low because of the difficulty level of the school admission standard. SAT or ACT score range is about  1120/1310 and 22/28 respectively.

   2.  Rice University 

They have a low acceptance rate compared to the former (10.9%), because the school is regarded as Elite the applicant competition is on a very high level. The GPA required is 3.96 while the SAT and the ACT score is 1469/1570 and 34/36 respectively.


The two universities are schools that offer the best for their student’s education since they are both known for their outstanding research activities, and a school will always have a preferred course that is known for. So, therefore, selecting a college with your major in heart will help you determine fully which one is best fitted for you.