University of Delaware Admission Requirements and GPA

To know University of Delaware Admission Requirements and GPA….Read on this article….!

The University of Delaware is the alma mater of the current President of America, President Joe Biden. This school is prestigious for being home to lots of great people in the country. The school uses the latest technological learning tools and it is famous for engaging in many research projects. Many students dream of becoming an alumnus of a great school like this.

 It is possible for anyone who can submit a good enough application that contains all the admission requirements written in this article. 

University of Delaware Admission Requirements and GPA

The admission requirements for the university of Delaware include a complete online application, an application essay, a high school transcript submitted through Self-Reported Academic Record, GPA score, SAT or ACT scores (optional), and a letter from your school counselor. The minimum GPA the school demands is 3.69. 

University of Delaware Admission Requirements and GPA

The following are the prerequisite high school courses the university requires applicants to take. 

  • Four years of English language 
  • Three years of Mathematics are expected but four years are recommended.
  • Three years of Science are expected, and it must include two years of laboratory work. However, four years with three years of laboratory work is recommended. 
  • Four years of Social Science or History 
  • Two years of Foreign language are expected but four years is recommended. 
  • Two years of academic electives

Four years of math, including calculus and trigonometry, is mandatory for students who want to major in whichever one of these courses. 

  • Computer science
  • Engineering 
  • Natural Science
  • Business 
  • Mathematics

University of Delaware’s SAT and ACT Score Requirement

Submitting a test score at the university is optional. The school receives both the SAT and ACT. Applicants are to submit official test scores. The school super scores the SAT while the biggest composite ACT score is taken. The school does not demand the writing sections of SAT or ACT and does not demand specific subject tests. Applicants that do not submit SAT or ACT scores can add more documents that show their ability to excel in college through their application. Refer to the school’s student portal for more details.

The university takes an average ACT score of 28. This score signifies that the school’s prerequisite for ACT is slightly competitive.  A lower score of 25 is the minimum score that gets applicants in. However, it is still wiser to submit a score of 30 and above to ensure the school grants you an admission letter. The university’s ACT code that you can use to submit your score is 0634.

The average accepted SAT score at the university is 1260 out of 1600. This score indicates that the SAT prerequisite in this school is competitive. Notwithstanding, a minimum score of 1170 still gets a few people into the school. To be certain that your application will grant you an unhindered entry into the school reach for a score of 1350 and above. This university allows you to choose which particular SATs you will be submitting. The school screens all the tests that you submit and only makes use of the test scores of the test sections in which you had your highest scores. The school’s SAT code that you can use to submit your score is 5811. 

University of Delaware’s Prerequisites for GPA

The school’s official GPA prerequisite is 3.69 but the average GPA of successful applicants is 3.77. This prerequisite is strongly competitive. To attain this score, you need an above-average GPA, this demands a lot of hard work. Ensure you have plenty of A’s and a few B’s. If you have a low GPA you can increase the strength of your application by taking IB or AP classes. Doing this will display your ability to do harder coursework than what you’ve done in high school. 

Step by Step Processes on How to Apply to the University  

Here are the processes applicants must follow from the start of their application to the end.

  • Start an online application on the university’s website
  • Write the coalition or common application essay
  • Pay the application fee of $75
  • Submit your application 
  • Submit the SRAR, Self-Reported Academic Record. This will show your high school grades.  
  • Submit a standardized test score of your choice either SAT or ACT
  • Submit a letter from your school counselor. 

Application Timeline and Deadlines 

This is the timeline for applying during the fall. 

  • August One – Application opens 
  • October One – Application for FAFSA opens
  • November One – Deadline for early action
  • January 15 – Priority deadline for admission and FAFSA
  • January 31 – Early decision released

Admission Requirements for International Students 

The following are the necessary things international students who wish to study undergraduate courses at this university have to do. 

  • Submit a completed online application. 
  • Pay the application fee of $75 
  • Submit a transcript from your high school and other post-secondary schools’ academic work transcript 
  • Submit either TOEFL or IELTS test scores. TOEFL score must be 79 and above while IELTS must be 6.5 and above. 
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor or teacher


This school is a great place to learn and be exposed. The school has study-abroad programs and global collaborations that improve its ability to produce global citizens. Getting in is competitive and tough but it is not impossible. Applicants who work hard at creating, formulating, and submitting irresistible applications find an easy entrance into the school. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Must I submit the SRAR? 

Yes, the SRAR, Self-Reported Academic Record allows high school students to submit their grades without sending their transcript. However, if granted admission successful applicants are expected to submit their final transcript, sent officially from their school. 

2. Can my application still be eligible for a merit award if I do not submit test scores? 

Yes, without test scores, your application can still be eligible for merit awards. Nevertheless, you must supply admission documents that prove your interest and skills academically. Applications that will be reviewed for awards must be submitted on or before January 15.  

3. If I am denied admission into the school will my application fee be refunded? 

No, the $75 admission application fee is non-refundable.