Sacred Heart University Transfer Requirements

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Thinking about transferring? As a college student, it is a completely normal thing to want to seek greener pastures in a new environment. The indecisiveness comes with wanting the best shot at life. 

Sacred Heart University Transfer Requirements

For a successful transfer to Sacred Heart University, you must know these foundational requirements. You will need to have up to 66 credits from a college with a two-year study duration and 90 credits from a college or university with a four-year study duration. Graduates need a minimum of a B grade in courses sought to be transferred. International students are to have their documents and credits appraised by WES. All transfers must be from an accredited and approved tertiary establishment. 

Requirements for Transfer to Sacred Heart University 

  • Online admission is available for convenience, with applications submitted through the Sacred Heart University Portal or the Common Application. Applications can be submitted even when the mandatory documents are not complete. 
  •  All transcripts from institutions attended must be submitted; however, when a student applies for precursory review and credit evaluation, unofficial transcripts may be accepted in place of official transcripts. The school still requires an official copy of transcripts to be entered into SHU’s credit system. A copy of your high school diploma is requested.
  •   Your official AP Exam scores of 4 or 5 will be sent to SHU. A letter of reference from a lecturer, counsellor, advisor, or employer is required. 
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of $50 via the SHU website (if using the Sacred Heart University application), online (when submitting your Common Application), or by check made payable to Sacred Heart University. 
  • International students need to have their credits and documents appraised by WES. 

Evaluation of Transfer Credit 

Courses must be transferred from an accredited university. Courses will equally be appraised by the depth of their content in contrast with courses taken at SHU. Undergraduates need to have at least 66 credits from a two-year college and 90 credits from a four-year academy. International students are expected to evaluate credits with WES and an official translated copy be provided to SHU where the course was not taken in English. Graduates are expected to have a minimum grade of B in the courses sought to be transferred. A minimum of 6 years from a former institute showing all the courses taken must be from an approved and accredited college or university. Graduates must have a minimum of 40% in mandatory credits to be able to apply to the SHU Graduate Program. The program director selects courses at his discretion. 

Transfer Requisition Permission Form 

The form is a broken-down process that is easy and convenient for students. It will contain the necessary information about the student, credits completed, credits in progress, and credits being transferred to SHU. A student would need to fill in the reason for a transfer, accompanied by the signature and guidance of an advisor. The department’s chair and Dean’s signature are mandatory to verify the accuracy and approval of the information on the form. A copy of the official transcript and a copy of the transfer request form will be handed over to the Registrar’s office. 

Enrolment Deposit Transfer 

An enrolment deposit is paid to guarantee your spot and approximate the right cost of housing and classes for students. Enrolment deposits at SHU are non-refundable, ranging from $1,350 for students who live on campus, applied to tuition charges, and $150 applied to housing charges. Each student gets an individualized registration form and admission letter, which will be mailed to you at the end of your application. Full-Time Residents and Full-Time Commuters pay online by card; international students can pay by wire transfer. SHU reserves the right to withdraw your admission where a section of the admissions application contains misrepresentations; during your current course, you drop lower than average in your academic profile during your current term of study; you are actively participating in college and your GPA drops below 2.0 at the end of the current semester, and you submit a deposit to more than one institute. 

The Advantages of Transferring to SHU 

Sacred Heart University is a transfer-considerate institute to help you achieve a successful career path. It is equipped with staff (Transfer Admission Counsellors) and a department to assist transfer students. Transfer windows are open for fall and spring, with deadlines of May 1 for fall and December 1 for spring. All transfer courses must be college level. A student who transfers with more than 60 credits can skip the foundation class but not the Catholic Intellectual Tradition Course (CIT). Full-time transfer students are eligible for merit-based scholarships based on their cumulative GPA. Community service grants are available, as are athletic grants and specific grants for students transferring from community colleges. A first-year experience course is provided to ease your transition into SHU and is inclusive of campus tours, group-presentation tutorials, tutorials, and counselling sessions. 

Sacred Heart University is a transfer-friendly and socio-cultural community that embraces international students.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can you transfer from a non-English-speaking country? Yes, you can. Students whose first language is not English, are mandated to obtain an acceptable English language test exemption, which is essential for a transfer to SHU. For a waiver, submit a transcript showing English coursework taken. A copy of your completed English language course(s) from an accredited US university must be submitted, and it will be carefully, meticulously, and singularly reviewed by SHU’s Office of International Admissions. For schools abroad, they must have a standard curriculum in English, SAT/ACT, TOEFL, academic IELTS 6.5, or Cambridge. 
  2.  What is the tuition fee for transfer students? There is no disparity in tuition fees for students. Scholarship opportunities are equally available to all students. 
  3. Are there scholarship opportunities for transfer students? Yes, there are. Some of the scholarships they can apply for are merit-based scholarships, which are based on your high scores, activity-based programs, and need-based programs. These scholarships range from $6,000 to $8,000 per year.