Top Colleges For Music in Ohio 

To know what are the top colleges for music in Ohio on this article..


Ohio has consistently been in the news for musical advancements and achievements, in the past and even in the present. The state musical colleges have also given rise to top musicians like Tyler Joseph, Dave Grohl, Mamie Smith, John Legend, Joe Dolce, and a host of other notable musicians. It is home to many kinds of music ranging from jazz, classical music, country music, etc. this is probably why it houses some of the greatest musical colleges in the world. 

Some top colleges for music in Ohio include; the Ohio state university, Baldwin Wallace University, Cleveland Institute of music, University of Dayton, bowling green state university, Cedarville University, and the University of Cincinnati. 

Top Colleges For Music in Ohio 

The Ohio state university school/ colleges of music 

The university’s school of music has created an impressive muscial platform where musically talented students can improve their skills, and to also gain musical knowledge in their specific genres of music. There are over 400 music majors studied with a good number of students actively pursuing specific majors and minors in this category. Some of its musical course of studies includes;


Vocal performance 

Musical theory and composition 


Ensembles (choral ensembles, jazz ensembles, orchestras, opera, and other ensembles)

It is a close community of musically inclined students to help them explore their talents in several forms, and improve their musical abilities in the long run. The Ohio state university of music has found its place when it comes to musical colleges in Ohio. 

Baldwin Wallace university 

Named after James Baldwin, the Baldwin Wallace university ranks 9th, amongst regional universities midwest. The conservatory of the music department in the university has led to many great performances and creative expressions in the life of her students. The Baldwin Wallace University has long been in the business of making out great talents for a while now, and they have continued with this streak over the years with the several programs provided by the musical college. Some of its majors include:

Music theory 

Music therapy 

Music industry 

Music composition 

Music theatre and a host of other music departments. 

In 2019, the Baldwin Wallace university’s conservatory of music ranked 1st position for the best bachelor of the music theatre program. Indeed, it is home to artistic talents and explorations 

Cleveland institute of music 

The Cleveland Institute of music was founded in 1920 by Ernest Bloch. The institute provides an all-round system of musical activities such as various areas of studies, double majors, orchestra career fellowships, and other musically inclined activities. With over 25 areas of studies in music instruments, it is known to be a diverse and specific place to study music in Ohio. Asides from this, students of the Cleveland Institute of music benefits from lots of renowned artists and conductors, with the help of the CIM high ranking musical faculty. This is alongside its rich curriculum. This has helped in their knowledge and proficiency in the area of music. Indeed, the Cleveland Institute of music has earned its place amongst the top colleges for music in Ohio.

University of Dayton 

As a fully accredited member of the national association of music, the University of Dayton offers several musical degrees and opportunities for students. Some of its musical programs include the University Chorale, summer performance institutes, pride of Dayton marching band, etc. The University of Dayton also complements its students with sound musical opportunities for growth and development. This has greatly helped its musical sector and earned a niche for the university’s name amongst the top colleges for music in Ohio.

All of these programs help in exploring the individual, and collective musical abilities of the students, while in turn creating lots of opportunities for them as they are exposed to other local and international events. 

Bowling green state university 

The college of musical arts at the bowling green state university is an exceptional collegiate school with several programs on musical courses and programs. The college of musical arts provides degrees to undergraduates in areas like choral, jazz, general and instrumental music. The university also has specific majors divided into ensembles for all individuals who want to study a particular musical aspect. 

Cedarville university 

The Cedarville university music programs also encourage the art of music in several forms. Although, it tends to tilt toward the Christian side which forms its popular phrase “Soli Deo Gloria “ — to the glory of God alone. 

The department of music and worship has hosted a lot of musical composers, performers, and full-time students in recent years. With its diverse activities and musical programs, It continues to pave more opportunities for an undergraduate who wants to unleash and explore their musical talents. So, if you gravitate towards the Christian faith of music and all its intricacies, Cedarville University is a great choice to consider in this aspect. 

University of Cincinnati 

The college of conservatory music at the University of Cincinnati offers about 120 majors in music, coupled with pre-collegiate and post-graduate programs for individuals. Amongst these 120 majors, the college also equips its students with loads of musical opportunities and explorations. This helps the student to see the world of music from different angles and cultural views. The college provides students of several nations the opportunities to study music and explore their skills in many ways. 

There are lots of top colleges for music in Ohio. All of these musical colleges have had a lot of impact on the lives of students over the past years. Notwithstanding, other musical colleges in Ohio provide an amazing musical experience for students. Ohio is widely known to embrace the art of music in different forms with the help of her musical institutions and strong stand in the musical aspect. To enable you in finding the perfect music college in Ohio, ensure that you make your research and find the musical college that works for you in terms of your genre of music. Other standard musical colleges may not be listed here, but you can always find them out on your own. Alongside, be prepared in all areas to fit into the musical college you intend to go to and be determined to succeed in this aspect.