How Do You Wash a Comforter for College? 

To know how do you wash a comforter for on this article…


The process of washing a comforter for college can be a tricky one, but with the right steps, you can achieve the right results. You must create specific times to wash your comforter as this can impact your rest whether negatively or positively. Think of your comfortable as an essential part of your bed and treat it as such.

How Do You Wash a Comforter for College? 

Step 1

To be able to successfully wash a comforter for college, you must take note of a few rules about the comforter such as its material, getting the right kind of detergent, and ensuring that your comforter is not exposed to certain specks of dirt and tears before laundry. To make this a smoother process, Here are ways you can wash a comforter for college. 

Step 2

Use warm water 

Comforters should be soaked in warm water before the final washing process. This is because its material is usually made out of wool, silk, polyester, or down. Warm water helps in softening the process of laundry such that it leaves no stains afterward or causes tears. Although, every comforter with a specific warning according to its manaufacturer. This includes the kind of water to be used in washing, ensure that you follow this instruction to the latter.

Step 3

Check for damaged areas and stains 

Before you wash your comforter, ensure that the damaged areas and stains have been sewn or removed in order not to destroy the material. When you throw your comforter into a machine without checking for damages on it, there is bound to be irreparable damage in the long run which may affect your comforter. 

Step 4

Wash with the right method 

Some comforters require only hand washes for longevity. If such comforters are washed with a machine instead, it would only end up ruining the material in many ways. For other kinds of comforters, a machine wash is required. Remember, all of these instructions are put in place by the manufacturer to enable the best use of their products. So, ensure that you are washing your comforter with the right methods

Step 5

Take note of the labels

Many comforters come with automatic instructions for washing and drying on the label. This differs from others and to get the best idea on how to wash your comforter, your label might just be the right place to go. Most times we forget to check the labels of fabrics, this is not right as each label of fabric comes with a warning distinct from another fabric. So, Ensure that you follow the instructions strictly and consistently, to have a longer-lasting comforter. Also, know the kind of comforter you have and how best to keep it safe.

Step 6

Use mild detergents/soap

As a result of its general use, a comforter should only be dipped into mild soaps during laundry. When you constantly wash your comforter with harsh soaps, they tend to reduce the quality of its material, and this can eventually lead to constant wear and tears. Asides from this, there are strong chemicals involved in the making of harsh soaps that can end up affecting your comforter and your sleep in general. So, ensure that your comforter is free from anything that can ruin its quality in the long run.

Step 7

Air dry or machine dry

Whether you want to air dry your comforter or use a machine, the choice depends on the instructions.

 Your comforter should be wrung out and well dried up before the next usage. If you do not air dry or machine dry your comforter before the next usage, you may ruin the fabric while suppressing latent water inside of the comforter. This can eventually lead to a foul smell and total damage to your comforter.

How often should I wash my comforter in college? 

It depends on your level of usage. Some students use the help of extra sheets on their comforter, this helps in reducing the stains, wear, and tears the comforter is exposed to. For others, the comforter alone serves as a source of cover for their beds and in this case, it should be gently washed and kept clean at all times. As a student, you must take your comforter as a personal fabric instead of a general one. How often you wash your comforter can reflect in many ways. So, it is better to be safe than sorry while caring for your comforter. 

Can I wash a full-size comforter in a washing machine? 

Yes. A Queen-sized comforter fits in your washing machine. In this case, ensure that you handle it carefully, especially if the size of the comforter begins to overwhelm the machine. The last thing you want is to destroy your comforter in a washing machine. So, you can wash a full-size comforter in a washing machine. However, be careful while dipping your comforter in the washing machine. Do not just throw it in. Ensure that the timing is set right, and check the time, drainage level, and all that should be in place to ensure a perfectly washed comforter for college. To help in this, do not attempt to wash your comforter with other fabric. This might either ruin your comforter or your other clothes. Your comforter should be washed first or last while doing your laundry to avoid future damage or ruin to the fabric.

In college, there are several activities that can take our time and eventually make us neglect some of our personal needs. To avoid this, get a notepad and create time for doing laundry, and ensure that you stick to this routine. After a tiring day, the only place we eventually fall back to is on our bed where our comforter helps in ensuring a good rest. This is why you must ensure that your comforter is in a good enough position to provide the required rest you need, by washing it at due time and handling it with care.