Oberlin College Transfer Requirements- know More

Oberlin Institution is a private liberal arts institution and music conservatory in Oberlin, Ohio. Students who seek admission after starting undergraduate studies at another institution can apply for transfer. Acceptance at Oberlin College is exceedingly difficult for transfer students. Transfer students who intend to start in the autumn must apply by April 1. By May 15, applicants should receive a response. During the following terms, transfer students can enroll at Oberlin College: – Fall Semester – Spring Semester. Here we will see about Oberlin College Transfer Requirements

Oberlin College Transfer Requirements

Process of Transfer

If you match one of the following conditions, you are considered a transfer student:

Regardless of the number of credits obtained, they were enrolled in a degree-seeking program.

They have completed more than 30 semester hours without pursuing a degree. Students who fall into this group should speak with the Office of Admissions about their choices.

Students can apply for either the spring or fall semester.

Only first-year college students are eligible to apply for fall admission.

Credit Conversion

Credits from an accredited college that are relevant to a liberal arts education are frequently transferrable. A maximum of 16 complete academic courses may be transferred in total (64 semester hours). 

They cannot guarantee that credit accepted for transfer will be assigned to your major automatically; acceptance is contingent on approval from the appropriate department or program. You have one year from the time you enter Oberlin to seek and produce paperwork for credit transfer.

The Office of the Registrar’s website has a detailed list of transfer of credit policies.

What They Are Searching For

Oberlin admissions counselors use a holistic evaluation process when examining transfer student applications. This means that each application takes into account a variety of criteria, with no single component being prioritized.

They desire a transfer class with a wide range of abilities, viewpoints, and achievements.

They demand both high school and college transcripts, however, they favor college work.

Students who took four years of English, four years of arithmetic, three years of a foreign language, three years of laboratory science, and three years of social studies in high school are preferred.

They strongly advise making attempts to reach these goals in college if the high school record does not reflect these abilities. They prefer candidates who have kept their college curriculums as diverse as their current programs allow.

Application Deadlines

Transfer students can apply for the spring or fall semester. You can only apply for fall admission if you are a first-year college student. The deadline for spring enrollment is November 15, and autumn admissions are April 1. Late applications will be considered if there is room available.

Prepare your application materials far ahead of the deadline. Allow plenty of time for your instructors and high school guidance counselor to prepare letters of recommendation. Please contact us at 800-622-6243 if you require assistance.

StepsApplication Deadline
FallApril 1
SpringNovember 15
FallRolling: April 15-June 15
SpringLate December
StepsReply/Deposit Due
Fall: Two weeks after receiving a letter of admission or a financial aid offer, whichever comes first.
Spring: Two weeks after receiving a letter of admission or a financial aid offer, whichever comes first.

Oberlin Conservatory of Music 

The Oberlin Conservatory of Music provides graduate and undergraduate programs in 42 areas of study, with seven majors and nine degrees available. The conservatory also offers five 5-year or shorter double degree programs, as well as more than 500 concerts each year.

Transferring to Oberlin Conservatory of Music 

Transfer students, including two-year college grads, are encouraged to apply to the Conservatory. Transfer applicants must provide a confidential transfer report as well as official transcripts of all completed college work, in addition to the documents needed for freshman applications.

They must also audition or submit compositions, cassettes, and other supporting materials in the case of composition and electronic and computer music students. Candidates may submit a video recording using the Audition and Screening Dropbox on their Applicant Portal if an on-campus or regional audition is not possible.

A maximum of 84 credits in music and/or liberal arts (half of the needed 168 credits for the B.Mus. degree) may be transferred. Transfer applicants are highly encouraged to attend a personal audition on campus.

Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences 

According to Academic Influences, Oberlin College of Arts is ranked 13th in the United States out of 1,240 liberal arts colleges. It is also ranked 36th among National Liberal Arts Colleges by US News, with over 40 majors and minors to choose from. Out of the total number of students admitted, 22% were in the top 1%, and 49% were in the top 5%.

Making the transition from the College of Arts and Sciences

Other authorized colleges and institutions accept non-music course credits at face value. If the course achieved a C or better and is part of a liberal arts curriculum.


The student body at Oberlin has a long history of activism and is known for being particularly liberal. In 2005, the Princeton Review named the college to its list of “Colleges with a Conscience.”

Oberlin College is the second-oldest continuously running coeducational liberal arts college in the world.  Oberlin was one of the first institutions in the US to admit African Americans in 1835 and women in 1837.

In August 2022, a New Student Orientation will be held. The transfer student orientation will introduce you to Oberlin’s extensive resources. You’ll also finish registering for classes.

For additional information, go to oberlin.edu


How may my transferred courses be used for my Oberlin major?

You’ll need permission from the department chair for courses that count toward your major after you’ve declared your major by submitting a completed and signed declaration form to the Registrar’s Office.

Can I take a course at Oberlin that I already took at another university?

No. The transfer course will be deleted from your record if you repeat a course from your prior university.

At Oberlin College, what is the admittance rate?

The admittance rate at Oberlin College is 35%.