Yale University or Duke University- Know More

When high school students start looking at colleges to apply to, they are faced with the question, “Which college is right for me?” This is a challenging topic to answer because what makes one institution ideal for one student may be a disaster for another. Here we will see about Yale University or Duke University

Yale is ranked higher than Duke for Best Value Colleges in the United States by Forbes and US News and World Reports. Yale (#13) is ranked higher in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2021 than Duke (#30).

77 percent of students chose Yale University. 72.2 percent to 82.4 percent is the 95 percent confidence interval. Vs Duke is chosen by 23% of students. The 95% confidence interval is 17.6% to 27.8%.

Yale University or Duke University

This is a tool for “revealed preferences.” The denominator for each school’s percentage comprises all members who were admitted to both schools. Students who choose a specific school are included in the numerator. 

In other words, students who were accepted to both colleges indicate their preference by attending the one they prefer. Wilson’s approach is used to assess for statistical significance at the 95 percent level. Parchment is a website committed to assisting you in your search for the top colleges.

Annual Return on Investment

Even though Yale University graduates (89,000 USD) can receive a better yearly pay package than Duke University graduates (6.4 percent), their annual ROIs are quite similar (85,000 USD).

League IVY

Yale is an Ivy League university with a famous reputation.

According to several ranking agencies, Yale University’s rankings are higher.

Financial Time’s list of rankings International MBA

Yale School of Management is ranked #14 in the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings, while Duke Fuqua School of Business is ranked #16.

Less discerning

Duke University admissions are less stringent than Yale University, with lower SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, and other test score requirements.

Is Yale or Duke University tougher to get into? Which school is the most straightforward to enroll in?

Yale University is tougher to get into if you look at the acceptance rate alone. Each college, on the other hand, aims to attract a varied collection of students with a range of skills, backgrounds, and other traits to its incoming class. 

As a result, the acceptance rate alone isn’t a good indicator of whether Yale University is a better school or whether admittance will be more challenging. Conversely, based on the admission rate alone, Duke University is simpler to get into.

What’s the difference between the campuses of Yale and Duke?

  • Yale University is a City: Midsize campus in New Haven, Connecticut (population of at least 100,000 but less than 250,000).
  • Duke University is a City: Midsize campus in Durham, North Carolina (population of at least 100,000 but less than 250,000).

Which university offers the most financial aid?

Yale University offers $49,051 on average, while Duke University offers $46,911.

Costs of Yale vs. Duke University

Is Yale or Duke the more expensive college?

  • For in-state tuition, Yale University is 3.3 percent more costly than Duke University ($57,700.00 vs. $55,880.00).
  • Yale’s out-of-state tuition is 3.3 percent higher than Duke’s ($57,700.00 vs. $55,880.00).
  • Yale University has a lower average net price ($17,511 vs. $26,932) than Duke University.
  • Duke University’s living costs (room and board or off-campus housing budget) are 7.3 percent less than Yale University’s ($16,026 vs. $17,200).
  • Yale University offers more financial help to students than Duke University (54 percent vs. 51 percent )
  • The average total grant financial aid received by Yale University students is 16.1% higher than that of Duke University students ($59,134 vs. $50,914).

Comparison between Yale and Duke Admissions Difficulties

Which is more difficult to get into Yale or Duke?

Average SAT and ACT scores, as well as acceptance rates, provide a solid indication of how difficult it is to get into Duke and Yale.

Yale University’s average SAT score (1498) is 48 points better than Duke University’s (1450)

The average ACT score for incoming Yale students is the same as for Duke students (33) (33)

Duke has a higher acceptance rate than Yale (7.7%). (6.5 percent )

Comparison of Yale and Duke Graduation Results

Yale or Duke: which is better? Graduation rate, salary, and student loan debt are all markers of an institution that produces superior graduates.
  • Yale has a higher graduation rate than Duke. (97% vs. 94%)
  • Yale graduates earn $9,500 more per year than Duke graduates after ten years. 

($118,400 vs. $108,900)

  • Duke graduates have $6,000 less in federal student loan debt than Yale graduates. 

($7,500 vs. $13,500)

  • Duke alumni pay $62 less in federal student loans per month than Yale graduates. 

($77 vs. $139)

  • Three years after graduation, more Duke graduates than former Yale students are actively repaying their federal student loan debt. (84% vs. 89%)


Yale and Duke are two of America’s most elite universities, with average acceptance rates of less than 10%. Yale University, in Connecticut, is one of the country’s oldest universities. Durham is home to Duke Institution, the United States’ sixth largest university.

Yale and Duke are both Tier 1 universities. The institutions value academic brilliance and outstanding extracurricular activities, although these are simply requirements to be considered.

These are the schools that are the hardest to get into. Even the most knowledgeable. This isn’t to argue that getting into elite colleges is impossible; rather, it should never be considered a given.


Is it necessary for me to choose a program when I apply to Duke?

You must apply to either the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences or the Pratt School of Engineering when applying to Duke.

If you have any questions about which program is best for your interests, please check the overviews of Trinity and Pratt, as well as their majors and minors.

Admission to one program or another is not easier or more difficult; choose the school and academic subjects that best suit your interests.

Is it true that Yale “superscores” the SAT or ACT?

Even if the subscores were obtained on various days, the Admissions Committee concentrates its judgment on the highest individual SAT subscores and highest ACT subscores.