Is there an Ivy League School in California?

Is there an Ivy League School in California?

To know is there an ivy league school in California….Read on this article…!

Ivy League colleges are considered one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. There are around eight Ivy League Schools in the United States of America. All of them are members of the Association of American Universities. This association is a huge alliance of American research universities.

California is considered one of the most important states in the United States. However, despite this fact, there are no officially labelled Ivy League Schools in California. Most of the higher education which students acquire is from the prestigious colleges of California which follow selective admission policies just like official Ivy League School in the United States. The exceptional academics they provide makes them equal to any Ivy League school in the nation.

Ivy League School

Ivy League School is an old association of eight private research universities. It means that there are different branches of Ivy League schools in different parts of the United States which provide an education equal to all eight private universities in the United States. A particular Ivy League school may be seen as an affiliate of eight research universities. The group of elite colleges aims to provide the best education in all the eight universities in the United States. The special feature of the association is that they focus on:

  • Academic excellence
  • Selective admission procedure
  • Social relativism

It was established in 1954. Its headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey. Ivy League schools have some of the largest university financial endowments in the world. The financial endowments of the Ivy League Schools help the association to provide the best education, financial aid for the students in need and research. Each university of the association gets funding of millions of dollars each year in annual research programs from federal and state governments both. 

Colleges in California

There are no official Ivy League College in California. Still, the state is known to have the best education system. It has excelled a lot in academics. California has around 281 colleges and universities with varied courses and programs. However one can find a few Ivy League college or school in California. The colleges of California instil a sense of responsibility in the students and aim to develop their overall personality. While one might be searching for the best educational or learning environment. Colleges of California may turn out to be one of the best and most reliable hubs of education. The more students are added to the colleges the more prestigious and famous the colleges of California become. The first concern of the students is always whether they may fit into the environment. That is not a problem with the colleges of California.

What are the eight Ivy League colleges in California?

Eight Ivy League Colleges in California are:

  • Stanford University

It is one of the best national universities in the country. It is also referred to as the “Ivy of the West”. The university has a 4% acceptance rate. Every year around 7,000 students enrolled on undergraduate programs. Major courses of the university include:

  1. Computer and Information Sciences
  2. Physical Sciences
  3. Engineering
  4. Laboratory Learning
  5. Research 
  • California Institute of Technology

The university aims to benefit society by raising the best people for the nation through research integrated with education. The acceptance rate is 7% and every year 950 students enrol for admissions. It focuses on research activities more. It offers programs like:

  1. Biology and Biological engineering
  2. Engineering and Applied Sciences
  3. Humanities and social sciences
  4. Interdisciplinary study programs
  •  UC Berkeley

It is an association of 14 schools and colleges. It focuses majorly on environmental design. The in-state tuition fees which are for the residents of California are around $14,000 per year. There is a large public service centre too. The acceptance rate of the college is 15% and around 30,000 students enrol every year.

  • UCLA

It is the best college for the students who find it difficult to choose any course. The college offers more than 3,800 courses in 125 major programs. There are hundreds of student clubs and organisations that keep the students active and excited throughout the year. The acceptance rate of the college is 14% and around 31,500 students enrol every year.

  • Pomona College

It is one of the best National Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States. The college offers the students an opportunity to take classes across SoCal institutions of higher education. The college empowers its students by allowing them to join summer internship programs. 8% is the acceptance rate of the college and around 1,679 students enrol every year.

  • University of Southern Carolina

It is the largest film school in the country. It also provides occupational therapies, psychological programs, teacher education programs, etc. The acceptance rate is 13% and around 19,000 students enrol every year.

  • Claremont McKenna College

The college provides a wide range of academic options like econometrics and experimental psychology. The students have given the best reviews for the college proving it to be a good one! The acceptance rate of the college is 9% and around 1,370 students enrol every year.

  • Harvey Mudd College

This one is the best college for future engineers, scientists and mathematicians. Social sciences and humanities are major subjects of the college. The acceptance rate is 14% and around 900 students enrol every year.


Colleges in California aim to provide the best education to the students even if they do not have any officially labelled Ivy League schools. The system of learning makes the students dream and achieve something bigger and better.

Frequently asked questions
  • How can I get admission to any of the above-mentioned colleges?

You can apply online and wait for the response

  • How much does education in California cost?

Around $1,270.

  • Are the colleges of California equal to Ivy League schools?

Colleges of California are not labelled as official Ivy League Schools but the education system is exactly the same here.