What channel is Judge Mathis on FiOS?

What channel is Judge Mathis on FiOS?

To know what channel is Judge Mathis on FiOS…Read on this article…!

Judge Mathis is an arbitration-based reality court show, that premiered on Omni television and was distributed by Warners Bros in the United States of America. With an IMDb rating of 5.4 out of 10, it is the third longest-running show of the court shows currently in production with a long series of 23 seasons starting in 1999 and continuing until now. Around 3000+ episodes of Judge Mathis have been aired to the present date in various channel of FiOS. Its first episode was aired on 13th September 1999.

About FiOS

It is an acronym for Fiber Optic Service. Your Fios TV is an internet service coming with a set-top box, a router, and a voice remote. It’s a bundle of TV channels package of more than 125 channels in some areas in the United States. Your FiOS TV is a customizable product that allows customers to choose the top 5 channels as per their wish. After you choose, it will provide a list of channel lineups according to your preferences.

On what channels can one watch Judge Mathis?

It depends on where you are living. Amongst the above-mentioned nine countries, the channel and timings are different in different cities of the different states of that particular country. Judge Mathis program is available on many channel like FOX, CW-26, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc in FiOS.

For example- Suppose, two different persons are living in Arizona but in different cities. One is living in Phoenix and the other in Yuma. Then, they can watch Judge Mathis on the following schedule: –

  • Phoenix – KASW/CW – 1 PM/ 11 AM
  • Yuma – KECY/FOX – 1 PM

What is the cost of a subscription for the channel on FiOS?

It doesn’t have an annual contract. The cost is different for different plans depending on the no. of channels. There are 3 package plans provided by Verizon Fios: –

  • Your Fios TV – this package has around more than 125 channels with a monthly subscription (including taxes) of $70.00. You can choose 5 of your favorite channels and a package based on your preferences will be recommended by the service provider.
  • More Fios TV – It comes with 300+ channels with a subscription costing $90.00 per month plus taxes.
  • The Most Fios TV – It provides more than 425 channels with a monthly subscription cost of $110.00 inclusive of taxes.

What else can I watch on these channels apart from Judge Mathis?

You can enjoy so many channels featuring from cartoons and movies for children to news and discovery for elderly people in the house. One can watch the national news, sports, international cricket matches, and other events. 

  • NBC produces the best primetime television shows and the best drama series e.g. the Chicago series: Chicago PD, Chicago Med, and Chicago Fire.
  • CBS is a close competitor of NBC in making nice TV shows like the new Navy SEALs, The Good Wife, Hawaii 5.0, etc.
  • The Fix, Agents of Shield, Whiskey Cavalier on ABC channel. The Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars are also good entertainers.
  • The Passage, The Residents, and Gotham can be watched on the FOX channel.
  • On CW, the Supernatural show is a good one. 

The list is unending but, to give you a quick idea, I have just mentioned some of my personal favorites. 

Can I watch Judge Mathis on these channels for free?

Honestly speaking, I too watch it for free on the present date. There are two ways in which you can get it for free: –

  • You require to buy an android set-top box that will be connected to your home internet and you can enjoy all local USA channels for free.
  • Or, get an Over-The-Air Antenna that will cost you around in the range of $5 to $55) and start receiving the local broadcast programs on your TV for free.

 If I talk practically, I can’t claim it to be completely free but it is a one-time investment if you buy an antenna. On the other hand, if you go for a set-top box to connect to your internet, you have to pay monthly internet charges.


 Judge Mathis is being telecasted on all the top 5 popular TV channels (mentioned in paragraph 2). If you are living in a country where Fios is not providing its services then, you can watch the show through locally broadcasted channels in your area on your TV sets or even on Youtube streaming or Netflix. Go enjoy some moments with your family and have some fun while watching the shows. Happy Watching!!

 Frequently Asked Questions: –

Q1. In which countries FIOS TV is available in the USA?

It is available in only nine countries in the United States at present. It is the only drawback of it. The countries are: –

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
  • Washington, DC

Q2. Is the show “Judge Mathis” worth watching?

      If you are a lover of reality shows with a blend of humor, you can watch this as it is a family show that can be watched even with your grandparents. Judge Mathis is known for his humor and satirical comments during the proceedings of the show. He makes the atmosphere light through his rhetorical skills amidst serious and heated arguments by the litigants. It is a complete package of entertainment.

Q3. Why the IMDb rating is low for the show despite its popularity?

Because everybody has different opinions and mindsets. Some find Judge Mathis a good family show which makes them laugh but, at the same time some think that Judge Mathis is a rude and obnoxious person.

Q4. Which is the most memorable case of the Judge Mathis Program?

According to Mr. Greg Mathis, the most memorable case where he had shed tears. A nephew sued his uncle for throwing his stuff and medications out of the house, which was taped on 22 August 2003. The young boy’s parents died due to HIV/AIDS. After that, he joined the street gang and later moved in to live with his aunt in St. Luis.