Is SC State an HBCU?

South Carolina State University is a public or state university. It is a land-grant institution established as an agricultural and mechanical institute in South Carolina in 1872 in compliance with the land-grant Act of 1862. South Carolina State University is a public historically black college and university. It’s a home for a lot of black American natives and one of the earliest historically black universities. Lets find out is SC state an HBCU?

In the year 1862, South Carolina State University was established within Claflin University as an institution for agriculture. In 1896 an act was passed by the legislature of the South Carolina General Assembly to establish and separate the South Carolina Agriculture and Mechanical institution from the Claflin University. And this was the name of the university before it was renamed by the general assembly as the South Carolina State College in the year 1954.

The establishment of the university is interwoven within black history, segregation, the civil rights movement, and the Orangeburg massacre. The Orangeburg massacre is a tragedy that happened in the year 1968 to three students who were unarmed and killed by the state police and 27 wounded in one of the rallies held during the civil rights movement against segregation. To date, this event at the South Carolina State University is commemorated by a memorial plaza. South Carolina State University has several accomplishments, it is one of the best historically black colleges and universities in the nation, and it is also one of the earliest African American universities. 

The South Carolina State University in the year 2007 hosted a presidential candidate debate for the first Democratic Party debate series. The university has survived through the second world war and has maintained a steady growth towards achieving the best academic standard for its student. The University was started to provide education for the Black African Americans, it reflects the equality in education for all Americans whether white or colored. The university has accomplished a lot all through the 1st century and continues to grow stronger towards the next. 

Historically Black Colleges and Universities 

Historically Black Colleges and Universities also known as HBCU was historically designed and established to serve and provide educational opportunities to the African Americans in the US. The need to establish institutions only for the black community arose due to the issue of segregation, education was an opportunity made abundantly available to the white community, and few blacks had the opportunity to school in an institution owned and attended by only white people. There were also fewer opportunities available for these black students because this White university only accepted a few percentages of blacks. The HBCU institutions became widespread after the American Civil war, a lot of HBCUs that are privately owned was built by some Christian missionary organization. A public HBCU like the South Carolina State University was founded by a land grant from the federal government, and these land grant institutions receive annual federal funding for their research, expansion, and activities. 

Facts About South Carolina as an HBCU

Some important facts about South Carolina State University are below:

  • There are several clubs and organizations such as Greek sororities and fraternities that can be found at South Carolina State University
  • South Carolina State University has over sixty degree and certificate programs available
  • The South Carolina State University enrollment is at 2,800 students and above
  • The University mascot is represented as Bulldogs
  • The University also has an acceptance rate of 94 percent
  • South Carolina State University is ranked among the 25 best HBCUs for a college scholarship. And it is also ranked among the 20 best affordable colleges in South Carolina

Are HBCUs needed or not?

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have contributed a lot to the black community in America, these universities have made education accessible to a lot of black people living in America. It has also helped in the integration and the exposure of black students into many fields, either the medical, legal, science, business, or research fields. These universities are still very much relevant today, these schools continue to provide easy access to education and several benefits to black students. Their high acceptance rate, low tuition plus excellent learning environment, this has made HBCUs a top choice for most black students and families. 

Do HBCUs like South Carolina State University enroll only black students?

The enrollment requirement in most HBCUs like South Carolina State University in America is not based on race. Although these universities were originally designed and established to provide easy access to education for the black community, the universities today are currently populated by all races. Admission into HBCUs is not limited to only black students, international students and White students now go to universities like South Carolina State University. 


Historically Black Colleges and Universities have a special place in Black American history, this university was established to put an end to the segregation and discrimination faced by the blacks before the American Civil war and Civil Rights Act. A large number of black Americans have degrees and certificates from these universities. The establishment of these universities contributed to educating a large population of the black community and providing opportunities for many families. South Carolina State University is an HBCU and like other HBCUs in America, it is embedded in rich black history and remains a very important contribution to the educational system in the US. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does SC State accept applications from international students?

The answer is yes, South Carolina State University accepts applications from international students. The student population in SC state is majorly from the black community, transfer, graduate opportunities, international students, and White American students.

  1. What programs are offered in SC State?

SC State offers various undergraduate degree programs numbering over a hundred for their students. The degree program in law, arts, science, business, and medicine are offered at South Carolina State University.

  1. Does SC State offer international student scholarships?