What Is Ashford University Called Now?

After the Corona pandemic, lots of institutions have started providing online facilities to provide flexible learning opportunities for students. Before the pandemic, online courses weren’t as popular as they are now and Ashford University is one of the few that offered full-fledged online courses for its students. Lets find out what is Ashford University called now?

What Is Ashford University Called Now?

Ashford University was a renowned 

Online education providers provided associate, doctorate, bachelor, and Master’s degree programs that were designed to fit in their students’ schedules as most of their students were from the working class. But in the year 2017, Ashford University was hit with a series of lawsuits and accused of using underhanded and dishonest practices for recruiting students promising them a non-existent future which landed a good number of students in debt and led to their population decline. 

In December 2020, when the University of Arizona acquired Ashford University there were lots of raised eyebrows on the issue and this leads us back to the question at hand ‘what is Ashford university called now?’

Following the acquisition of Ashford University by the University of Arizona, it was renamed the University of Arizona Global Campus( UAGC). Although The University of Arizona Global Campus (formerly Ashford University) is now an affiliate of the University of Arizona, it is still a separate university with its students, accreditations, academic programs, facilities, and financial responsibilities. UAGC was re-accredited by WSCUC(an institutional accrediting commission) in June 2019 for 6 years- the next accreditation will be in the year 2025.

Does Ashford University still exist?

Well, technically it still exists but under another jurisdiction. When Ashford University was sued for malpractices and leaking misleading information about their universities to students, all activities were temporarily closed until December 2020 when the University of Arizona offered to acquire it.

 As the former Ashford University( now University of Arizona Global Campus UAGC) is now affiliated with the respected University of Arizona, it’s safe to assume that such underhanded tactics won’t be repeated and the best and quality higher education will be provided to their students online.

If your dream  is to attend online classes at UAGC, listed below are the steps to applying to the University of Arizona Global Campus

How to apply to UAGC

Step 1

The first and foremost step is to ensure that UAGC offers the course you’re interested in. And of course, all UAGC courses are online, take note!

UAGC offers a variety of courses amongst which are- business (courses like accounting, business admin, etc), education, health care, and so forth. For more information check UAGC’s official website.

Step 2

Visit their official website and talk to a UAGC advisor. This advisor walks you through what to expect from UAGC and what they are expecting from you. They also advise on majors to choose per your interests if you’re not decided.

Step 3

If you’ve decided on your major, it’s time to fill in your application form. An amazing fact about UAGC is that the application fee is 0$- free!!!. You should fill in the electronic application form available on their website. Another fun fact about UAGC is that you get to attend and test run the quality of their classes for three weeks after which you’re mandated to pay your courses tuition fee.

Their tuition fee solely depends on the degree program you apply for. Here’s a general overview of tuition costs in UAGC (fees are not included)

Bachelor/undergraduate program


Doctoral program


Masters program


Note; You should visit the UAGC tuition and fees page on their official site for conclusive and detailed information about each program’s fees.

For students who are interested in taking a bachelor’s degree in UAGC, the following are core requirements to successfully apply for a degree…

  • You have to be 18+- minors interested in offering in bachelor’s degree should provide proof of high school transcript and write an official letter to the university registrar
  • High school diploma- students should provide a recognized high school diploma and high school transcript or a GED/equivalent certificate. Failure to provide this documentation will lead to a student application being denied
  • In a situation where there’s no high school diploma, students who have completed two-year programs will be considered
  • Have access to a computer with internet access- as all of your learning will be done online, it is Paramount to have access9 to the internet and meet their minimum technology and computer skills requirements.
  • International students are required to provide proof of English proficiency by taking IELTS or TOEFL
  • Writing TOEFL or IELTS is not necessary for international students if and only if they achieved a high school diploma in a recognized school whose primary language is English or acquired a GED taken in English.
  • Students are expected to verify their identity, failure to do so may lead to withdrawal of admission.

Note: failure to meet the requirements will lead to a student’s withdrawal from the school’s programs.


Although there are lots of raised eyebrows on why a respected university like the University of Arizona will acquire a university like Ashford University with a controversial image, certainly, Ashford University(UAGC) is now under a better jurisdiction 


 Is Ashford University closing?

Rather than use the term close, it’s safer to conclude that Ashford University has undergone a full-fledged rebranding. After its acquisition by the University of Arizona, it’s now known as the University of Arizona Global Campus.

Is Ashford University losing its accreditation?

No, Ashford University now the University of Arizona Global Campus was re-accredited in 2019. Their accreditation will once again be confirmed in 2025

Did Ashford University become the University of Arizona?

No. it should be noted that although the University of Arizona acquired Ashford, they are two separate entities affiliated with each other. It’s more like a branch of the University of Arizona that works for itself.

Is there a lawsuit against Ashford University?

In 2017, a lawsuit was filed against Ashford and its parent company, Zovio for using underhanded tactics in recruiting students.