Is Oklahoma city university a d1 school?

Oklahoma City University (OCU) is one of the top-ranked schools among the higher institutions in Oklahoma City, USA.  Oklahoma City University was established by the Methodists in the early 1900s.   Due to some financial problems, the university runs out and was shut down. It was reopened due to the power of consistency and purpose for the church and this has kept them going. How was good is the school? Is Oklahoma city university a d1 school? Where is the school located? And some other questions will be discussed in the article below.

Is Oklahoma city university a d1 school?

Is Oklahoma city university a d1 school?

You can’t know if a school is d1, d2, or d3 without you understanding what it means. D1 is a term used in grading the athletics performance in a school and how often they are rated, D1 also called division-1, one of the levels in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) it is said to be the highest in the ranks. A d1 school means a school that offers an intercollegiate athletic program and has big budgets to support its athletics programs. It is often considered the most competitive tier containing the best athletes and teams found in a university, this helps the athlete to be drafted easily into a professional team due to their level of visibility. 

The next question pounding in our hearts is, is Oklahoma one of those schools that have the best to give to their athletes? The answer is debatable since we couldn’t find a concluding statement that said they are one of their members, the Oklahoma City University was said to have joined the list of d1 school since the 2008-09 academic year, since their first seven years that was mandated for them not to participate in NCAA athletic postseason competition, they have been doing good and thus  produce A-team players in the industry, an example is Mayor David Holt who rises from being a local boy from Oklahoma city university to a known NBA player.

What is a D1 university?

Division-1 universities or D1 universities are referred to as schools that have the best to give their athletes, it is in this division that you find the best athletic program possible in the world. The division is set to generate millions of dollars as an income to the university they represented, and thus, have an impact on the athlete scholarship they offer (I.e they propose a full scholarship for the candidate that meets up with their standard). Any D1 institutions are known for their competitive nature because of the pressure placed upon them to perform and win and this term is not only used in athletics but also in the academic aspect. 347 universities distributed across 49 states are recorded as D1 universities which include smaller private to the biggest institution in the world.

Why is Oklahoma City University not a D1 university

Oklahoma city university has not to be recorded as being part of NCAA division-1. In 2007, there was a press release which stated that Oklahoma City University will pursue membership in the NCAA’s Division 1 level but up to date, no other statement is said in other to confirm the validity of the news. The silence from OCU could be because their budget doesn’t meet up with that of the D1 standard but all in all, The university is not a member of D1 university.

D1 universities that are located in Oklahoma 

University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma is one of the best schools, it is considered the most prestigious university among the other university in the city of Oklahoma, USA. It can be located in Norman. The school has an athletic team called the Oklahoma Sooners, which the name sooner was gotten from the men’s and women’s varsity teams during the 1900s. It was a theme of a program they participated in since then, the name has stuck and has risen to be one of the most called out names in the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Sooners are known to have won not only the local awards but numerous national awards in history.  Among the awards are; Heisman Trophy, Bednarik Award, Biletnikoff Award, Butkus Award, Campbell trophy, Lombardi award, Mackey award, Manning Award, and many more. Oklahoma Sooners have multiple achievements and they are considered to be one of the NCAA record breakers.

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

It is another university in Oklahoma city that houses the popularly known team called Oklahoma State cowboys and cowgirls, they have a program mascot of pistol Pete, and the university is located in Stillwater. Apart from being members of NCAA Division-1, they are one of the members of the Big 12 Conference and Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). Over the years, Oklahoma state cowboys and cowgirls have attended various intercollegiate competitions which are said to have total numbers of 52 NCAA team national titles that have come in wrestling, golf, basketball, baseball, and cross country. The school’s men’s program has qualified for the NCAA championship 72 times in 72 years which brings us to how top tier their athletic program is.

Oral Roberts University 

Oral Roberts University is another university in Oklahoma located in Tusla, Oklahoma. Their athletic teams are called the Oral Roberts Golden Eagle, they are one of the sixteen intercollegiate athletic teams that have represented Oral Roberts University. They have a mascot called Eli, ORU has attended and joined a lot of conferences and including it is the midwestern collegiate conference (1989),  National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics NAIA (1991), and the summit league (Mid-continent conference) in 1997.  Due to some stuff,  they rejoined the summit league for all sports in 2014. Oral Roberts golden eagle has participated in NCAA Tournament for 6 years but it is there is no record of the championship won.


Being ranked as D1 or d2 or d3 university should be taken as a privilege, not a criterion for determining how best the institution is, but if you’re an athlete and you want to be seen in that industry, that is when it should be criteria to consider.