Amherst College Transfer Requirements

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Amherst College, located in Massachusetts, is a well known prestigious institution in Hampshire County, USA. If a student is thinking of the best college to enrol in in Massachusetts, Amherst is a dream college. 

Amherst College Transfer Requirements

The college has a meagre acceptance rate, as low as 12%, but the graduation rate is very high than any other college in the state, up to 95%. So, the college accepts every kind of student and offers the best educational activity. 

Amherst College allows transfer applicants who may wish to enrol there from another college or university. For one to transfer to Amherst college , there are primary or else minimum requirements a specific student or applicant has to complete. 

The following information will bring forth Amherst’s requirements to join their students from another learning institution.

Application to Amherst

To join with Amherst students as transfer students, one should consider checking for the minimum and applicable requirements for one to be accepted. There are requirements that a transfer applicant should attain to apply and move to Amherst from another institution.

If interested students have the will to enrol at Amherst, they should consider their course and grades while considering another requirement to attain a successful application.

Completed Coursework

Form another college or university; a particular transfer applicant must have completed coursework for a successful application; otherwise, no application will go through if no coursework was previously in progress from one former institution.

An equivalent of 32 hours from a semester is a must for applying students to have completed. Without having completed such hours in a semester, the application is ineligible. 

Also, it is from the coursework that the applicant’s credits will be determined and checked for eligibility. 

Application Fee

The application fee is one of the basic requirements for a particular individual to attain before transferring to Amherst College. Amherst requires a transfer applicant to pay a non-refundable application of around $65, which may also be considered the waiver fee. 

So, before applying for Amherst as transfer students, they should consider having the same amount to pay for a consideration to join Amherst students.

College Transcript

The college or university transcript is essential for any particular students, mores, or those on campus already. The transcript displays an individual’s performance with such information as credits value and other academic achievements. 

The college transcript is a must-have requirement to enrol as a transfer student at Amherst. A copy of the former college or university’s transcript is the sheet to have at hand for transfer consideration. Otherwise, there would not be a consideration if none had a sheet. 

Therefore, it is essential to have many copies, at least 15 transcripts copies, to ensure that the transcript requirement would never be a limit for such application. 

Credit Value

Suppose one has completed 32 hours in a previous semester from their former campus. In that case, the credit value for a successful consideration to Amherst will help determine their eligibility for transferring.

So for one to be competitive as a transfer student, they should have an average of A- from the courses they have completed.

The credit value is one of the priorities to consider before an applicant could apply as a transfer student to Amherst. Therefore, putting their credits higher than A- puts one above average and so will have a very high potential of becoming an enrolling student at Amherst College. 

Secondary School Transcript

From secondary school, one should get their transcript for application purposes to Amherst. Like the college transcript, the secondary school transcript is a requirement for transferring students to Amherst. But one should not say that Amherst never wants the last report form from the secondary school. 

So, to apply as a transfer applicant to Amherst, a copy of the secondary school transcript is a valuable requirement to have beforehand.

Evaluations from College Instructor

Amherst requires specific students needing to make a college transfer to their campus that they should have an evaluation from their former instructors. Two instructors from the individual’s former college should evaluate the student so they can present the Academic Evaluator Recommendation to Amherst for successful transfer consideration.

Amherst requires the recommendations a transfer individual provides from the instructors to be from those who had previously taught them but not a piece of academic advice from an advisor.

Therefore, transfer students must consider an evaluation recommendation from their former college before they can do an application to transfer to Amherst. 

IELTS or the TOEFL Results for International

Amherst does not limit international students to enrol on their campus as transfer students. If one needs to make a college transfer to Amherst, they are free, but their added requirement above the standard requirements includes IELTS or the TOEFL results. Therefore official score reports are the requirement an international transferring student has to have.

Optional Application Materials

If one has such the need to transfer to Amherst, they could increase their acceptance potential by including their exceptional achievements on top of the basic requirements. 

The achievements of a transfer student are not necessary for everyone, but they could increase the chances of Amherst College considering such individuals from other similar applicants.

Such optional materials that an individual could add may include accomplishments in arts like music, dances and other visual arts.

Also, if one has such an interest in athletics, they could consider including their achievements and accomplishments in such areas. So, with such deeds, they could include what the Amherst faculty would consider reviewing in their application.

Such optional additional materials are not necessary but may be worth it, especially for those with such considerable achievements. So, it is essential to include such information for added advantage or chance to join Amherst students as a transfer individual.

Deadline Application

In Amherst, there is a deadline for transfer applicants. When the deadline passes, the late applicants will not be included or considered for their enrollment in the college. So, it is an essential requirement that a particular transfer student willing to join Amherst students apply before the set deadline date has reached.

Checking for the deadline periods is therefore necessary.


Amherst is a prestigious college with such a low acceptance rate, although it produces knowledgeable students with a high graduation rate. For the transfer students to be accepted to join Amherst, they should have the minimum requirements. Such requirements as the former college’s transcript to the application fee must be at hand before the application. 

So, it is necessary to use this document to perform simple research for the Amherst college transfer requirements.


Is Amherst College a prestigious one?

Amherst in Massachusetts is one of the most prestigious colleges in the state. It has such a high graduation rate but limits students from joining.

Is it applicable for a transfer student to Amherst to be an international? 

International students have the chance to transfer to Amherst, but they should have such added information on the results regarding their performance in IELTS and TOEFL.