Does University Of Washington Give Scholarships?

Getting an education can be a stressful experience, especially when financial assistance and scholarships are involved. The University of Washington is among the institutions that give scholarships. 

So students can apply for several scholarships at the University of Washington. Some are merit-based, while others compel candidates to prove financial requirements, and many are a combination of both. Keep reading to learn more!

Does University Of Washington Give Scholarships?

Does University Of Washington Give Scholarships?

Yes, the University of Washington offers scholarships for many learning programs, artistic and athletic skills, volunteer opportunities, and projects. This is because they have more brilliant students, and their scholarships are quite demanding.

However, the scholarships come in two forms namely; freshman scholarships and transfer scholarships.

Scholarships for freshmen include:

  • Presidential Scholarship: This grant is given to Washington citizens who exhibit remarkable ability, civic engagement, and ambition. It is usually $10, 000 and has a four-year renewable tenure. Citizens of Washington are considered legally when applying.
  • Purple & Gold: This award is for non-residents of Washington state who are US citizens, whether permanent, refugees, or illegal residents.

The total amount varies depending on the beneficiary, are renewable for four years, and is only used on the Seattle campus. As a result, this scholarship comes with a stipulation.

  • Diversity scholarship: Many people, groups, and local companies have generously contributed to make this possible. It provides $10,000 each year for four years to large, college students from low‐income neighborhoods who are joining the school as undergraduates. It does, however, have elements to consider during the choosing system.
  • Army ROTC Academic Award: This is available for students who are eligible and wish to join as officers in the United States military.

The scholarship encompasses fees at either the citizen or noncitizens rate, as well as a $1,200 yearly material allowance and a $420 monthly salary during the academic year. It’s applied to both freshmen and transfer scholarships.

Scholarships for transfer students include:

  • Scholarships from the Martin Family Foundation: This is intended to allow outstanding Washington state college learners to achieve their certifications on the university’s Seattle campus.

They provide financial assistance to students at various stages of their public college careers and are transferable for up to three years of academic assistance.

  • Washington Space Grant Consortium: This transfer scholarship is given to successful college students preparing to move to the University of Washington to complete their studies in engineering, calculus, biology, or digital.

Students ought to be citizens of Washington state and citizens of the United States to qualify, and they can also enroll in any quarter.


Each year, the Financial Aid Scholarship Services Office grants numerous hundred scholarships to students from Washington state who have proven excellent academic results and monetary needs.

Students must be enrolled in the University of Washington for academics and submit the Registration Form or the Washington Application for State Financial Aid to be able to qualify. Although there is no need for a second application, certain students may be asked to supply additional data later in the application process.

Furthermore, the University does not offer financial assistance or scholarships to foreign students.


Scholarships are available at the University of Washington for academic endeavors and programs to service learning and artistic abilities. Some scholarship offers are usually regarded as a form of your entrance or financial support forms, while others are offered through divisions once you are accepted.


Are there any scholarships for out-of-state students?

Yes, there are. Although some scholarships at the University of Washington are reserved for in-state learners, many other grants do not.

You should look for national scholarships that do not require specific citizenship, and you should also look in your state. Meanwhile, several municipal scholarships have their definitions of residency. As a result, thoroughly understand the eligibility requirements before registering.

What is the minimum grade required for admission to the University of Washington?

A minimum grade of 3.50 on a 4.0 scale is required, as well as an ACT level of 27 or a Test score of 1860. Their admittance is incredibly selective and demanding.

As a result, students with the best qualifications, with several degrees completed, are more likely to be accepted.

Are the University of Washington’s scholarships worth it?

Academic scholarships available at the University of Washington are based entirely on academic success and a strong potential for distinction. Students receive scholarships from the UW Honors Program, Washington NASA Space Grant, and other academic areas.

In other words, each undergraduate academic department offers a variety of scholarships ranging from partial tuition to full tuition.

Are full scholarships hard to get?

Fewer than 1% of students receive full scholarships, showing how tough it is to obtain one. Your chances of receiving a full scholarship might improve with the right qualifications, preparation, and understanding of where to explore.