Is It Ok To Hate College?

Is It Ok To Hate College?

College life is an exciting adventure for most students mainly because it opens doors to meeting new people, facing new challenges, developing new skills, exploring different academic and social activities along with gaining a measure of freedom and independence. On the other hand, some students may find college life difficult or simply boring. Hence in this article, we will review some of the reasons why students hate college and will also cover other important aspects of a college education. 

Reasons why students hate college

Here are some of the reasons why students hate attending college

  • The college workload may be difficult and stressful.
  • College comes with a lot of pressure; hence a lot of students hate attending college.
  • College education involves taking in a lot of information, which can be frustrating to some students.
  • Financial constraints can make attending college difficult, especially for students who come from poor backgrounds.
  • Getting low grades may result in a lot of stress and a lack of motivation to attend classes or complete assignments.

The important question is: “Is it ok to hate college?” Well, attending college is a choice, hence if you hate the idea of attending many classes, meeting deadlines as well as studying long hours, you urgently need to reset your priorities and goals. This means you need to choose whether to pursue higher education or you will choose a different career path that doesn’t require tertiary education. This takes us to the next important points, reasons why students attend college and reasons why students do not attend college.

Reasons why students attend college 

Firstly, let’s look at some of the reasons why students attend college

  1. Networking 
    • College allows students to network with influential people and such professional networks may open doors to internship and employment opportunities after graduation.
  2. Diversity
    • Colleges are quite diverse; thus students are exposed to different people, which improves their social skills.
  3. Time management 
    • Students learn how to manage their time effectively because college life can be very demanding.
  4. Experience 
    • Attending college allows students to acquire job experiences as well as the experience of independence and responsibility.
  5. College education 
    • Many students attend college to obtain a college certificate, diploma, or degree.
  6. Personal  growth development
    • Students attend college to develop and grow intellectually.
  7. Employment opportunities 
    • Students attend college to increase their chances of getting a job after they graduate.
  8. Increase knowledge and skills
    • College education promotes critical thinking, innovation, problem-solving along with creativity, which is the main reason why eager students strive for higher education.

Reasons why students avoid attending college

Here are some of the reasons why some students do not attend college 

  1. College can lead to extreme stress.
    • College is stressful and quite demanding; hence some students choose not to attend college because they feel they will not manage the high workload and the stress that comes with pursuing higher education.
  2. College education can be expensive 
    • Students who have financial constraints may not afford a college education.
  3. Specialized skill
    • Some students prefer attending trade schools or specialized training programs that allow them to gain specialized skills other than obtaining a college qualification.
  4. Careers that don’t require a college qualification.
    • Some students opt for industries that offer on-job training.
  5. Avoiding debts.
    • Student loans must be repaid after graduation. Hence, some students may avoid attending college to avoid getting into debt.
  6. Free online courses.
    • Free online learning programs are available on popular platforms such as Udacity, Edx, Uopeople, and Khan Academy. Such platforms enable students to gain new skills without having to attend college.
  7. Entrepreneurship 
    • Starting a business usually doesn’t require a college qualification. Hence most students chose to be entrepreneurs.
  8. Not meeting college admission requirements 
    • College acceptance rates can be high which means some students  may not qualify  for college because  of lower grades

Benefit of attending college

  • A college education opens doors to many employment opportunities and career options. Moreover, college graduates have an opportunity to be employed by reputable companies.
  • College education grants graduate the opportunity to earn higher average salaries, which increases standards of living.
  • Some careers strictly require a college qualification, largely because such careers are demanding. Examples of such careers include medicine, teaching, and a management career.
  • College qualifications reduce the chances of being unemployed after graduating.
  • A college qualification allows graduates to work flexible working hours. 
  • Attending a college exposes students to new people, thus expanding their professional network.
  •  At college students gain new skills and knowledge. 
  • A good college qualification enables graduates to obtain qualified health insurance.
  • College education has a tremendous ability to reduce poverty because graduates with college qualifications are more likely to get a job and escape poverty.
  • College helps students gain soft skills such as planning skills, communication skills, organizing skills as well as interpersonal skills.
Frequently asked questions 
  1. What makes college challenging?
    • Students have no control over the curriculum as well as the timeframe in which work must be completed. Therefore, students are required to cover the required coursework according to the allocated time frame.
  2. What is the best way to cope with college challenges?
    • The best way is to focus on the goal and persevere throughout your academic journey.

In summary, this article has revealed insightful information about college education. Therefore, whether one chooses to attend college or not, the reality is, that we all choose our path in life. One destination may have many roads to choose from. What is truly important is making choices that will benefit us in the long run and contribute to our lasting happiness!