Is IONA College a small school?

New York has been known to be the center for education and excellence in the US, which is why the state has been able to accommodate more colleges and businesses. IONA College is one of the private colleges in New York and many aspiring students are wondering if it is a small school. This article will let you know if it is a small school and why?

   In case you do not know, IONA College is a private school located on a small island founded by the Christian brothers in 1940. Though small, the school and its products(students) have been able to prove that the quality of education is better than the quantity of students. Details on how IONA College is a small school and why? will be explained to your best understanding in this section.

Is IONA College a small school?

Brief Overview Of IONA College

   Iona is a private, Catholic college located in Rochelle, New York around the New York City Area founded in the year 1940. It is a small campus with an admitted number of 2,610 undergraduate students offering both graduate and undergraduate programs in various fields of study. 

   The school’s acceptance rate is 86% meaning that if you apply and maintain a good GPA in your high school, there is a high probability that you will be granted the admission because the school is not highly selective. If you are interested in finding out more about the affairs and activities of this college.

Is IONA College A Small School?

   YES. Iona college is a small private school with a limited intake, though a high acceptance rate with students from over 45 countries around the world. This school has over 80 clubs and activities for the students to engage in to have more fun and entertainment in its small campus.   

   The college is accredited officially by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the country. The campus is situated on a small island with a total enrollment of not up to 3000 enrolled students for a session but delivers standard education and opportunities to their students.

Why Is IONA College A Small School?

There are various reasons to consider as to why Iona college is a small college in New York and some of these reasons are:

  • Private college
  • Quality education
  • Small Island 
  • Tuition and fees
  • Religion
  • Private college: Most private colleges in the US are usually not as large as the federal ones, this is because federal colleges get to enjoy funding from the US funding while federal colleges are privately owned and meant to fund themselves which is usually expensive.
  • Quality education: This college believes more in quality over quantity, they admit only a small number of students not because the campus is small but because they want to make sure that each student has access to all the learning materials, resources, meet with professors and lots more benefits.
  • Small Island: This school is situated on a small island in New York founded by the Christian brothers so they had to make use of what they had to bring out the best of it.
  • Tuition and fees: Iona college is an expensive private school meaning that an average family in New York may not be able to afford the tuition and fees of over $63,000 per session. This can discourage many student aspirants from attending the college.
  • Religion: This is another reason Iona college admits a limited number of students. The school is invested in the religious growth of its students in Christianity. If they admit more than a stipulated number, they might not be able to monitor the religious aspects of the students.


   In conclusion, we have been able to examine Iona college as a small school, know the high acceptance rate for the limited number of students they enroll yearly, and factors determining why the college is small but Iona college gives its students the best knowledge that will be useful for them in future.


  1. Do you advise me to attend Iona college if I am an international student? Yes, you can attend as a student from another country. Though the college is small, there is no barrier to the kind of students that can apply, what matters more is getting a high GPA and other admission requirements needed to get admitted to Iona college.
  2. What are the benefits of attending Iona college? The unique presence of the school, quality degree programs, friendly community, career opportunities, and rich history are what makes Iona college beneficial for the students.
  3. What is Iona College ranking in the country? Iona College ranks at at 55 in the rankings of North Regional Universities in the country and is accredited for excellent academic pursuit in New York City by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the country.