Is Holmes Community College A Good School?

Is Holmes Community College A Good School? People want to be the product of a good school because of the pride they get from it and the employment opportunities that come with it. When one is a graduate of a good school, furthering the education is accessible because other schools will want to have you study with them. Being good does not just affect universities only but also community colleges. We will be examining if Holmes community college is a good school.

Is Holmes Community College A Good School

Is Holmes Community College A Good School?

The simple answer to this cross-examination: Is Holmes community college a good school? Holmes is a good school. People think ranking is always the first criteria for anyone who wants to know if a school is good, but it is not always so. Other factors can be of help when ascertaining the quality of a school.

Factors like the quality of the classroom where the teachers teach have a place to play in knowing If a school is good for you. Education should aim to ensure the students’ academic excellence, which happens in a class.

The quality of teachers and the courses taught in a college can ascertain if a school is good or not.

What makes Holmes a good school?

You have alternatives when it comes to planning for your career and education. Since 1911, the community college has given standards and comfort by providing more than 70 programs of study. Each campus of Holmes proffers a friendly climate for people seeking a college degree.

Education at Holmes is not a size fit because you will find a variety of teaching formats that will match your schedule. Whether you apply face-to-face, online, or both, you will get a quality education at a low price.

The college renders a wide range of academic programs at the foundation for transferring college credits to any four-year Mississippi institute. You can cancel out requisite coursework and validate a program at an affordable price.

The career technical program at Holmes is a 1 – 2-year degree program that prepares students for entry into the workforce on completion at competitive stipends and positions in demand. So even if it is working in a technical lab, medical emergency service program, or becoming a cosmetologist, you are the proper candidate for a career technical program.

 At Holmes, you are more than just a number; with classes of small sizes, students get advisers, counseling, and long-lasting connection with students and staff.

As a student, you are at the heart-beat of Holmes, and living on the campus is more than just course work. You will have the chance to add to the long-standing history and leave a mark by creating new traditions. Whether you are performing at art groups, athletic programs, or any student activity, you have the opportunity to shine. Holmes community college is a perfect place to start no matter your direction in life.

Holmes Ranking

Based on its meticulous activities of Holmes, the institution has received ranks as one of the 15 best community colleges in America, the 15 best online colleges in America, the best college in Mississippi, and the second best online college in Mississippi.

Holme Application Process

Holmes follows an easy application and admission process that you can complete in simple steps:

  • Prospective students can apply for admission online or call the school at (662) 472-2312. They use the traditional method of visiting the institution.
  • You will be required to create a school account. To create an ID and pin, you will have to hit the click here button on the homepage.
  • While applying to the college, it is worth noting that you can submit your ACT and SAT scores, as recommended by it, which is not compulsory. When you have concluded submitting your form and paying the enrollment fee, to gain admission, you will be required to complete the following document:
  1. Submit an essay showing your achievements and potential.
  2. Submit every vital transcript from college and high school. At this stage, you should also submit your ACT and SAT scores. Although not necessary, it can give you an edge over others.
  3. An official high school or home school transcript is a vital document to submit.
  4. You will also present a FAFSA form to apply for financial aid.
  5. Another paper you will submit is the housing application form if you want to stay in the hostel.
  • You will be required to authenticate your attendance at Holmes and complete your financial check-in process.
  • You have to select an application type to apply for admission carefully. There are several admission types that you can choose.

1 . High School or GED –

High School or GED is your option if you are a high school degree holder or have received your GED.

2. Transfer student-

You can apply if you have attended another college in the past.

3. Holmes returning student-

If you attended Holmes before and would like to study further in the institution, this is your option.

4. Dual enrolled-

If you are still in high school but want to study in Holme without a certificate, this is your option.

  • Finally, you will be required to register for your classes and courses.

Required GPA for Admission 

Unlike other institutions emphasizing having a good GPA, Holmes community college sees this as an essential requirement for admitting students. As someone looking to gain admission into the college, you should know the college’s information when accepting new students.

Tuition at Holmes Community College

The local tuition at Holmes is 3,410 USD, while the domestic fee is 6,010 USD.

It is worth knowing about some majors, so we are going to give you a brief overview of a few courses they offer:


From analyzing these few popular majors above, you can see that Holmes community college is a good school. The institute groomed famous alumni like Roy Oswalt, Chris Avery, and Bufford Ellington, to name but a few.

Frequently asked questions

1. What ACT score do you need to get into Holmes community college?

To get admitted into the Holmes program, you must have a composite ACT of 24 or more and a mathematics sub-score of 23 or more.

2. What is the tuition fee for Holmes community college?

The local tuition fee for Holmes is $3,410, while that of Domestic is $6,010.

3. What are the colors of Holmes community college?

The colors of Holmes community college are cardinal, white, black, and grey.