Is Broward college expensive?

Florida has one of the best colleges which is named Broward College. The authorities established the college in 1959 to create two-year colleges in Florida. The authorities named it ‘Broward’ in 2008. It is considered a ‘state college’ which means it offers now four-year Bachelor’s degree courses. Formerly people called it Junior College of Broward County or Broward Junior College or Broward Community College. Here we will see about Is Broward college expensive?

Broward College is the most affordable college in Florida. All other colleges are not as affordable as Broward College. Over 100 institutes provide higher education to students across. The Broward Community College also offers free education. The college is among the top 10% colleges of in the place. It is a public institute with an overall enrolment of around 40,784. It also provides scholarships to students based on needs and choices.  

Is Broward college expensive?


Broward College is a public college which works for the upliftment of the students by providing the best education and knowledge in Florida. The authorities established it in 1959 which is around 63 years ago. The Florida College System is its parent institution and it recognises the college and its degrees. Gregory Adam Haile is its president and over 2000 people are included in the administrative staff. The campus is the urban-type and consists of around 33,243 undergraduates. The authorities and the student body has provided the college with a nickname which is Seahawks. The college provides good scholarships to residential as well as non-residential students.

It aims to provide the best of what is available to the students by engaging the students with the learned and experienced staff and faculty. The members of the staff dedicate themselves truly to the education of the students. There is no compromise with the academic performances of the students. The college offers various courses and programs to enable the best learning system in the college. They use the best learning and teaching techniques to avoid any misinterpretation in the studies of the students. The college has laborious students as well as teachers. Both co-operate with each other to make the college so worth it. 


The academic performance of the college is the reason for its fame in the educational society. The students enrol every year just because of the best educational practices which the colleges offer every day to their students. Around 5,000 are included as part-time staff members and full-time staff members in the college. Various selective programs which the college offers its students include:

  • Public safety
  • Health science
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Math
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Humanities
  • Communication and design
  • Human services
  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Social behavioural sciences
  • Education 

These are a few courses and programs which the college offers its students. The students choose between these programs and fit in them so that they may get a good career out of it later.

How much is the endowment?

The college gets around $62.2 million as an endowment from the government. The college uses this endowment to help students in need. The college offers scholarships, financial aid, etc. to the residential as well as non-residential students. The college also uses its endowment further to maintain the campus and create facilities for the students. The college introduces new programs by using the endowment. The college provides salaries to all its professors and conducts training sessions to discover new teaching techniques for them using this endowment.

What is the cost of education?

The college is very affordable. However, it also offers scholarship programs and financial aid to residential as well as non-residential students. After comparing the in-state and out-state costs the total cost of education at the college reaches $40,334. Any student can now apply for scholarship programs which the college offers and if the application is approved the cost of education at the college lowers to $13,000. The financial aid which the college provides its students includes all the grants and scholarships from federal or state governments and institutions. 

Does the college provide scholarships to international students?

The college provides scholarships to residential and non-residential or international students despite their nationality. The international students however need to maintain a 2.5-grade point average if they want to avail the benefit of scholarships and education at Broward College.

What is the acceptance rate of the college?

Getting into this college is exceptionally difficult despite its 100% acceptance rate. The students must work very hard to get into this college. The student should have a 4.0 GPA if they want the college to consider them. However, a hard-working student can easily get into it.


The college has everything any student might need for education and learning. The best selective faculty and the programs make it different from any other college in Florida. The college has only one aim and that is to provide the best education to its students by any means. To support the education the college also offers its student scholarship programs and financial aid. They do not compromise with learning and hence it is a bit tough to get into the college. Only hard work can do it!

Frequently asked questions

  • How many days does it take the classes to start after admissions?

It usually takes around 6-8 weeks after the admissions are completed and classes start.

  • How can I apply to get into the college?

You can fill out the application form online and submit the required documents after visiting the official website.

  • What is the total number of international students studying at Broward College?

The number of international students is 2,421 in the college.