How Many Colleges In Lubbock?

How Many Colleges In Lubbock?

Lubbock is known to be the 10th most famous city in the United States of America, Texas state. The small town is best known for its lively hometown and its musical history. The city is known as the birthplace of the legendary Buddy Holly. The city may be one of the best cities that is known for friendly vibes.

The city of Lubbock, Texas, consists of about four colleges, including two private colleges, and the remaining two are public colleges and universities. Details of these colleges have been provided online from the company’s official websites. It can be expected that the student life here in this city would be quite a peaceful one in case an international student decides to join a college here.

Even though the city is known for its friendly vibes, will it be a wise decision to register yourself at one of the colleges or universities located here? Well, considering different factors, one may either choose colleges and universities in the city or look for a different one.

What Are The Two Private Colleges In Lubbock?

There are two private colleges/universities in the city and two non-private universities. The two private ones are Franklin University and Lubbock Christian University. 

Talking about Franklin University, then we could say that this private university is one of the oldest universities in the city. It was founded back in 1902 so that it could serve the needs of the adult students in the city. Admissions for this college are accepted on a rolling basis, and if an international student applies for it, he/she can apply for a financial aid program.

Lubbock Christian University is yet another university that is widely known for its academic achievements. The university of Lubbock Christian has got an acceptance rate of more than 97%, and most of the students enrolled in the university can get in easily. The university has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Comprehensive College in the Western Region.

What Are The Two Public Colleges In Lubbock?

Since there are two public universities in the city, one can always check out their admission details and other crucial details online from the official website itself. The two public universities located near the city of Lubbock are Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Texas Tech University. Both of these universities are for specialized courses in sciences. If students, especially international ones, are looking for colleges with expertise in science and technological fields, they can look at these colleges.

Talking about Texas Tech University then we could say that the university is a public research university located in Lubbock. This public university is also another one of the oldest universities in the city, which were founded back in 1923. The university’s acceptance rate is almost 70%, which means there is an equal chance of either getting in or getting rejected. The university is known for its engineering program offerings and management studies as well.

What Is The Cost Of Studying In Lubbock?

The cost may vary because there are international students who may wish to apply to colleges and universities in the city of Lubbock. If you are a resident of the state of Texas, then you would have to pay around $10,621, and in case you are coming from a different state within the country, then $15,354. But, this may not be the case for international students because they may be charged slightly differently than local students.

Therefore, international students are advised to go through the official websites of the university or college that they want to get into. These websites should provide all the necessary details for them, and it would be convenient at the same time. Now, due to the pandemic situation, there may be revised guidelines and a revised fee structure that may be updated on the university’s official website.

Is It Worth Studying In Lubbock?

Graduation rates are increasing in universities and colleges in Lubbock. However, the city still ranks low in terms of its education. But, this does not mean that the quality of education is not up to the mark. If you are looking for a college or university to get into, then you may apply for it immediately because you will have a good experience studying in Lubbock.  

Talking about the student life of Lubbock, then it would be justified to say that it would be a great life there. If you are an international student, then you will learn a lot of new things, and you may even get the necessary exposure that you may need to build your career and of course, your resume as well.

All in all, we can say that studying in Lubbock would be a wise decision if you want to save money because the tuition fees of colleges and universities are lower than in other states in the United States of America.

Are There Any Reputed Schools In Lubbock?

The friendly city of Lubbock does have some reputed schools that you can have a look at. Some of these schools include the study of nursing, technology, management, and many more such categories. If you are looking to get into one of those schools, you may apply for them.

Some of the schools are:

  • Covenant School of Nursing
  • Covenant School of Radiography
  • Kaplan College
  • Lubbock Christian University
  • Sunset International Bible Institute


In the end, students would look for quality education wherever they choose to go. When talking about colleges, universities, and schools in Lubbock, it would be justified to say that they are worth it. International students who are looking for a college or university in the city can have a look at the four most well-known colleges in the city. These colleges offer most courses and programs, and you may even want to look at their ranks in the world of education as well. Although Texas may rank low in education, it would still be worth completing and graduating from the city.