Are cats good for college students?

Are cats good for college students?

In this article we will see are cats good for college students or not.For years now, pets have proven to be an important part of an individual’s life. Some may say that they are closer to the heart than family. Of course, that is up for debate, but it doesn’t hinder the fact that pets affect humans in ways other humans cannot. Not only do they provide this compelling urge to protect and raise them, but they too, understand and reciprocate emotionally. 

Cats, like many small domestic animals, are great pets for college students. They are easy to carry and keep at home, and they are a unique blend of super social and private. These feline friends are easy to look after and provide many emotional and mental health benefits. They are also calm creatures who spend most of their time snoozing. Most college allow students allow to keep cats as pets at dorms or on-campus housing, so that’s another plus point to look forward to.

What to consider when keeping a cat?

As adorable as a cat can be, they do have their advantages and disadvantages in raising them. They may teach you to be more responsible and sociable, but it takes quite some work to keep them. Life isn’t always as simple as it appears to be. So here are some pros and cons to consider while keeping a cat in college:



  • College can take quite a toll on your finances, but if you really want to keep a pet, look no further. Cats are the perfect feline partners as they are much cheaper to raise compared to dogs.
  • Cats are known to be clean creatures. They love to groom and take care of their hygiene, hence helping you cut down on bathing products. 
  • They don’t need fancy expensive toys to keep themselves entertained. Anything you have around works. Strings, boxes, flashlight pens, etc. are all amusing toys for cats.
  • Unlike dogs, cats aren’t too keen on traveling outside. They do pretty well staying indoors, so no need to purchase leashes or harnesses.
  • Thanks to their small sizes, they don’t tend to eat as much as bigger pets. That means you don’t have to go shopping for food as frequently as you would for, let’s say, a dog.


  • College is usually very time-consuming and if you had any other pet, it would just add to it.
  • Luckily, cats don’t require much of your time. Although that doesn’t mean that you get to ignore them, you don’t have to stress so much over them either.
  • Just like it has been mentioned above, cats don’t need to be bathed frequently. They are self-sufficient in this regard. Daily walks are also excluded from your schedule.
  • The best part is that they’re so independent that you can easily attend classes without having to worry about them being left alone.
  • They usually spend their time chilling by the window or sleeping in the sunlight.
  • However, this isn’t to say that cats don’t crave affection and love. They will require just a small amount of your time, but nothing that’ll jeopardize your study schedule. 

Cats and college life- A Perfect Pair

  • Keeping a cat in your dorm couldn’t have been a more ideal situation.
  • They’re quiet, so you and your roommate can study in peace.
  • Their small size means less space is taken up in your dorm room.

Best Emotional Support Animals:

  • Cats have been scientifically proven to be effective for individuals suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness among other health issues.
  • As a student dealing with the stresses of college life, cats may be a great option for you to calm down and relax. 
  • They are not clingy, but still very loving, enough to not be considered overbearing. 


Financial Care:

  • Yes, cats are more cost-effective than dogs, but that doesn’t exclude them from being financially taken care of.
  • Taking care of your cat’s physical health does require you to spend some extra money. Especially, considering that their medication is not something you can purchase frequently over the counter. 
  • Solution: To help budget this, it is recommended to take them on their regular checkups and vaccinate them on time. Prioritizing their health diligently will save you from the cost of possible serious illnesses. 

Clean Yet Messy:

  • Although cats do take care of themselves, it unfortunately, doesn’t apply to their surroundings.
  • If they get bored, which they will, they might find your sofa an interesting substitute for a cat post or even find your dishes/decorations more attractive in shambles on the floor.
  • Solution: Invest in various scratch posts and place them in different areas around your dorm room. This will allow the cat to find scratching them up more attractive than your furniture.
  • Cats sometimes tend to drag their litter around the room. This will create a mess all over the place. The upside to this is, that you’ll find yourself cleaning up your dorm room more frequently. That way you’ll have a tidy, clean dorm room always. 
  • Solution: Get yourself a litter mat. Litter mats are placed with the litter box, and they catch any litter that might be stuck to your cat’s feet. This will prevent them from dragging it all over the place.
  • Cats are also very curious and agile creatures. Another one of their hobbies is exploring tight spaces (and rarely getting stuck there).

Although keeping a cat has its drawbacks, it’s nothing too serious in overlooking the benefits of keeping one. It’s the perfect furry friend to raise while in college, offering you the right amount of love and attention while giving you your much-needed space. To top it off, they are highly amusing with their quirky antics, yet they also aid in reducing stress and anxiety. A beautiful combination of characters befitting for a busy college student, a true friend for life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my cat with me to college?

Depending on your policy of the college, students may be allowed to keep cats with you at the dorm. Many colleges allow keeping a cat or small dog as a pet. In case, there might be an issue, you can contact the college and ask if “Emotional Support Animals” or “Service Animals” are allowed. 

Can you leave your pet cat alone for an extended period?

Cats thrive when left alone for long lengths of time. However, that doesn’t mean you leave them alone for an unlimited amount of time. Cats can survive being alone for at least 24 hours, as long as all the fresh food, water, and litter necessities are provided. However, more than 24 hours is not recommended at all. Cats can suffer from loneliness, stress, and anxiety just like humans do.