How many colleges are in Maine?

Maine is a state located in the New England region of the United States. The state is the 12th smallest by area and the 13th least densely populated area in the United States, making it a better place to live and work as the non-employment ratio there is just less than 3%. The state has been declared the most rural state in the whole United States. The most populous city in the state is Portland, and the capital of the state is Augusta. The median household income in this state is around $56,277 and the total gross product is around $52 billion per year. Here we will see about How many colleges are in Maine?

How many colleges are in Maine?

How many colleges are there in Maine?

There are around 31 colleges and universities located in the state of Maine, where students can come study various fields of interest and make a career out of them. There are three types of colleges located in Maine, which it is categorized into 15 public colleges, 13 non-profit institutions, and three profit-making private institutions. The universities are sorted by private 4-year colleges, 4-year public colleges, and 2-year community colleges.

Maine colleges are listed below.

Out of all the colleges located in Maine, 15 of them are private institutions or universities:

  1. Private colleges: these are the institutions that people hope to graduate from because they can open many more doors in life and provide a good salary to sustain a person’s lifestyle. A list of private colleges is as follows:
  • Thomas College.
  • Maine Media College.
  • The Institute for doctoral studies in the visual arts
  • Franklin University
  • Colby College
  • Maine College of Art.
  • Maine Health Professions College
  • And many more.
  1. The next in line are the public universities, where the fees are much lower than the private universities as they are mostly government-granted, but the degree from this college has a lower value than the degree achieved from the private universities. The following is a list of public universities in Maine:
  • The University of Maine.
  • Academy of the seas
  • The University of Southern Maine
  • The University of Maine at Augusta.
  • The University of Maine at Fort Kent is located in Fort Kent, Maine.
  • And many more.
  1. Community colleges: these are the types of colleges where the person goes to get a degree for the sake of it, and there isn’t much scope for people going to these colleges. Therefore, people usually avoid these types of colleges. The following is a list of the community colleges present in Maine:
  • Kennebec Valley Community College.
  • Southern and the eastern universities of Maine.
  • York County Community College.
  • Northern and the central community colleges in Maine.
  • Washington County Community College.

What is the average tuition fee for colleges in Maine?

Affordable colleges are a must for people as all people cannot afford expensive colleges. The average tuition fee for Maine is a little on the higher side of interest as the amount is $25,063 per year in every non-profit college. It is better than some of the states, but the number of jobs that these universities offer after the course is not worth the price of their education fees. Because the majority of the colleges in Maine are non-profit, this average applies to all of them; however, there is one profit university in Maine, Beal University, which has slightly higher tuition fees than the average.

What are some of the courses offered by colleges located in Maine?

  1. Business administration: someone once said that if you want to be rich in this world, you should find a way to earn while you sleep, which cannot be done by a person in a job, but it can be done in the business field. Business is a major part of our world’s economy; studying how to get the most out of your business is the subject of business administration is related to.

There are almost 14 colleges in Maine that offer this subject field for study. There are 5 private universities, 4 public universities, and 5 community colleges offering this subject.

List of private colleges:
  • Franklin University
  • The University of New England
  • Husson University
  • Thomas College
List of public colleges
  • The University of Southern Maine
  • The University of Maine at Augusta
  • Maine University
  • The University of Maine at Fort Kent

The average tuition fee for a year for a person who is pursuing business administration in Maine will be around $18,500 for all the non-profit colleges and universities. There are no profitable universities present in Maine that offer this course for study.

  1. Health care management: studying healthcare is the most exciting in the field of medicine at this point where the students think the next generation will be focused. The state of Ohio is called the main hub for the studies of this subject, but Maine also offers this course for students.

There are only 3 colleges in Maine, which are private universities, that offer this course of study, so the state does not have many colleges, but the start for the next generation is good.

The college list is:
  • Husson University
  • Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
  • Franklin University

The average tuition fee for any student who is from Maine or outside of Maine is around $21,000 per year. This is for non-profitable universities, but as there is no profitable university in Maine that offers this course, that aspect is not taken into account. There is no online course available for this course from the colleges located in Maine.


So for starters, there are a good number of colleges in the state of Maine where students can study various types of fields related to all the three main courses science, commerce, and arts. The tuition fee for the colleges is a little on the higher side as compared to other states on the same level as Maine, but the unemployment ratio for this city is very low with a score of 3%.


  1. Which is the biggest college in Maine?

The University of Maine is the biggest college, with an enrolment number of nearly 11,000 students per year in various fields of study.