How Many College Teams Have a Bulldog as a Mascot?

It’s nothing new that dogs are known as being loyal, friendly, affectionate, and intelligent. Thus, they have all the good qualities to be perfect mascots. Among all other breeds, bulldogs come to the front with their sociableness, sweetness, and courage painting them as not a fighter but more a lover. Most dogs might install fear in people but not these friendly and gentle creatures. Therefore, with their friendliness and loyalty, bulldogs can be a great choice as mascots to represent the spirit of the school. How Many College Teams Have a Bulldog as a Mascot?

How Many College Teams Have a Bulldog as a Mascot?

When one considers all the positive characteristics of bulldogs, it won’t be a surprising fact to know that forty-five college teams in the United States, two college teams in the United Kingdom, and one college team in the Philippines chose bulldogs as their mascots. 

Why Do So Many College Teams Choose Bulldogs As Their Mascots?

That’s no doubt that choosing a college team mascot is a crucial task. Mascots are the representatives of the college team, it embodies the spirit of the team as well as the school. Hence, picking bulldogs as the mascots is mainly due to the fierce yet tender nature of the bulldogs. They are strong, but they don’t abuse their strength and use it for constructive actions. In other words, bulldogs are folksy dogs who use their strength for kind actions. 

Another reason for the abundance of bulldogs as mascots in college teams is that these lovely animals took their places beside the founders of most established universities. For instance, Yale’s mascots weren’t initially called ”Bulldogs”, the college team got their mascot’s name from a famous bulldog called ”Handsome Dan” which became an inspiration for the university to change their mascots to Bulldogs. 

One can find it a surprising fact that so many college teams have chosen bulldogs as mascots while some can find it quite reasonable and understandable. We can develop two perspectives out of this equation and look at the benefits and drawbacks of choosing bulldogs as mascots.

Benefits Of Choosing Bulldogs As Mascots

Looking from a ”social butterfly” perspective, when we consider the number of college teams who chose bulldogs as their mascots, we can say bulldogs have become icons. They are popular animals and much-preferred dog breeds that human beings enjoy their companionship due to their gentle natures. Hence, it might even be compulsive to choose bulldogs as mascots in order not to be out of such a great community.

As a consequence of being in such a great community, your competitive spirit can grow. Being the best bulldogs may sound like quite a good ambition. In a sense, we can say that choosing bulldogs as mascots are playing safe since some animals or other several symbols might be offensive to some people, and they may not wholly represent the particular college team’s spirit.

Drawbacks Of Choosing Bulldogs As Mascots

Looking from an ”out of the ordinary” perspective, this specific benefit of being a part of the grand community can also be a setback. As stated previously, perspective is very much significant in this situation. You can be such a person who likes to be in big groups and feel safe in the community, or you can be such a person who enjoys the uniqueness and the delights of being a snowflake.

In addition, being in such a vast community, the ranking can be much more severe. No one wants to be the worst out of so many competitors. So long story short, regarding the large numbers of the college teams who represent as bulldogs, you might want to be represented not as a mainstream symbol but rather as an exclusive one.


Forty-eight universities find it appropriate for their team to be represented by the bulldogs. These fierce yet tender creatures can perfectly reflect the welcoming and friendly nature of the universities and the ambitious and robust nature of the college teams. While most of the college teams who picked bulldogs as mascots are in the United States, precisely forty-five of the college teams are in the United Kingdom, one of them is in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Everyone Like To Be A Part Of The Team?

Even though the word ”team” is associated with unity, not everybody wants to be a part of the herd. More precisely, not every group wants to be a part of the bigger group. They might want to be rare, uncommon, and different than others so that they can represent themselves more efficiently.

  1. What Do Team Mascots Represent?

Since the college team’s mascots represent the spirit of the university, the perspective is crucial in the decision-making process. Yet, some can thrive in the majority, whether by blending in or rising to the top.