Is Biola University’s prestigious?

Biola University is a rare jewel in the treasure chest of higher education in the United States. It was founded as a Bible institute in 1908 but has grown and developed into a comprehensive university granting graduate degrees (masters and doctorates) in business, psychology, intercultural studies, and theology. All that you want to know Is Biola University’s prestigious?

Is Biola University's prestigious?

A brief history of Biola University 

Biola University was founded by Lyman Stewart, founder and president of the union oil company, and Reverend T.C. Horton in the year 1908. The University was founded as a vision of two extraordinary men who are committed to Christians and how they can become valuable to God through their higher education. Their main objective is to send a spiritually and mentally whole person into the marketplace and make it a better place in whatever they are interested in doing. And since it was founded, they have been working on the legacy Jesus Christ left behind by impacting the world through education.

Biola University Ranking

Apart from offering a biblically-centered education and also intentional spiritual learning, they are also vast in providing one of the best academic environments for students which is why they are ranked as 196th position in the 2022 best colleges and world national universities. 135 in best colleges for veterans and 85 in best value schools, this shows the level of their excellence and how much student education is being valued.

How much does it cost to attend Biola University?

Biola university is a private university so its tuition is higher than an Ideal college, their overall annual expenses are about  $55,897. Agreed, attending college is not an easy job, it will probably leave a dent in your wallet if you are not from a stable background or you are with no financial aid, that is why at Biola University there is an already set up team that helps every family no matter their backgrounds interested in the University to have a wonderful college experience with the help of their scholarship and aid options.

Is Biola university prestigious?

Biola has a high ranking compared to some other universities so I will say it is indeed a prestigious university for those who are looking to build up their faith In God, it is a good place for you to reconcile your Christian ideologies with the issues of the modern-day faith because they make great effort to set up a forum for discussion and learning opportunities.

Is Biola university for Christians alone or everyone?

Biola is an ideal university for those that just want to commune and learn, if you want to attend the University because it is your parent’s demand, I will tell you that is a very big mistake to make. To those who want to attend the college with a motive to find a Godly spouse, that is the wrong institution for you because you will get stuck with a naive guy and later find out after some years that you don’t know each other and thus both of you can’t work out. In addition, don’t go if you are trying to get the hang of your spirituality, you will confuse yourself further because everybody is trying to deal with one stuff or the other so additional pressure wouldn’t bold right for them.

How does Biola university freshman housing look like?

Their Freshman housing varies on what dorm you get into. The newer the dorm, the nicer the amenities. The nicest doors will be Hope, Horton, and Blackstone. However, each dorm has its own culture. That is more subjective than objective when it comes to which dorm you will like. Overall, Freshman housing is generally a good time. It’s the experiences that make it special.

Is Biola university a competitive school?

It is the acceptance rate of a school that determines how competitive the school is, Biola university has an acceptance rate of 64%making it ranked 44% among the school that has the lowest acceptance rate, therefore, making it a moderately competitive university.

Biola university admission requirements

Every school has its unique admission requirements and Biola university is one of those whose admission requirements are a bit on the high side, I love to think that the greater the difficulty in entering the higher the value you will receive in that institution. let us take a look at Biola university admission requirements below:

  • Application fee

An application fee of $45 is paid before the deadline that is indicated by the admission officers in other for your admission to be processed. Any payments received after the school’s official deadline will be considered a late payment.

  • GPA requirement

The average GPA Biola university allows is 3.57, GPA is one of their essential requirements before offering you admission. Therefore, If you feel like your GPA isn’t up to standard and you still have a few years before you graduate from high school, this is another chance to improve your GPA, you can search on how to improve your GPA from the website. But if you are in junior or senior year in high school in which your GPA can only increase exceedingly by miracles, all you need to do is work on your SAT or ACT exam to boost up your overall score.

  • SAT or ACT requirements

Among the factors required before getting admitted, your SAT or ACT score is part of it. If you are an aspirant for Biola university then you must have an average SAT score of 1085 and if you choose to write ACT then be aiming for an average test score of 71. A low SAT and ACT score shouldn’t be bad news for you because Biola university calculates their test score based on subscores and this means that you can sit for the exam as many times as you like because, at the end of the day, they will calculate your average score instead of you submitting a less score.


In summary, Biola University is a school that educates people both spiritually and academically, if you think this is what you need in the journey of your life then Biola university is a school you won’t want to miss.