How Good Is Galen College Of Nursing?

How Good Is Galen College Of Nursing?

Every college has its unique system of management. This includes their teaching methods, the level of attention given to students, the lecturer-student relationship, etc. All these, shape a student’s conception of a particular college. 

Galen College of Nursing is a private college that offers a lot of student services like preparing nursing students to pass their licensure examination, placement service, and security services. However, despite its good services, the college has faced negative criticisms.

What Makes Galen College Of Nursing A Good College

Since its establishment in 1989, the Galen College of Nursing has produced over 20,000 nurses from its eight campuses. It has been said to ground its students on how to be the best nurses anywhere they find themselves through its intense and thorough examination processes. It is also an accredited college of nursing that offers  Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Nurse (RN), and Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) among others. Some of the positive reviews on the Galen College of Nursing revolve around the following:

I) The Galen College of Nursing’s examinations are similar to the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)

II) The college’s classes are not crowded

III) The college offers degrees in LPN, ADN, and RN

IV) The students are known individually by the management of the college

V) There is a deliberate effort to acquaint the student with the school environment

The Galen College of Nursing’s Examinations Are Similar To The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)

The college works with the standard of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This way, they ensure that their examination is according to the NCLEX standard. If the nursing students face this sought examination throughout their stay at the college, then there is every possibility that they would make a distinction when they seat for the Licensure Examination. This serves as a good way of preparing them for one of the most important examinations they would write in their nursing career. 

The College’s Classes Are Not Overcrowded

Every student desires to learn in an environment that allows for a personal relationship with the lecturer. When there are a few students in the class, students are allowed to ask questions and interact with the teacher without any form of distractions that might arise from a populated class. The lecturer, on the other hand, finds it easy to regulate the progress of each student. This way, the rate of assimilation and participation in classroom activities is on the high side, and this results in good performances from students. 

The College Offers Degrees In LPN, ADN, and RN

The Galen College of Nursing offers degrees in Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Associate Degree Nursing (ADN), and Registered Nurse (RN). The college exposes the students to the practical aspect of their careers. They are thought how to care for patients, administer drugs and injections, etc. The college ensures that students who are taking the associate degree are exposed to some relevant core clinical skills, which prepares them for the procedures of being a registered nurse. 

The Students Are Known Individually By The Management Of The College

The school management makes the student feel at home. They are properly addressed by their names, and regularly sent emails to update them on the school activities. Irrespective of how casual this might seem, it goes a long way in creating a good impression on the students’ minds. They feel special, wanted, and accepted. This would ordinarily make any student happy, and happy students make more progress in school.

There Is A Deliberate Effort To Acquaint The Student With The School Environment

When students resume at the Galen College of Nursing, they are taken on a tour and shown around the school. Having an idea of their environment is a good way for a student to have his or her daily tasks planned. They know where they have to be at a particular point in time, and what they have to do. They find their way around the school easily and face no major challenge trying to identify important buildings like the lecture hall, the library, the lab, the research centers, the counseling unit, etc. A good understanding of a student environment saves the student from undergoing unnecessary stress. 

Negative Criticisms Of Galen College of Nursing

From the following, one can deduce that the Galen College of Nursing has a management that is student-friendly. However, there have been negative reviews regarding the college’s service, and some of them include the following:

I) Students are are not offered the help promised them

II) The college’s examination is not similar to the NCLEX

III) The college only focuses on the money they make from students

Students Are Not Offered The Help Promised Them

According to some reviews, the staff of the Galen College of Nursing are known to be unfriendly and hate their jobs. They do not assist students in any way and are rude to students who come to seek their help. Some students claim that the school’s constitution is a good one, only that the system does not follow what has been written in the constitution. This review has discouraged many students, especially those who hope to seek financial aid, from going to the Galen College of Nursing.

The College’s Examination Is Not Similar To The NCLEX

Many students have denounced the claim that the Galen College of Nursing properly prepares nursing students for the National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX). According to this review, their exams are always unnecessarily hard and have nothing in common with the NCLEX. Students who fail are kicked out without a second thought and are not refunded. Only a few students pass, and this doesn’t speak well of the school.

The College Only Focuses On The Money They Make From Students

Alumni of the Galen School of Nursing have claimed that the college never really recognizes the positive impact that is being made on the students’ academic life. Rather, they only emphasize retaking a course you fail and still asking you to pay for it. There also has been the accusation that the college is guilty of examination malpractice as they aid students in passing their examinations.

As a result of these criticisms, Galen College of Nursing received poor ratings from its reviews. This is not very encouraging. But irrespective of the criticisms stated above, it would be ridiculous to state that the Galen College of Nursing has nothing good to offer to its students. 


The Galen College of Nursing has produced some good nurses, but unfortunately, it has many poor ratings. No college is indeed perfect, and the same can be applied to the Galen College of Nursing. However, the college must strive to correct the majority’s poor impression of its services. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Is Galen College of Nursing rated the best nursing school?


No, it is not rated as the best nursing school.

2) When was the Galen College of Nursing established?


The Galen College of Nursing was established in 1989.