How does a college transcript look?

The proof of education is a transcript. It has a piece of detailed information for all the subjects which a student is studying. This shows the score in the form of grades or marks which are given by the institution of study. In this article we shall see how a college transcript look?

A transcript is a document that is issued by the college or high school. It has a record of the names of courses a student take, grades obtained in those subjects or courses, and also the classes students drop or retook. Moreover, this is the essential record of the academic career. Transcripts are the outline of the all detailed performance, which includes how many classes a student takes, grades, and also how many credits are earned by them. It show the strengths and weaknesses of a person as they hold the courses and grades. 

How does a college transcript look?

Transcripts of Records

An academic transcript, mark list, mark sheet, or report card is a record of courses which is taken by a student and the grades scored in those courses or subjects throughout the course of study. Records are updated frequently as the tests happened. The transcripts are known by many names in different places. Both high schools and colleges give transcripts. 

This how a transcript contains:

The following are shown in the transcript –

  1. The name of the school
  2. State and city of school
  3. Students’ address
  4. Name of student
  5. ID number of student
  6. Date of birth of the student
  7. Courses taken
  8. Grades earned in class
  9. Dates of courses when taken
  10. The average point of cumulative grade
  11. The date of graduation

Here are some of the most important elements of the transcript –

  1. Personal information – The transcripts are personalized and include the name of a student, date of birth, the school a student attended and its address, and the student’s address. These documents are confidential; they cannot be shared by any other individual. 
  2. Name of the courses taken – A transcript shows the list of courses that a student took in college or in high school. Also, all those courses which a student may drop in their academic year. Those courses are important as they will a new school to ascertain. If the student meets their entrance requirements to be admitted into a program or be a part of it for which they have applied for. Most importantly, courses in the transcript are related to the field in which a student wants to major.    
  3. GPA and grades obtained – The transcripts of high school or colleges shows the letter grades (such as A, B, C, etc) obtained by the student in each course and also the GPA for all the list of courses. These grades will help to determine whether a student understood the material taught in class or not. The college will less likely to admit students either in the bachelor’s master’s or Ph.D. if they do not have the right grades in certain courses, for starters. On the other hand, the GPA will helps colleges to compare performances with other applicants and therefore, choose which candidate is best among others.
  4. Rank of class – The class rank will show the will show how a student performs in the class and that will compare with other students who are graduating in the class. This rank will help to determine the level of knowledge among all the students. Especially in relation to those who were taught by the same teachers. So it is important to outperform all classmates and maintain a significant position in the class. Some of the employers also check the transcripts during the time of the interview. The employer will more willing to take those who came top in the class than those who came middle or bottom regardless of their high grades.
  5. Record of when all the classes were taken – Semester, trimester, or quarter: a transcript has classes grouped into these three. These classes hold a lot of importance so they were arranged in the order from the oldest dates to the latest ones. This shows that if a student is taking easier subjects in their year of graduating or a student moves toward the harder ones each coming year. Also, it shows whether a student can improve their grades or they may have struggled with them at the start of the year.   
  6. Record of behavior –  There is sometimes a behavior record that shows the whole record of the number of times a student in the school or college and if there may any disciplinary action against a student. This latter will include all things which include suspensions, detentions, and many other things. These records will help employers or colleges to determine how much an applicant is committed and disciplined. Most importantly how well a student relate with other despite the pressure.
  7. Other additional information – Standardized test scores, honors received, and any volunteer work carried out by an applicant are the additional information that is carried in the transcript. These marks will help to look like an ideal candidate. 


A transcript holds the courses of student and their grades. They are issued by the high school or college. Transcripts are the essential record of the whole academic year. This shows the whole outline for detailed performance. It includes grades, how many credits are earned by them, and how many classes are taken by the student.  

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What is the need for transcripts?

Ans: Transcripts are used in the admission processes; the applicants are asked to submit their Academic Transcripts or Transcripts of Records (ToR) as a part of their application. From these documents or transcripts, understands the candidate’s ability for a particular course, gauging the abilities of the aid of higher educational institutions, and the qualifications. 

2. For how much time a transcript may valid?

Ans: The transcripts are permanent records; hence they never expire. Make a copy of transcripts that a student receives from high school or college.