How Can Students Use IPads In The Classroom 

With the aid of technology, gadgets have now surpassed mere entertainment forms. There are lots of apps that can be used on phones and computers. This was not the case in the past, but here we are, currently witnessing a spiral advancement in technology. Let’s see How Can Students Use Pads In The Classroom 

How Can Students Use IPads In The Classroom 

iPads are portable devices designed with increased speed and a good number of features. As the search for new ways to make life easier by improving the features of phones and tablets, the need to get more gadgets increases. There are several ways that students can benefit from the usage of iPads;

It is easy to use

Apple crafted the iPad in such a way that, compared to laptops and computers, it offers direct ease of usage. Due to the many interactive features and high-level displays, students can maneuver the various apps embedded in it while learning in the classroom.

It boosts students’ participation in the classroom.

Asides from the fact that the iPad offers a lot of beautiful features, it can also help to strengthen the participation of students in class. Nowadays, a vast number of students are keener on technology and this has helped to mold the education system in many ways. Students can quiz themselves on their iPads, store several notes, and set reminders for upcoming classes. Students can also use their iPads for presentation as features such as PowerPoint, one-note and others are available on an iPad.

It increases productivity and creativity 

Instead of students spending more time on social media and other non-educational apps, the iPad can be used for learning and practice. Students who have a keen interest in digital art, filming, photography, music, and other related interest can explore their talents with the iPad. There are several apps available on the iPad for use and others that can be downloaded to enable them to grow their level of commitment to these interests. 

It reduces cost

In the past, several trees were cut down to make enough paper for the use and spread of information worldwide. With the advancement in technology, we have been able to conquer that and save the cost of money spent on producing papers. This also helps the ecosystem as a whole, as trees are an essential part of human life. Imagine a world without trees, we would have no oxygen, and humans would have been long extinct.

It offers several educational apps 

There are lots of educational apps that can be found on an iPad which is beneficial to students in the classroom. Some of these apps include; Microsoft off suite, my homework student planner, slack, and timetable.

Microsoft office suite 

This is home to all Microsoft apps. Apps like excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote can be found on the iPad. Think of anything you might need to write, deadlines you need to meet and projects you are involved in, and your iPad makes it all an attainable feat. More so, your works are saved in your iCloud account for easy recovery and access, if anything happens to them. How cool is that? You never have to worry about losing a document as it can always be recovered with your Apple ID. 

MyHome student planner 

This app is beneficial to students because it helps in tracking your assignments and uncompleted projects, to enable you to meet up in your classes. All you need do is log in and register, then input all the details of your assignment and this student planner app will generate helpful planners alongside reminders for you.  


Slack was created for official communication in the business world. A lot of students nowadays use slack to communicate, because of its organized structure and many features which makes team communication easier and more accessible to the users. 

Class timetable

The class timetable app aims to keep you abreast of upcoming classes. This is essential to a student because it keeps you on track with reminders of classes, events, and all scheduled tasks for the day, week, or month. 

Extended battery life 

The average battery life of an iPad is fixed at 10 hours. Although, it depends largely on both the data usage and personal usage. This is beneficial to a student, you can use your iPad for all the lectures in a day without stopping at intervals to charge. In the case that you do not have a charger at hand, you can rest assured that your iPad is not going to go down immediately. 

Apple Pencil

In this instance, the Apple Pencil acts like a biro for students. You can use this for writing, drawing, and even navigating around the apps on your phone. Think of it as a more advanced substitute for getting a pen, as a student. However, this time it is more suitable and less stressful. 


The notes app is an efficient way to write, summarize and make changes to your notes. This can be essential in documenting lectures, assignments, and everything writing-related. It has all you need to create a comprehensive note, ranging from different fonts and sizes to columns, tables, rows, and even drawings. Also, you can scan documents directly from your notes app and save them. With the iPad, Apple has succeeded in creating a more efficient way to navigate your gadget. 

High level of storage (16-128 gig) 

As students, there is a tendency that we may not always carry a notebook around. This is another reason why an iPad is important to a student. 

Its high storage level makes it less of a Herculean task to record class sessions, send PDFs or documents, work on group projects together, and a whole lot more. The possibilities are endless and you can always go back to these files whenever you want to. 


There are several benefits of using an iPad in the classroom, some of which have been stated above. The important thing to note about ipads is that there are personalized. Your iPad is yours alone and you have the right to use the information on it to your advantage, especially in the classroom. So, ensure you make the best use of it.