Is It Okay To Put Your GPA On LinkedIn

As a result of the recent developments in the world of social media, it is safe to say that we are gradually surpassing greater heights in technology. One such app is LinkedIn. The social media app is a top social media site in the world, it was created to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers in the business world. But, Is It Okay To Put Your GPA On LinkedIn

Is It Okay To Put Your GPA On LinkedIn

According to recent reports, it is obvious that the set goal has been accomplished, and it can only get better for all beneficiaries of his application. The company was founded in 2016 and continued to gain more social media presence as the number of graduates increased yearly. As of today, LinkedIn is home to about 810 million users, with a total of 57 companies registered with the app. It is also a great way to market yourself to the business world. 

Yes. It is okay to put your GPA on LinkedIn. Various jobs require a certain grade for your application to be considered. So, having your GPA on your LinkedIn is a good catch to boost your previous qualification. It is considered an even greater catch if you have a high GPA. This is because a lot of employers understand what it means to attain high grades. There are companies whose major aim is to fish out the academically sound people on LinkedIn to increase their company structure. In this case, they thrive on quality, not quantity. 

What makes LinkedIn so important? 

Well, for one, LinkedIn serves as a direct lead between a job seeker and a job employer. Gone are the days when a job seeker has to walk hundreds of miles in search of companies seeking employees. Nowadays, you can lay in your bed and send your resume to several companies. Nowadays, you can respond to video interviews without having to visit the four walls of a company, and guess what? You can still get the job with all of this ease of access. So apps like LinkedIn are important because not only do they create a safe place for job seekers and employers, but they also create an avenue for self-improvement and evaluation. 

Here are some of the benefits they offer 

Job alerts 

With the creation of job alerts, the process has been made easier for job seekers. In this case, instead of actively searching for jobs, jobs are actively searching for you. There are tons of jobs posted online each day which removes the limitations in looking for a job. Asides from this, you can create a personalized word for the kind of job alerts you want to see, alongside the geographical location you want. 

Free Google link

Have you noticed that after you sign up to LinkedIn, Google automatically creates a personal search for your name/brand which automatically stays on the first page of your name search? This is because as a professional platform, LinkedIn offers credibility to a user which makes it easier to be identified by their profile or website. This is almost as good as being advertised without having to spend a dime. 

Professional courses and assessments 

There is always room for improvement and LinkedIn recognizes this. Hence, when you subscribe to LinkedIn premium, there are several professional courses you are privy to, which will in turn help in further developing your profile, and generating a total improvement in your resume. It doesn’t end here, LinkedIn also provides assessments for job seekers. This is in no way compulsory, and if eventually, a candidate takes this assessment, the results are only sent to the employer if he/she passes. 

LinkedIn encourages diversity 

As a multinational platform, there are a lot of people from all over the world on this social platform. This gives room for the availability of remote jobs to people who are not residents of a particular country. You can apply for a job if the odds are on your side and be employed while living in another country. This can be achieved by a tap on your screen. 

How can I get a job on LinkedIn? 

Here are ways that can help in ensuring you land a job on LinkedIn. 

Profile assessment 

Ensure your profile is well written and completed 

90% of employers will likely go through your profile after seeing your application. What are they likely to find? Will they like what they see? Go through your LinkedIn profile and weigh these questions in the process. There are a few steps to note about setting up your profile 

Put up a professional picture 

  • List your certifications 
  • Grow your connections 
  • Update your education and employment history 
  • Make sure you are open to job opportunities if you are an active job seeker 
  • Attach a valid email 
  • Switch on notifications job alerts 

Update your CV 

Many a time, job seekers fail to do the needful by cross-checking their CVs. This has led to a lot of rejections from various companies. As an employer, you only want to see a certain level of experience on a person’s CV to consider them. Take, for instance, you are a photographer applying for the job of a graphic designer because you have garnered some skills in it. 

You should ensure that during the application process, your CV can show more areas you have worked on in graphics design, and less of photography. If an employer sees a disparity in your level of experience in both aspects, you might be considered less than average. So, always make sure your CV reflects more on the job you are applying for.

Take professional courses 

In business, self-development is key to financial success. Every successful man has undergone courses and read books in his area of expertise. Sometimes, your professional courses might speak more for you than your actual job history. 

This is owing to the fact that certain courses require high determination and commitment to scale through the syllabuses. Do not underestimate the importance of self-development. As you attain greater heights in life, you will be thankful to yourself for the years spent in self-improvement. 

Be consistent 

Consistency is key to achieving greater heights in life. If you are actively looking for a job, focus on it. Don’t leave the site for months hoping to get a miracle in a day. You have to be able to follow your job alerts to the latter to make a difference. 

Consistency also requires that while you are job searching, you are in turn improving your previous skills to get better at them. 


Whether you are actively looking for a job or not, it is very important to have a professional profile online. LinkedIn helps in making this a reality. You never can tell where your profile can take you, that is why you must ensure that you have a well-organized profile.