How Can I Graduate With A Bachelor’s In 2 Years?

How Can I Graduate With A Bachelor’s In 2 Years?

 A bachelor’s degree opens a lot of career opportunities. Getting a bachelor’s degree can help you get into the career of your dreams. However, bachelor’s degrees are expensive and take a while to finish. On average it takes 4 years to complete a bachelor’s degree and college tuition will cost an average of $10,230 annually for state students, and $26,290 annually for everyone else. Therefore, it is so beneficial to finish your 4-year bachelor’s degree in 2 years to save time and money. Plus, you will be able to start working earlier and earn money sooner. 

Completing a graduate with bachelor’s degree that normally takes 4 years in 2 years seems near impossible. However, it is possible if you manage your time well and take the right steps. There are various things you can do to help you compete your bachelor’s degree in 2 years: 

  • Taking a College Level Examination Program 
  • Enroll in a bachelor’s degree completion program 
  • Transfer credit from Associate Degree
  • Taking college courses in high school 

What Can You Do to Graduate with A Bachelor’s In 2 Years?

Take a College Level Examination Program Exam

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam was designed by the College Board for working adults who want to obtain a degree. CLEP is a couple of tests that students take to get college credit instead of taking a course. These tests examine your knowledge of various subjects.

A lot of colleges will award you with credits for each CLEP exam that you pass. Doing CLEP exams will help you skip long and expensive college courses. You can save time and money on CLEP exams because they take less time to do and cost less than a college course. Before going to take a CLEP exam be sure that the college you want to go to will credit you for CLEP. You should also check which CLEP exams you should take for your desired bachelor’s degree.

A CLEP exam costs $87 plus a $25 admin fee. While a college course can cost $325. On average it will take you four years to complete a bachelor’s degree however if you do CLEP and enroll in the right undergraduate degree you can complete your degree in a year. Taking a CLEP exam is one of the best ways to complete a bachelor’s in 2 years. 

Enroll in a bachelor’s degree Completion Program

Bachelor’s degree programs are there to help those who started a bachelor’s but didn’t complete it. If that’s you, then enrolling in a bachelor’s degree completing program will help you finish the degree quicker. In the program, some of the credits that you accumulated when you started the degree will be accepted so that you don’t have to start the degree from scratch.

Transfer credits from Associate Degree

Transferring credit from an associate degree is another way to benefit from having credits from previous education. If you have obtained an associate degree from a community college, you can transfer the credits you’ve earned from that degree to your bachelor’s degree. The percentage of credit you can transfer to a bachelor’s degree will vary according to the degree you have chosen. If you can transfer most of your credits from your associate degree you will reduce the amount of time spent on your bachelor’s degree significantly.

Taking college courses in high school

While you are in high school you can take college courses to shorten your years in college. You can take college courses at school as Advanced Placement (AP) classes or you can take college courses at a university or college online or on campus.

AP classes are college-level classes taken in high school. The AP classes you take in high school can be credited towards your bachelor’s degree. This can shorten the number of years you spend obtaining a bachelor’s degree in college. If your high school doesn’t offer the AP classes, you need for your bachelor’s degree you can take college courses online or on campus at a university or college. These courses don’t necessarily have to be taken while you are at school, you can always do the courses during summer break.

When taking college courses in high school make sure to communicate with the prospective college or university you want to go to. They will let you know how and if the credits will be transferred towards your bachelor’s degree.

What Are the Things To Consider When Completing A Bachelor’s Degree In 2 Years?

Going to college for 2 years instead of 4 years to get a graduate with a bachelor’s degree sounds like a dream for most students but it is possible. Here are a few things you should thinking about when taking a shorter route to complete your bachelor’s.

  • You might be completing the degree in less amount of time, but the workload is the same. This means you will have a lot more work to do in a shorter period and this can lead to exhaustion and burnout. To stop burnout from happening manage your time well and allow yourself to take breaks.
  • You might miss out on the full college experience because you will have a lot more work to do than your peers. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree is going to take a lot of work and a lot more effort. Your schedule is most likely going to be packed, leaving very little time to socialize and participate in other college events and activities.
  • You might also have very little time to network and meet new people. Networking is crucial for college students because the right connections can lead to work and internship opportunities. 


Graduating with a bachelor’s in 2 years is possible but it is also very demanding. The thought of getting your bachelor’s degree earlier than expected is exciting. However, you should also think about what you may miss out on. Overall graduating earlier will save you time and money, so it is worth considering before enrolling in a 4-year bachelor’s degree.