Emerson College Admission Requirements and GPA

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Emerson College is one of the best colleges with its main campus located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a private, non-profit institution and it offers a large range of academic programs in a variety of subjects such as liberal arts, communications, and the arts. Students from around the globe select Emerson college for their studies. A global leader in the fields of communication and the arts, the College has a selective criterion for admissions into its academic programs.

Emerson College Admission Requirements and GPA

If you know which academic program you would like to apply to at Emerson College, then the first step is to check the admission and GPA requirements for the relevant program you wish to apply to. Then, you can start preparing and working on your college application. Let’s look at the detailed admission and GPA requirements as well as information as admission dates and deadlines, below.

Emerson College Admission Requirements and GPA

Applicant Profile

Emerson College is highly selective and gives special weightage to not just academic achievements but also extracurricular activities. The admissions committee is interested in seeing how students can successfully challenge themselves and manage academics and co-curricular activities together.

GPA Requirements

Emerson College requires a GPA of 3.73, which means that you have to be an above-average student in your class in high school. You will need a grade of A’s and B’s, and mostly A’s in your overall results. If you have lower grades, then you must show more difficult classes in your profile such as AP or IB in your profile. 

SAT Requirements

While there is no absolute score requirement for SAT, your score should not be less than 1200 if you want to have a good chance of being accepted into Emerson College. A higher SAT score makes up for a lower GPA. The stronger your academic scores, the higher chance you have of being selected into the program of your choice. 

Undergraduate Admissions

You can apply via the Common Application system or the Emerson Application system. You will receive an acknowledgment of your application through email once you have submitted it. You can apply as a student for the first year if you:

• were enrolled as a full-time student at another college and left the college before their add or drop deadline;

• attended another college part-time after getting your high school diploma. You have earned 8 credits or less;

• earned college credits before graduating from high school (this is in the case of dual enrollment).

For information on how to apply as a first-year student, visit the following page: https://emerson.edu/admissions-aid/undergraduate-admission/application-process/first-year

Application Dates

Emerson college accepts applications from early September to the middle of December for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters. The college will let you know your admission status within one month of the application deadline. For first-year students applying for Fall admission, the early decision round I application deadline is November 1. The Honors essay should be submitted by November 15 and you are notified of the decision in mid-December. The deposit deadline is February 1. For students who need more time, the Early Decision II deadline is December 1. The Honors essay deadline is December 15, and students are notified of the decision by February 1. The deposit must be paid by March 1. For the regular decision, the application deadline is February 1, and the Honors essay deadline is February 18. The decision is notified on April 1 and the deposit deadline is May 1.

Required Documents

Please note that you must include your full name and date of birth on all the materials you hand in as part of your application. The list of documents includes:

• Your high school transcript and school report. The transcripts should be officially signed and you must send your transcripts from all the high schools you have attended. If in a foreign language, a translation is a requirement.

• Secondary school counselor evaluation.

• Evaluation by a teacher who has taught you an academic subject.

• SAT/ACT results. The Emerson College SAT code is 3367 and the ACT code is 1820. Also, you can apply as a Test-Optional if you like.

• Your first year marking period or midyear report, as soon as you have them available.

• Early decision agreement for students whose first choice is Emerson College.

Additional Requirements

You can submit a creative sample in the application portal if you are applying to a program that requires one.

Application Submission

You can submit electronically using the Common Application system, Slate.org, and Parchment. You can alternatively mail your application package to:

Emerson College Undergraduate Admission

120 Boylston Street

Boston, MA 02116

After Submission of Application

You can use the Application Portal to check the status of your application. The System also sends an acknowledgment through email once the application is complete, with all supporting materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply for financial aid and merit scholarships?

If you apply under the regular decision, you can apply for financial aid even before the admission decision. You can get detailed information from our website.

2) I have questions about the application process. Who can I contact?

You can contact us at admission@emerson.edu or by phone: at 617-824-8600. Our Undergraduate Admission staff is always here to help you with any queries or concerns.

3) Can I visit an Emerson College campus?

Yes, of course! You can visit our campuses in Boston, LA, and around the country. We arrange campus tours from Monday to Friday as well as on some Saturdays. You can also opt for a virtual visit.

4) Can I apply as a transfer student?

You can apply as a transfer student if you meet the following conditions:

• You are enrolled at another college as a full-time student.

• You have earned 9 or more college credits and have attended another college part-time after your high school diploma.

5) Can I apply as an international applicant?

You can apply through the Common Application or Emerson Application. The application fee of USD 65 is waived for international applicants. Please visit the Emerson College website for details on how to apply and the required documents.