Claremont Graduate University Admission Requirements and GPA

To know Claremont graduate University admission requirements and GPA….Read on this article….!

Claremont Graduate University is in California, it is a private university for all graduate research students. This university is founded in 1925 and more than 2,261 graduate from this university. It is also associated with an undergraduate institution of higher education named Claremont Colleges.

Claremont Graduate University Admission Requirements and GPA

  Claremont Graduate University is open for admission in 2022 the main requirements for admission is SAT or ACT & The requirement for GPA is 3.15. However, check their website after passing time the requirement for GPA will increase or decrease.

Claremont Graduate University Admission Requirements and GPA

 This university offers master’s, social sciences, economics, mathematics, and doctoral degrees in humanities and management, and education. For any offered program related to your field, you can fill out the application and submit it before the deadline. SAT and ACT requirement for admission is a 1600 scale, this is necessary if you want to take admission to the target university, you have a good enough chance of getting into.

Prepare the procedure of the application:

  You must apply before the deadline, too many students apply their applications submitted at the last moment and there are certain changes the system of Claremont Graduate University will crash. Submit your application a few days before without any hurdles and stress. If you know any teachers related to the program you are applying to, you should contact them and record a video of 1 min to speak about your character. The essay written for the application must be good enough to be selected. Final deadline for the application is 5 July 2022 for International applicants and domestic applicants it is 15 august, 2022 for FALL 2022.  The application fee is 80$ which is non-refundable. Transcript is also required in sealed electronic format and sent to their mail. 

For undergraduate students, there must be proof of their completion of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally college and university.

International students whose English is not their native language have to give an English proficiency exam and must have done a two-year degree in The United States.

You have to write 2 or 3 pages of the statement of purpose why you want to choose CGU as a student or why you are a strong candidate for our institute.

Guidelines for application submission:

1- Explore the areas of study through the official website of Claremont graduate university. Get more details about the faculty and the offer programs and you can also find a detailed listing of courses and their program pages.

2- Choose your related program and review the application.

3- Review and check the requirements for the application.

4- Review the deadline and submission date and the fee for the application.

5- Prepare for your application and fill in the information correctly.

6- Check which test is required for admission and take those tests.

7- Official transcript must be submitted with the application and the previous degree awarded.

8- Identity at least two recommendation letters.


      Admission to CGU is worth it and not that hard to apply just keep the things in mind that fulfill the requirements of the applications, take the test required and write a recommendation letter properly. A Maximum 3.15 GPA is required to take admitted to the university. The late date for domestic applicants is 15 August 2022 and for the International, it is 5 August 2022. 

Frequently asked questions related to Claremont Graduate University:

1- Is GRE necessary to submit for Claremont Graduate University?


  Yes, but the program does not require it. All applicants if they are willing can submit their current GRE. Test scores must be given within 5 years older than 5 years will not be considered.

2- Is that hard to apply to Claremont Graduate University?


   Claremont Graduate University is difficult to get into because of the SAT score they require a 1600 score on SAT or ACT. On other hand 3.15, GPA is another requirement but this is not hard to get. When you get into CGU you will be set apart from numbers and data and become more than that.

3- Claremont Graduate University is good or not?


 Any University in the world is ranked according to its performance and excellence in the Educational field. Claremont Graduate University is ranked number 76 in best education schools.

4- What is the acceptance rate for Claremont Graduate University?


 The acceptance rate for CGU is 13.3 percent in 2020 currently the rate of their acceptance is not mentioned yet.