Does Galen College Have Night Classes?

Some courses in colleges in the US engage in late extracurricular activities because of their kind of profession. Galen College is a school for nursing students that helps them to prepare to become Registered Nurse. More details on if Galen college engages in night classes will be examined in this article. 

 Galen College conducts night classes for the nursing students since it is mostly a two-year program and 80% of the classes are online, they have to include night classes during the weekends at any of the campuses in the country to practice all they have been taught online with clinical experiences. Other information about this college and why they introduce night classes is right here.

Does Galen College Have Night Classes?

Overview Of Galen College 

   Galen College of Nursing in every location in the USA (Louisville, San Antonio, Texas, and St. Petersburg, Ohio, and Florida) offers online degrees and courses for undergraduate programs. The college was founded in Louisville, Kentucky by Humana Inc. in 1990, and was initially recognized as Galen Health Institutes. 

   In 2005, Galen college earned accreditation from the Council of Occupational Education which authorizes the college to teach the two-year Associate of Science in Nursing program that allows graduates to become registered nurses. With these modifications, the college accepted its new name, Galen College of Nursing. 

   The college now offers an extra online Bachelor of Science in Nursing program for Registered Nurses who wish to pursue their education with a 30% acceptance rate and a high ACT score between 14 to 26.

Does Galen College Have Night Classes?

  Yes, Galen College of Nursing offers online courses for undergraduate programs in preparation to become Registered Nurses. The college also offers weekend and evening classes which is a nursing program that permits students to take a full course of study and attend classes only on weekends or only in the evenings choosing any of the college’s campuses.

    Galen College’s highly professional staff members are fully committed to the achievement of every student. Each nursing staff member at Galen College has expertise in an aspect of a clinical procedure that is valuable to the nursing students. Faculty members are ready to give students one-on-one academic advice, further improving the educational experience at all of Galen’s nursing campuses.

    Galen College of Nursing offers an Online RN to BSN Degree Program with classes of about eight weeks that comprise one on one content, animation, and video evidence to bring the material to life and assist stimulate learning. Galen College admits six times yearly, and students can finish the program as fast as 12 months. They come for night classes every weekend to experiment with all they have been taught online. 

Why Does Galen College Have Night Classes? 

  Some of the reasons why Galen College of Nursing participates in night classes are:

  • Since most of the classes are online, this will help the nursing students experiment with what they have been taught online
  • The classes add to their clinical experiences
  • As part of their profession, it makes them more competent
  • It always the students to take the complete course of study for the nursing program
  • To train them in hospitals nearest to their location on nursing 

Why You Should Attend Galen college

If you are having doubts about whether to attend Galen College or not, these are reasons to convince you to attend Galen College:

  • Different locations
  • Great nursing education 
  • Great Online Experience
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarship options
  • Practicals
  • Different locations: Galen College is a nursing college in the US located in various states like Louisville, San Antonio, Texas, St. Petersburg, Ohio, and Florida to promote nursing education for everyone either online or through physical experience.
  • Great nursing education: This college is known for training and promoting nursing education for both two-year and four-year degree programs for aspiring nurses online and some late-night classes on weekends to practicalize all they have been taught.
  • Great online experience: You get to have the best online degree experience with access to interact with top professors, loads of assignments, and a well-explanatory class for the nursing program.
  • Financial aid: Though the tuition fee to attend Galen College is expensive, there are financial aids available for aspiring nursing students interested which can help cover up to 60% of the tuition.
  • Scholarship options: There is a merit-based scholarship that covers full tuition for students at Galen College if you maintain a high GPA of 4.5 and above. If you feel you have what to take, why not apply to this amazing college and you would not regret it.
  • Practicals: There are tons of practicals that the nursing students participate in on weekends around the evening in any of the locations of the college around the country to help practice their duties as nurses.


Finally, it is easy to deduce that Galen College of Nursing offers night classes which mostly happen on weekends to practice on different campuses of the college around the country, all they have been taught online and find out the reasons for having the late classes.


  1. Does Galen College offer any other course except Nursing? No. Galen College is strictly for the nursing programs and has the different locations of campuses in the country but mostly done online.
  2. What is Galen College’s acceptance rate? The acceptance rate into Galen College of Nursing is 30% meaning that out of 100 applicants, only 30 nursing students are selected by the college? The school is highly selective in picking its students so you need to be able to maintain a high GPA to stand a chance of gaining admission into the college.
  3. Is Galen College only for women? No. Regardless of your gender, if you meet the requirements of gaining admission into Galen College, then you are good to go but because most of the students that study nursing are women, some people think it is the college’s policy to admit only women and that is not true.